out of the loop….

okay…so i’ve been out of the loop lately. so much going on…at home, in the world, school, bad storms, bad allergies…blah, blah…it has been hard to focus on this little ole’ blog. seems a bit unimportant lately, but i have some project photos and other stuff to get out of my desktop folder, so i am a purgin.

don’t know bout the rest of you…but does the end of the school year give kids a reason to act like animals????? maybe that has been adding to my stress. arek has been so hyper and playful lately…he plays in the mud like crazy and want to put cornstarch in a bowl, add water and pretend it’s quicksand. it’s messy and it drives me nuts!!! he asks me everyday if we can buy cola and mentos (can i put that on my blog?) and add them together to cause a scientific explosion. ack…enough…. and it that’s not enough to drive me insane, it is amazing what the kids in texas have to go thru to graduate to the next grade. amazingly enough, poor arek made it!!! of course, by the skin of his chinny chin cornstarch chin, but nonetheless…he made it. he brought me home his spelling test today written on…whatelse…a paper towel. when i asked him why it was written on a paper towel, he said ‘because we ran out of paper at school’ (that’s like saying they ran out of coffee at starbucks (am i allowed to say that?). this is why i have to junk!!!!!! i wanted to get mad, but he got 100 on his test, so i had a cup of coffee and toasted him with enthusiasm. the boy can spell!! i’ll give him that. when i was in second grade, we spelled words like jane, cup and flag. i think we wrote it on a slate and burned a candle for light. who knows??? anyway, arek had words today like ecosystem, petrified, lunar eclipse, polar ice cap, and a bunch of other hard stuff i can’t speeelll.  

finally, on to better things like junk, girly stuff and shabby old vintage crap…..yay.  found this great little trash can. only i would get excited over a rusty old trashcan!!! found these pink velvet roses to put in it, little mixed faded bunch of roses next to it and a great, old salt shaker that costs almost nothing to put them in.

i love this victorian card. i’m pretty sure she’s an old one. just darling.

found this great house dress for $6 from the same vendor that i found the velvet roses and trashcan. i love the vintage rose fabric of this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay…don’t laugh at my crafting abilities. i’ve been making these altered pillows and selling them as fast as i can make them. anyway, i’ve decided to do a couple of standing lamps. i sold my last one and decided to use an old crenoline (spell) for this one. i used vintage flowers, lace, colars, doilies, cards and jewelry. i like it. ron says it’s the tackiest thing he’s ever seen. he says that about everything i make. i thought i was the tackiest thing he’s ever seen.

yes, guess it’s pretty tacky, but i still think it’s cute. if you ladies have any old prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses out there, just glue them to a lamp shade and put it in your house for all your neighbors and friends to talk about behind your back. hee hee.

i also painted out this candle holder and distressed it a bit. added some vintage cups, little prisms, tealights and viola… i get the cups at goodwill for almost free. i can’t pass them up. what’s that disease called? make it stop.

i have some photos on my other camera that i still have not downloaded yet. i need to get those published for you all to see. i plan to visit some flea markets this weekend. i’ll bring my camera and get some photos to get you all inspired!!! until next time, keep up the junkin and never turn down a bargain your can’t pass up. i just  made that up. ooohh…that’s profound. pass that advise on to your children. 




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  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Congratulations to Arek! He has always been a smart little guy! He will most likely do something extraordinary in his life! Just let him be his scientific little self…Maybe he will be a scientist one day! 🙂 Oh, Love the pictures Sue! Can I buy that adorable dress when you decide to sell it? LovE It!!!!Oh Yea, You would love our new Goodwill store here! Lots of neat stuff! I can’t stay out of there!! 🙂 Wish you were here to go junkin with!!

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