let him eat cake….

okay…it has been a few days since my last post. i’m still very unsure of how to use this new publishing method. guess i’ll never learn if i don’t try!! anyway….i don’t have too much going on. booth is somewhat slow. projects are creeping out to the booth w/o pics. and i’m slowly working on having a back porch once again!!! and i’ve got lots going on with kids and cub scouts, school, back yard play time…etc.

but ladies…tell me i’m not the only one!!! my hubby has been going nuts w/all my pending projects, my blogging, the booth, and general interest in all things vintage and fabulous. what gives???? do they not get it???? he told me i have a ‘disease’ (with my collecting, junking, painting, decorating, booth, etc.). am i the only one???? i feel like telling him….’no honey, a disease is cancer, m.s., aids’…..i don’t have the those things and i’m very, very grateful for that! what i have is a desire and a passion for what i love. that’s it…plain and simple. it gets a little obsessive, a little compulsive, a little chaotic…okay sometimes a lot of those…but that’s normal for avid junker..right???. look at our great composers, artists, scientists, teachers, researchers, civil rights leaders…etc. if they are not passionate and driven by what they do, they won’t survive as the greats. you wouldn’t tell a great writer to stop writing because they have a ‘disease’ for concepts, stories and thoughts. you wouldn’t tell a great designer to stop designing because their visions and hard work are a ‘disease’. i’m more than just a mother and a housewife. i was something before that happened and that is a good thing.

anyway…i could go on and on. the disease comment hurt my feelings, but i love what i do. i love to create. i love to explore and i love to collect and constantly challenge what i can make as lovely and interesting.  it’s fun and i enjoy it. i don’t know where it will take me one day. maybe nowhere…maybe somewhere better than where i am now, but if i don’t try…i won’t know.

i made my husband and family a full course meal tonight and a CAKE… a big giant chocolate cake. seeeee….i can still cook and clean and do things i enjoy too. why not. ughhh…can you tell i’m mad and i’m the maid. women…we wear soooo many hats. but we still have to make cake.

enough about that. i’ll shut my mouth.

okay…so onto better things….i took some pics of a few things around the house. i’ve really been into vintage plates lately. i found one of those cast off retro mag. stands at the g.w. and decided to turn it into a plate rack.

here are a couple of pics of the vintage dishes i found this weekend. i can’t get enough of these things!!! i know, i know…it’s the ‘disease’.

i felt the need to show you this chair. who knows why??? i painted it a creamy white and added the cute pillows. i found the roses pillow case for 50¢ and the other pillow case behind it for $2!! the chair was $9 and it’s super granny cottage for sure!!! don’t you love my gacky, brown carpet???? ugh.

here is the beginning of a doll head collection. i guess i can call it a collection now because i have 4. why are they soooo expensive???? i paid $20 for the big head on the right. $5 for the one to the left of her. can’t remember for the one next to her and 3euro for the paper head. found her in germany. they are all creepy, but so interesting too. figure folks would want to give them away. why do i like them>>>>>>??????? oh yeah….the ‘disease’.

also…found this sweet little sugar bowl for $3. love it. love the purple and green together.

that is about it. i keep forgetting to bring my camera with me to the booth. i found a great dresser this weekend and painted her up. she’s sweet…white shabby dresser with porcelain rose knobs…sweet. i also make a doily lamp. need to get pics of both. will get them when my disease feels better…..NOT. go green and keep junking!!!!!




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3 responses to “let him eat cake….

  1. OK, so I’m not the best person to comment on “the disease”, since I’m single (and no kids) and am accountable to no one, but that’s just plain unfair. He should REVEL in your creativity and passion for it!

    When my dad gets on my case, I just remind him that he pays $285 for a round of golf.

    I call it my “expensive hobby” at this point. Seriously, sit him down, explain how much it means to you, and REMIND HIM that you brought NO MONEY to Warrenton…


    BTW, cake shoulda been ’nuff.

  2. Hubby suffers from JDGI disease…….”Just don’t get it”. I think the rest of us are normal. 🙂 What else would you be doing if you weren’t collecting junk and creating?

    IF I ever decided to purge all my great junk, I would make a huge profit since I buy it so cheap in the first place.

  3. Love all those vintage dishes! I think those of us that have found our passion are the lucky ones. Those that haven’t found theirs just don’t get it!

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