sick camera…..

okay….i have a million pics to upload, but my camera went shy on me today and the batteries stopped working. ugh. you would think i would have 10 million batteries laying around. i have 367 paper doilies. why not batteries? i have 26 tubes of crafters glue…why not batteries???? i have 67 rolls of vintage ribbon. why not batteries? anyway…you get my point.

i will work hard this week collecting photos of the GREAT STUFF I GOT from a yardsale this weekend. it was a dream come true!!! a woman sold me three HUGEONGEOUS (yes, that is a word or a prehistoric animal or something i made up.) boxes of vintage gloves, linens, aprons, clothing, vintage lace, ribbon, doilies, silk scarves, baby shoes, a huge flower frog, porcelain roses, vintage dolls, ephemera, baby bling, a little tiny chair, a brooch, 2 vintage hats, a very old purse, wall decor, aaaahhhh and more great stuff for $30. i am still in awe. she told me she has more!!! MORE, MORE, MORE and has been taking stuff to goodwill. NOOOOOO. i hate to hear stories like that. i am going to help her out and take some from her if she calls me. please….call me. we’ll see. i hope so. i dream about stuff like this. she has blessed me (as my friend Marta would say) with great junk. what a gift. what a day.

the kids had fun too. it was nuts. zoey was spilling crackers on the ground and arek was making tornados with vintage scarves while i was filling $1 bags with fab vintage goodies. we were sweaty and loud. it was like a scene out of a john waters movie. what a crack up. customers were stepping over me, the kids and my big giant stroller filled with crap. zoey was barefoot. i’m surprised no one came with a straight jacket and a vile full of zoloft or something. really. my husband is right. disease.

okay…..better go try to publish this. it will take me an hour to figure it out.




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2 responses to “sick camera…..

  1. lisa nichols

    Reading your blog is just like being there. i can just picture the three of you at the G.W. Can’t wait to see what you got at the yard sale. Sounds like you hit the jackpot. But can you part with it to sell it?


  2. Michele

    John Waters movie? LOVE IT! Where’s the Egg Lady? LOLOL! Miss you tons!

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