15 minutes of shabby fame…..

okay…like i was surfing flickr last night and i found myself linked to a blog all the way from the UK!!! i couldn’t believe it!! i’m on the front page of the shabby chic furniture blog. check it out if you have time….capitalstyle.co.uk/shabbychic/.

it’s a great blog….lots of great displays!!

alright…already….it has been a slow couple of days at the ole booth, so do i need to buy anything anywhere? of course not, but i went to 4 yarsales today anyway….way out in the country….ack….well, 2 of them were way out in the country. i didn’t get much, but i didn’t spend very much either. zoey and i went to some barn like sale way out in la la land….we hung out with the cows and shopped for a little. i spent $1 on a box of vintage mirror holders from the 1970s and a BIG bag of belt buckles and pendant holders for $5. like that isn’t insane enough…i managed to buy another bag of little thailand jewelry purses (like 15 of them) for $1. what was i thinking??????????? my favorite find was a tall, vintage birdcage…$3. i plan to paint it white, but for now, i want to fill it with fake roses. i think it will be a good conversation piece and great storage for my flowers.

i love seeing ron in the background spraying fire ants. how very ‘texas’. yes…some people live on ranches and ride horses and have cattle. we spray for fire ants in our sweet little yard.

here is another picture of the cage close up. this is such a neat piece.

i also found a sweet $3 white dresser on my way to the other garage sale. i was lost, but i found this great dresser. i perched some vintage crap up top….a ‘freecyle’ angel i painted white, a 50 cent hanging chandie, an altered mirror i made, a hurricane globe collage of little goodies and a 25 cent rabbit and a 25 cent shabby blue framed piece with an angel in the middle. i also love the shabby old wallpaper. a friend of mine found this very large, old screen with the roses paper on it. that was a long time ago and i’ve hung onto a few leftover pieces from that ever since.

i plan to paint the dresser light pink and put glass knobs on it. 

here is a close up of the hurricane globe collage….

i also found this super great vintage rose print with a great old frame i plan to paint.

i also took pictures from around the house the other day. just random stuff…..i am falling asleep!!! i am sooooooooo tired. better hurry this along. i love my little inspiration board. tags i’ve made, business cards and a cool, old brooch.

i love her…..

i’ve been collecting porcelain roses lately. i’m on a roll with these. none of these cost more than $2 except for the single ones in the vase background. i especially love those….they were a lucky find. i think i paid about $10 for about 25 or 30 roses!!  

i also rearranged (imagine that) my little lady collection…..

the one on the right is a newbie. 

i decided i needed a mantle muse as well….she’s new. i gave her a coat of creamy paint and lined her up with old bottle, junk jewels, and vintage roses……

here is a close up of the vintage mirror makeover i did. altered with a collection of little things…i especially love the little cigar box lid ladies from Belgium on the bottom. okay…i must go to sleep. am i that deprived????? guess so. i have a terrible case of the sleepies right now. i probably spelled everything wrong. i better go to sleep. i am falling asleep at the computer….




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3 responses to “15 minutes of shabby fame…..

  1. Hi Sue!! Your blog is lovely!! Looks like you found some wonderful things and the shots around your home are very pretty! When I saw that photo I thought “Oh, that must be her husband spraying for fire ants” LOL!! And I was right!! Yeah, that is one thing I do NOT like about Texas! My little boys don’t like playing in our yard because they are scared of them!

  2. Tina

    Sue, That is SO COOL that you made the front page. WOW! See…..I told you people love what you do. Just take away those doll heads. Hee, Hee. Miss you girl. ~Tina

  3. Tina

    Sue, VERY cool. The front page. You’re so talented. Once again, take away the doll heads. They creep me out. Hee, Hee.

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