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junk in my trunk

i call myself junkinlady because it’s my email account name. it’s a little joke my husband played on me. i have shame when i give out my email to ‘real’ people…like school administration and what not. how embarrassing. okay…as promised, i need to share some photos of me with my $15 (not including the HUGE old chair i found) worth of junking finds at the homeless thrift shop. my husband will be mortified by this photo of crusty fabulous crap in the back of the FAMILY car. yikes!!! i was careful when placing it in. i don’t like to use the family car for junking adventures, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. even if it means risking the anxiety level of her husband’s vehicle expectations. i don’t know what that means exactly. i’m not sure what i write half the time anyway because i can’t see well anymore. comes with the the beginning of middle age….among other nonmentionables. i don’t think that’s a word.

acdc…adhd…whatever it’s called. yikes. back to junk… she is!!! all loaded up to the brim with stuff those men have probably had in their shop since texas became a state. they are probably still trying to figure out what the in the heck i am going to do with 10 dirty pillows, 4 old suitcases, and two old rusty chip cans????? if only they knew….ha ha ha.

what is all this crap????? oh…fabulous dishes, baskets, old candlesticks, neat vintage jars, and i can’t remember what else, but they were all fixer uppers and the price was right!!!!

i know….i know. who can live like this??? but i do manage to go thru it and i do manage to use it. i purge every 4 months or so. if i kept everything i bought, we would never get in the house. i already decoupaged 2 of the suitcases, painted out several of the wood things i found and the candlestick, i washed all the plates and dishes i found, put the pillows in storage, washed the curtains and linens, priced out some other goodies for the booth and put the rest in my crazy shed. so there.

one of my favorite finds….this sweet vintage birdcage and kitchy little bird. don’t have a clue what it’s made from, but i love the whimsy of it. it needed to be rescued from a dusty floor bin…that is for sure.

love this pink lotion pump. don’t ask.

i am a sucker for roses… any form. even dried (better than saying dead). i love these plastic ones. they were in a vintage funeral basket i found. as creepy as funeral baskets are, they are very collectible. go figure.

i took a photo of a suitcase i altered, but can’t find it of course. i’ll get it next time. i’m slowly tackling these projects….one piece of junk at a time. aaaahhh. it’s sooo fun.

here are a couple of other projects….a pillow, collage, and some altered bins i found at the g.w. bargain barn. i used some 1950s ads to cover them.

here is another booth photo. i decided to put my european chandie up for sale. i love her, but she won’t work in the house we have now. she’s a great addition to the booth.

okay….all this blogging is making me……

just like……

how sweet….almost as sweet as this…..

too bad these are only fleeting moments. nice, sleepy kids???? when? whose???? hee hee……

i had a recipe for you all too. i took a pic of my homemade peanut butter cup chewies. but they are missing too????? my camera is acting foolish. it’s probably embarrassed by all the silly photos i take. 

okay…keep up the junkin and have a great memorial weekend!!!!  i will honor and think about our fallen heroes giving us freedom to do so many brave and wonderful things in this country….like taking on a homeless shelter thrift shop in the hot texas heat with the family car. thank you american heroes!!! really. what a great gift this country is.




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sleepy, sleepy, sleepy…allergies

okay…not much to write tonight because it’s late and i am very, very sleepy, sleepy, sleepy and have eye allergy problems right now. the allergies make me feel even sleepier than i already am. ugh.

i have photos i took from some flea hunting this weekend and some photos of the great items i was blessed with a few weeks ago. i’ll start with my current flea items. i went to a trade days show up the road and found a box of great stuff for $4.50!!!!! the whole box. these are just a few samplings of those items. i love what i found!!!! my favorite…..a vintage, pink lightbulb! you can see it in the next two photos. how can anyone get excited over a vintage pink lightbulb? you won a cruise!!!! you won $10,000!!! you won a new car!!! you won a pink, vintage lightbulb!!!!!!! HURAY

i love the little vintage pink lightbulb!! why????? i also love the old frame and the vintage tea/coffee kettle. it has all the parts. i’m tempted to use it for my next social. what the heck?? that and my little chipped plates and cups. and for my friend marnee….no, i haven’t found anything to put the potato salad in yet. oh…but i can only dream……

i also found these little ladies for a dollar. i love, love, love the crumbly old lid. she is darling!!! the other is a cigar box cover made from wood. 

isn’t she wonderful!!! i know tina….she is stressing you out. hee hee. okay….here are a couple of photos of unique goodies i received not too long ago from my BIG boxes of stuff!!! i love this wonderful french souvenir book, porcelain flower and vintage hankie. 

as if the roses above aren’t enough….WOW…..a huge basket full!!! they are so faded and vintage. i just adore them. don’t know how to use them yet, but they are great.

i’ve been working on pillow collages lately. they are tacky…hot glue and all that, but fun.

i went on an incredible journey today to a homeless/thrift shelter. it was more than i bargained for and i came home with a carload…cheap….yikes. anyway, fun, fun, fun. i will get photos of the goodies i found soon. i am up to my eyeballs in junk, projects, and booth work. i feel like i am drowning in ………………..

thanks for the sign arek….

okay….american idol!!!!!! last show. can’t wait. don’t have a favorite this season, but i’m still loving the show. the season went by sooooooo fast…dog.

until next time….happy hunting and hope you aren’t drowning in the junk quicksand like i am. 


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out of the loop….

okay…so i’ve been out of the loop lately. so much going on…at home, in the world, school, bad storms, bad allergies…blah, blah…it has been hard to focus on this little ole’ blog. seems a bit unimportant lately, but i have some project photos and other stuff to get out of my desktop folder, so i am a purgin.

don’t know bout the rest of you…but does the end of the school year give kids a reason to act like animals????? maybe that has been adding to my stress. arek has been so hyper and playful lately…he plays in the mud like crazy and want to put cornstarch in a bowl, add water and pretend it’s quicksand. it’s messy and it drives me nuts!!! he asks me everyday if we can buy cola and mentos (can i put that on my blog?) and add them together to cause a scientific explosion. ack…enough…. and it that’s not enough to drive me insane, it is amazing what the kids in texas have to go thru to graduate to the next grade. amazingly enough, poor arek made it!!! of course, by the skin of his chinny chin cornstarch chin, but nonetheless…he made it. he brought me home his spelling test today written on…whatelse…a paper towel. when i asked him why it was written on a paper towel, he said ‘because we ran out of paper at school’ (that’s like saying they ran out of coffee at starbucks (am i allowed to say that?). this is why i have to junk!!!!!! i wanted to get mad, but he got 100 on his test, so i had a cup of coffee and toasted him with enthusiasm. the boy can spell!! i’ll give him that. when i was in second grade, we spelled words like jane, cup and flag. i think we wrote it on a slate and burned a candle for light. who knows??? anyway, arek had words today like ecosystem, petrified, lunar eclipse, polar ice cap, and a bunch of other hard stuff i can’t speeelll.  

finally, on to better things like junk, girly stuff and shabby old vintage crap…..yay.  found this great little trash can. only i would get excited over a rusty old trashcan!!! found these pink velvet roses to put in it, little mixed faded bunch of roses next to it and a great, old salt shaker that costs almost nothing to put them in.

i love this victorian card. i’m pretty sure she’s an old one. just darling.

found this great house dress for $6 from the same vendor that i found the velvet roses and trashcan. i love the vintage rose fabric of this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay…don’t laugh at my crafting abilities. i’ve been making these altered pillows and selling them as fast as i can make them. anyway, i’ve decided to do a couple of standing lamps. i sold my last one and decided to use an old crenoline (spell) for this one. i used vintage flowers, lace, colars, doilies, cards and jewelry. i like it. ron says it’s the tackiest thing he’s ever seen. he says that about everything i make. i thought i was the tackiest thing he’s ever seen.

yes, guess it’s pretty tacky, but i still think it’s cute. if you ladies have any old prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses out there, just glue them to a lamp shade and put it in your house for all your neighbors and friends to talk about behind your back. hee hee.

i also painted out this candle holder and distressed it a bit. added some vintage cups, little prisms, tealights and viola… i get the cups at goodwill for almost free. i can’t pass them up. what’s that disease called? make it stop.

i have some photos on my other camera that i still have not downloaded yet. i need to get those published for you all to see. i plan to visit some flea markets this weekend. i’ll bring my camera and get some photos to get you all inspired!!! until next time, keep up the junkin and never turn down a bargain your can’t pass up. i just  made that up. ooohh…that’s profound. pass that advise on to your children. 



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mother’s day gift…….

first off….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you moms…moms of kids, cats, canaries, dogs, earth, sky, music, favorite places and whatever else constitutes being motherly about something or someone. i must say…i got a great mother’s day gift from zoey… was soooo nice of her to shop with me while i picked something out. i love her…she is the latest addition to my SWEET lady statues. i am in love with the shabby pink she wears so well.

i also got another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE delivery from my very newest junking contact. she surprised me with another truckload of SUPER DUPER goodies!!!! ron reluctantly drove me to pick up all the goodies and rolled his eyes all the way home, but……WHO dug thru a GIANT stack of vintage jewelry with me at 11pm at night???? YES….IT WAS RON!!! we had so much fun digging thru all the neat stuff in just one of the little suitcases full that i received. i just can’t believe i got soooo much cute stuff!! it’s a dream come true. like i just won a trip to europe or a new car. once again THANKS, THANKS, THANKS SOOO MUCH. 

here are just a few pics of the very tip of the iceberg of fabulous old, neat stuff i got today…i got so much cool stuff…..vintage clothing, bride’s veil, tons and tons of vintage cards with little roses and shabby sweet graphics, vintage magazines, old photos, tons of jewels, chandie prisms, little cups, saucer, depression glass soap dishes, old powders and lotions, more gloves, lace, sequins, feathers, neat old tins, old doll arms, little birdies, 4 suitcases, neat wood for collages, old doors, a fireplace screen, a HUGE vintage enamel refrigerator drawer, vintage vases, a couple of neat figurines, neat vintage baby socks, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff. sooo much fun. sooooooo me!! my favorite item of all is a vintage enamel lid that says garland on it. i will take a pic of it. i love it. i also love these neat antique boxes. from the early 1900’s. they are worn and damaged, but i adore them anyway….

i love these little ladies in this box of buttons. i got sooo many buttons today. can’t have enough.

here they are again with pearls and pins in an old suitcase.

i also found this great old toy dog. very small dog. it’s a vintage blue, but it’s hard to tell in this photo. it plays off the little dog the lady is holding in the photo….along with them are some pins. one says DARLING on it…and it is.

here is a stack of linens all nice and neat and ready for some decorating. 

love the junk jewels….so sparkly even when they are weathered and dirty…..

that’s about it for what i got today. here are a couple of pics of my window in my laundry room. the vintage apron is one i received from my newest contact. i just love it!!!

an ever expanding collection of my vintage aprons.

and what kind of day would it be without an outing at a cub show????

arek is so adorable learning to tie a tie.

and what is this??? who da baby’s daddy? you tell me?

good lord…they both give me that look. it’s crazy. does she not look anything like me at all???? NO. good thing. hee hee. 

okay, crying baby…better go. guess that’s why they call it mother’s day. i think everyday is mother’s day in that case.


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so much to write about vintage lovelies & SJP…….

i have so much to write tonight, but i don’t have time to write everything i want to. first….let me say…i need to make it snappy because i have to watch sex and the city here in a few. how many times have i seen every single episode?????? how many times can i watch them over and over again???????? even with all the stuff they cut out….as many times as i can!! it gets me thru my semi-boring existence…my redundancy of housework, kid stuff, cooking, errands, and all the other simple, yet very consuming, things i do everyday that aren’t as fun as living in manhattan and partying with all my very best, favorite single girlfriends. AND YES…..YES, YES, YES…the movie will be here soon!!!!!! I AM A HUGE SJP fan!!!!!!! all the girls are great!! what a show. okay…got that out of my system.
now on to the important stuff….junk!!!!! vintage lovelies!!!!!!!!!!

well, i was blessed by a couple i met a few weeks back at a nearby fleamarket. i bought 3 big boxes of stuff from them that i adore and they took ownership in my interest of all things vintage junk and told me they had many, many cool, shabby, vintage, girly goodies that they were going to take to goodwill. of course i said i would take the goodies instead. the couple got my phone number and said they would call me. i hung on everyday with hope that they would release their love of all things vintage trinkets to me….THEY DID!! they called and blessed me with 6 boxes of fabulous stuff!!!! I WAS AWESTRUCK!!! so happy. yes, one man’s junk is another junker’s treasure. this is just a photo of one of my favorite finds….VELVET PINK RIBBON!!!!

as i plowed thru boxes, i found the sweetest shades of pink…ribbons, lace, doilies; i found old cream colored lace; lace bobbins, ribbons, vintage gloves, lace collars, lace tablecloths; i found tons of old linen cutters; boxes of sequins, buttons, old jewels, vintage pearls, beads, rhinestone pins; vintage hats, purses, a peticoat, vintage clothes that are very, very old, beads off of old dresses, even part of a wedding veil! also…baby shoes, dolls, greeting cards with little roses, old baby dresses, vintage glitter even!! just the best stuff!!! i am sooooooo grateful. what a gift. what a sweet gift!!!! if you are reading this…..thank you, thank you, thank you!!! most folks would say..’what are you going to do with all that junk????’ i’m going to enjoy it. i’ll use some, i’ll sell some and i’ll keep some and i’ll even give some away. junk…it’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!!!

i love this head. she was part of the junk bling!!! i took some other pictures of stuff, but they didn’t come out very well. i will try to take some better pictures soon. i plan to make some collages and collage pillows with the vintage lovelies i’ve received.

okay….here is a photo of my vintage manequin that i can’t stop dressing with pearl strands. i got a new, big pearl (the biggest one on her) strand from my vintage goodies and i had to add it to the collection madness.

ramble, ramble, ramble…..

here is a photo of arek and zoey eating apples. i love this pic!!!! it has nothing to do with SJP or 6 boxes of vintage lovelies, but what is a crazy day of great television and fabulous junk without two crazy, fun kids to spend it with????? quiet and productive? nooooo…..LIFE. hee hee. white slip covers? what am i thinking.

okay…gotta run. my show is on!!! take care,



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15 minutes of shabby fame…..

okay…like i was surfing flickr last night and i found myself linked to a blog all the way from the UK!!! i couldn’t believe it!! i’m on the front page of the shabby chic furniture blog. check it out if you have time…

it’s a great blog….lots of great displays!!

alright…already….it has been a slow couple of days at the ole booth, so do i need to buy anything anywhere? of course not, but i went to 4 yarsales today anyway….way out in the country….ack….well, 2 of them were way out in the country. i didn’t get much, but i didn’t spend very much either. zoey and i went to some barn like sale way out in la la land….we hung out with the cows and shopped for a little. i spent $1 on a box of vintage mirror holders from the 1970s and a BIG bag of belt buckles and pendant holders for $5. like that isn’t insane enough…i managed to buy another bag of little thailand jewelry purses (like 15 of them) for $1. what was i thinking??????????? my favorite find was a tall, vintage birdcage…$3. i plan to paint it white, but for now, i want to fill it with fake roses. i think it will be a good conversation piece and great storage for my flowers.

i love seeing ron in the background spraying fire ants. how very ‘texas’. yes…some people live on ranches and ride horses and have cattle. we spray for fire ants in our sweet little yard.

here is another picture of the cage close up. this is such a neat piece.

i also found a sweet $3 white dresser on my way to the other garage sale. i was lost, but i found this great dresser. i perched some vintage crap up top….a ‘freecyle’ angel i painted white, a 50 cent hanging chandie, an altered mirror i made, a hurricane globe collage of little goodies and a 25 cent rabbit and a 25 cent shabby blue framed piece with an angel in the middle. i also love the shabby old wallpaper. a friend of mine found this very large, old screen with the roses paper on it. that was a long time ago and i’ve hung onto a few leftover pieces from that ever since.

i plan to paint the dresser light pink and put glass knobs on it. 

here is a close up of the hurricane globe collage….

i also found this super great vintage rose print with a great old frame i plan to paint.

i also took pictures from around the house the other day. just random stuff…..i am falling asleep!!! i am sooooooooo tired. better hurry this along. i love my little inspiration board. tags i’ve made, business cards and a cool, old brooch.

i love her…..

i’ve been collecting porcelain roses lately. i’m on a roll with these. none of these cost more than $2 except for the single ones in the vase background. i especially love those….they were a lucky find. i think i paid about $10 for about 25 or 30 roses!!  

i also rearranged (imagine that) my little lady collection…..

the one on the right is a newbie. 

i decided i needed a mantle muse as well….she’s new. i gave her a coat of creamy paint and lined her up with old bottle, junk jewels, and vintage roses……

here is a close up of the vintage mirror makeover i did. altered with a collection of little things…i especially love the little cigar box lid ladies from Belgium on the bottom. okay…i must go to sleep. am i that deprived????? guess so. i have a terrible case of the sleepies right now. i probably spelled everything wrong. i better go to sleep. i am falling asleep at the computer….



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more inspiration….

it was another trip to my friend marta’s fabulous store no too long ago. i love her shop so much, i am adding her as a catagory. that’s how inspiring her shop is!!! my camera is up and running. batteries are charged and i’m ready to take some pics of other projects and things i’ve been working on soon. i’ve been working hard trying to knock out projects for may. as much as i’d like to think someone is reading this, i know pictures are soooo much more interesting. that’s the part of other blogs i love the most.

marta has a great collection of baby head….she says they are a little creepy, but she loves them!! i do too. 

okay…i love this naked chair….barebones and all. chippy, white and shabby.

marta worked very hard at this display. love all the vintage photos, the little wagon wheel and the vintage pipes. it’s like a geneologists research area. nostalgic and historical. marta’s vignettes seem to have these narrative qualities. they tell stories…….they do more than just look great, they really make you think.

if this doesn’t scream old hollywood….i could stare at it all day. marta has been finding these camera in abundance lately, so she decided to do a fabulous collective display. love it.

marta’s cloche displays are fantastic!!! little collages under glass….stories to tell….groupings that just look great together!!! i love this little wedding grouping. especially the salt shaker. it’s so unexpected and so interesting at the same time.

the front of this shelf is to die for….all chippy and shabby, but did i take a pic of that??? no. the inside is awesome though. love the little girl in the dessert cup with the maybe sign. like she might have pudding and she might not. depends on her passion for her ‘real food first’. love the pitcher too….all the pretty roses.

this is my favorite photo. i think these two figurines are darling. like they are at a square dance somewhere in dusty, western texas. 

this is my second favorite shot. i love, love, love this lady head. love the little dog too. and her little dog too. like dorothy and toto…during their vintage phase.

and what is a day at marta’s w/o fun, vintage kids stuff. i love vintage kids/baby toys. this display is so cute. love the bootie planter.

i’m back to a more serious look now….love this old suitcase filled with victorian goodies.

this is a huge shaddow box cabinet that marta decorated with old frames, photos and a doll.

she really says it all. i just adore this statue.

okay…i really am falling asleep at the computer. ack. poppies….poppies…sleep.


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