long time coming…..

BONJOUR……theme for the day…week…almost month because it has been 6000 years since my last post…

i’ve been inspired by all things paris for a small section of my booth. i’ve had sooooo much going on lately with life…kids…hubby, etc, that i collectively found so many ‘paris’ like things that were easy to display for the booth. not much project work involved….just imagination and voila……

i love the hotel cups!!! love the little paper weight. love the clock and the fab, chandie lamps!!! i had some leftover linens from europe, so i threw those in as well.

also found a cute little rack that i painted pink. found the rack for $1, but it needed some wire and a coat of paint. turned out cute.

here is a great, little victorian doll house with a cottage sign and some broken angels.

i also love this vintage fruit cake tin and kewpie doll display…..i am a sucker for kewpie dolls. i may take up a collection one day. i think they are darling!!!

i’m loving these old toys. i found them at a junk store close by my house. i think i paid about 10 cents a piece for them. i think they are cute, but they don’t sell that quickly. toys and kids stuff move kinda slow for me. i love it though, so i try to dedicate a little shelf for vintage children’s stuff.

i know i have more photos of stuff…but i can’t find them. i had a good day at the g.w. today…lots of cute stuff!! stuff i think i am going to keep, i had 10 minutes to shop the entire barn. yikes!!!!!! talk about an obsessed fan!!! i was fanatical…..i grabbed like 20 things in 1 minute. like i’d won a huge shopping spree or something. how sad. i get more turned on by 10 minutes of g.w. bin hunting than an entire afternoon at the mall!!! talk about going green. talk about earth day……recycle, reuse, resale!!!!!

oh….lastly…here is a great collage of junk that my son made from crap we found metal detecting. we found a site where an old farmer’s mart used to be. arek and i went nuts picking rusty junk up off the ground and old pennies while my husband stood there stonefaced and mortified!! you can’t just have some good, honest fun anymore.

gotta go….lol



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3 responses to “long time coming…..

  1. You say you have a “bin store” GW. That sounds like the “Bluehanger” in Austin, but you have one in Cove? Where, I want to come dig.

    Ds and I used to go metal detecting and I had a full bucket o’junk that I ended up throwing away. If I only knew then how useful some of that junk might have been.

    Your booth looks great. I know you have been working hard.

  2. Cindy

    WOW! Great booth stuff. I will resupply your European linens soon…..
    Chris will LOVE LOVE LOVE going metal detecting with Arec and he would put together some collage just like Arec’s. Amy said just the other day that the square pegs (Arec, Chris, and Andrew) find each other somehow.
    Is that why we are such friends as well?!

  3. lisa nichols

    I love the pink wire stand. I would love to have that in Kaitlyns room. I have missed your blogs. I read them here at work and share with the few people left that knew you. I also love kewpie dolls. Kaitlyn has a small one just like the one in your booth. It was mine when i was young. It sounds like your GW is better than ours. we are building a new one on veterans pkwy near hughston hospital on the north end. they closed the one on whitesville rd. I can’t wait until the new one opens. Arec sounds like he’s going to have your creativity.


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