mother’s day gift…….

first off….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you moms…moms of kids, cats, canaries, dogs, earth, sky, music, favorite places and whatever else constitutes being motherly about something or someone. i must say…i got a great mother’s day gift from zoey… was soooo nice of her to shop with me while i picked something out. i love her…she is the latest addition to my SWEET lady statues. i am in love with the shabby pink she wears so well.

i also got another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE delivery from my very newest junking contact. she surprised me with another truckload of SUPER DUPER goodies!!!! ron reluctantly drove me to pick up all the goodies and rolled his eyes all the way home, but……WHO dug thru a GIANT stack of vintage jewelry with me at 11pm at night???? YES….IT WAS RON!!! we had so much fun digging thru all the neat stuff in just one of the little suitcases full that i received. i just can’t believe i got soooo much cute stuff!! it’s a dream come true. like i just won a trip to europe or a new car. once again THANKS, THANKS, THANKS SOOO MUCH. 

here are just a few pics of the very tip of the iceberg of fabulous old, neat stuff i got today…i got so much cool stuff…..vintage clothing, bride’s veil, tons and tons of vintage cards with little roses and shabby sweet graphics, vintage magazines, old photos, tons of jewels, chandie prisms, little cups, saucer, depression glass soap dishes, old powders and lotions, more gloves, lace, sequins, feathers, neat old tins, old doll arms, little birdies, 4 suitcases, neat wood for collages, old doors, a fireplace screen, a HUGE vintage enamel refrigerator drawer, vintage vases, a couple of neat figurines, neat vintage baby socks, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff. sooo much fun. sooooooo me!! my favorite item of all is a vintage enamel lid that says garland on it. i will take a pic of it. i love it. i also love these neat antique boxes. from the early 1900’s. they are worn and damaged, but i adore them anyway….

i love these little ladies in this box of buttons. i got sooo many buttons today. can’t have enough.

here they are again with pearls and pins in an old suitcase.

i also found this great old toy dog. very small dog. it’s a vintage blue, but it’s hard to tell in this photo. it plays off the little dog the lady is holding in the photo….along with them are some pins. one says DARLING on it…and it is.

here is a stack of linens all nice and neat and ready for some decorating. 

love the junk jewels….so sparkly even when they are weathered and dirty…..

that’s about it for what i got today. here are a couple of pics of my window in my laundry room. the vintage apron is one i received from my newest contact. i just love it!!!

an ever expanding collection of my vintage aprons.

and what kind of day would it be without an outing at a cub show????

arek is so adorable learning to tie a tie.

and what is this??? who da baby’s daddy? you tell me?

good lord…they both give me that look. it’s crazy. does she not look anything like me at all???? NO. good thing. hee hee. 

okay, crying baby…better go. guess that’s why they call it mother’s day. i think everyday is mother’s day in that case.



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One response to “mother’s day gift…….

  1. Amy K.

    I’m misty-eyed picturing Ron sorting through vintage jewelry with you…. I went to the flohmarkt yesterday and I felt like I was channeling you. I got a big tin of buttons, two transferware pieces and a matching pitcher for 6 Euros! No dolls heads or garden gnomes in sight, but sometimes we can’t have it all. Happy Mother’s Day from this side of the pond.

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