so much to write about vintage lovelies & SJP…….

i have so much to write tonight, but i don’t have time to write everything i want to. first….let me say…i need to make it snappy because i have to watch sex and the city here in a few. how many times have i seen every single episode?????? how many times can i watch them over and over again???????? even with all the stuff they cut out….as many times as i can!! it gets me thru my semi-boring existence…my redundancy of housework, kid stuff, cooking, errands, and all the other simple, yet very consuming, things i do everyday that aren’t as fun as living in manhattan and partying with all my very best, favorite single girlfriends. AND YES…..YES, YES, YES…the movie will be here soon!!!!!! I AM A HUGE SJP fan!!!!!!! all the girls are great!! what a show. okay…got that out of my system.
now on to the important stuff….junk!!!!! vintage lovelies!!!!!!!!!!

well, i was blessed by a couple i met a few weeks back at a nearby fleamarket. i bought 3 big boxes of stuff from them that i adore and they took ownership in my interest of all things vintage junk and told me they had many, many cool, shabby, vintage, girly goodies that they were going to take to goodwill. of course i said i would take the goodies instead. the couple got my phone number and said they would call me. i hung on everyday with hope that they would release their love of all things vintage trinkets to me….THEY DID!! they called and blessed me with 6 boxes of fabulous stuff!!!! I WAS AWESTRUCK!!! so happy. yes, one man’s junk is another junker’s treasure. this is just a photo of one of my favorite finds….VELVET PINK RIBBON!!!!

as i plowed thru boxes, i found the sweetest shades of pink…ribbons, lace, doilies; i found old cream colored lace; lace bobbins, ribbons, vintage gloves, lace collars, lace tablecloths; i found tons of old linen cutters; boxes of sequins, buttons, old jewels, vintage pearls, beads, rhinestone pins; vintage hats, purses, a peticoat, vintage clothes that are very, very old, beads off of old dresses, even part of a wedding veil! also…baby shoes, dolls, greeting cards with little roses, old baby dresses, vintage glitter even!! just the best stuff!!! i am sooooooo grateful. what a gift. what a sweet gift!!!! if you are reading this…..thank you, thank you, thank you!!! most folks would say..’what are you going to do with all that junk????’ i’m going to enjoy it. i’ll use some, i’ll sell some and i’ll keep some and i’ll even give some away. junk…it’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!!!

i love this head. she was part of the junk bling!!! i took some other pictures of stuff, but they didn’t come out very well. i will try to take some better pictures soon. i plan to make some collages and collage pillows with the vintage lovelies i’ve received.

okay….here is a photo of my vintage manequin that i can’t stop dressing with pearl strands. i got a new, big pearl (the biggest one on her) strand from my vintage goodies and i had to add it to the collection madness.

ramble, ramble, ramble…..

here is a photo of arek and zoey eating apples. i love this pic!!!! it has nothing to do with SJP or 6 boxes of vintage lovelies, but what is a crazy day of great television and fabulous junk without two crazy, fun kids to spend it with????? quiet and productive? nooooo…..LIFE. hee hee. white slip covers? what am i thinking.

okay…gotta run. my show is on!!! take care,




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2 responses to “so much to write about vintage lovelies & SJP…….

  1. Cindy

    WOW! My fingers are itching to go thru all that free stuff. What neat stuff, what GREAT people!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mannequin in pink and pearls! see you soon

  2. Michele

    I watch the show too, dude…even with all the editing (and owning the dvds) I still can’t get enough of it. Hey, that was us….instead on NY and Manhattans, it was Columbus & El Vaquero margaritas! 🙂

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