many thanks……

okay… ladies are great!!! thank you for all your kind, helpful replies!!! good to know i’m not alone. i love that the ‘other’ original vintage sue told me to remind my husband that i didn’t bring any money to round top!! that made me laugh. carol from texas told me my husband suffers from ‘jdgi’ just doesn’t get it disease. ha ha. my friend marta reminded me why i ‘have’ to craft everyday and my friend cindy from germany wrote so much, i haven’t even read it yet!!!! can’t wait!!!! i know she had something totally inspiring to say. thanks to you all….i guess lately i’ve been trying to do too much…like most women….and i’m starting to feel the stress from it. i will try to slow it down a bit. hubby told me i’d have to cut something out of my daily routine in order to manage the stress in my life. okay….how about the ….hmmmmm…….HOUSEWORK!!! guess that won’t do. hee hee

well…in return for all your great advise, i found the cutest books the other day on sale. they remind me of who i am and what i love to do!!!! hope they inspire you as well!

are these not hysterical!!! i just love them. found them in one of my junk store faves here.

okay…it’s super late. wind is blowing like a tropical storm out there, so i need to publish as quickly as possible. i have a bunch of pics to look at today….some projects, some my house, some random stuff….mostly house stuff….little vignettes and whatnots……

here isa little paris sign i made

my ever changing craft supply shelf.

a crazy display upon my ever changing craft shelf.

a collage i made some years back.

my ocd about old silverware….yikes. can’t get enough of that!!! upon my craft supply shelf.

soooo happy to finally find of these clippy things…something musical….to put my french post card on.

a floral grouping w/a 99¢ lemon topiary.

the latest addition to the ‘girls’…love her for $1.80. she’s great!

okay….better go to sleep. i have a super busy rest of the week. may take a few days off from blogging. if you don’t hear from me for a few days, check back after the weekend for more random thoughts and complaints…..hee hee.

you all have a great weekend and thanks ladies for all your support.



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  1. LOOOOOVE those books. I had one growing up that was “Junk day on Juniper Street.”

    The previous post you had a pic of rose plates and this new post you have silverware and roses. I will have to post pics of what I have been collecting in all three of those categories. Our tastes are so similar.

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