more inspiration….

it was another trip to my friend marta’s fabulous store no too long ago. i love her shop so much, i am adding her as a catagory. that’s how inspiring her shop is!!! my camera is up and running. batteries are charged and i’m ready to take some pics of other projects and things i’ve been working on soon. i’ve been working hard trying to knock out projects for may. as much as i’d like to think someone is reading this, i know pictures are soooo much more interesting. that’s the part of other blogs i love the most.

marta has a great collection of baby head….she says they are a little creepy, but she loves them!! i do too. 

okay…i love this naked chair….barebones and all. chippy, white and shabby.

marta worked very hard at this display. love all the vintage photos, the little wagon wheel and the vintage pipes. it’s like a geneologists research area. nostalgic and historical. marta’s vignettes seem to have these narrative qualities. they tell stories…….they do more than just look great, they really make you think.

if this doesn’t scream old hollywood….i could stare at it all day. marta has been finding these camera in abundance lately, so she decided to do a fabulous collective display. love it.

marta’s cloche displays are fantastic!!! little collages under glass….stories to tell….groupings that just look great together!!! i love this little wedding grouping. especially the salt shaker. it’s so unexpected and so interesting at the same time.

the front of this shelf is to die for….all chippy and shabby, but did i take a pic of that??? no. the inside is awesome though. love the little girl in the dessert cup with the maybe sign. like she might have pudding and she might not. depends on her passion for her ‘real food first’. love the pitcher too….all the pretty roses.

this is my favorite photo. i think these two figurines are darling. like they are at a square dance somewhere in dusty, western texas. 

this is my second favorite shot. i love, love, love this lady head. love the little dog too. and her little dog too. like dorothy and toto…during their vintage phase.

and what is a day at marta’s w/o fun, vintage kids stuff. i love vintage kids/baby toys. this display is so cute. love the bootie planter.

i’m back to a more serious look now….love this old suitcase filled with victorian goodies.

this is a huge shaddow box cabinet that marta decorated with old frames, photos and a doll.

she really says it all. i just adore this statue.

okay…i really am falling asleep at the computer. ack. poppies….poppies…sleep.



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  1. We’re reading! Don’t worry about that—just have fun!

    Marta’s displays are, in fact, wondrous. I, too, collect those old cameras. I’ve been thinking of displaying them similarly in my booth…


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