sleepy, sleepy, sleepy…allergies

okay…not much to write tonight because it’s late and i am very, very sleepy, sleepy, sleepy and have eye allergy problems right now. the allergies make me feel even sleepier than i already am. ugh.

i have photos i took from some flea hunting this weekend and some photos of the great items i was blessed with a few weeks ago. i’ll start with my current flea items. i went to a trade days show up the road and found a box of great stuff for $4.50!!!!! the whole box. these are just a few samplings of those items. i love what i found!!!! my favorite…..a vintage, pink lightbulb! you can see it in the next two photos. how can anyone get excited over a vintage pink lightbulb? you won a cruise!!!! you won $10,000!!! you won a new car!!! you won a pink, vintage lightbulb!!!!!!! HURAY

i love the little vintage pink lightbulb!! why????? i also love the old frame and the vintage tea/coffee kettle. it has all the parts. i’m tempted to use it for my next social. what the heck?? that and my little chipped plates and cups. and for my friend marnee….no, i haven’t found anything to put the potato salad in yet. oh…but i can only dream……

i also found these little ladies for a dollar. i love, love, love the crumbly old lid. she is darling!!! the other is a cigar box cover made from wood. 

isn’t she wonderful!!! i know tina….she is stressing you out. hee hee. okay….here are a couple of photos of unique goodies i received not too long ago from my BIG boxes of stuff!!! i love this wonderful french souvenir book, porcelain flower and vintage hankie. 

as if the roses above aren’t enough….WOW…..a huge basket full!!! they are so faded and vintage. i just adore them. don’t know how to use them yet, but they are great.

i’ve been working on pillow collages lately. they are tacky…hot glue and all that, but fun.

i went on an incredible journey today to a homeless/thrift shelter. it was more than i bargained for and i came home with a carload…cheap….yikes. anyway, fun, fun, fun. i will get photos of the goodies i found soon. i am up to my eyeballs in junk, projects, and booth work. i feel like i am drowning in ………………..

thanks for the sign arek….

okay….american idol!!!!!! last show. can’t wait. don’t have a favorite this season, but i’m still loving the show. the season went by sooooooo fast…dog.

until next time….happy hunting and hope you aren’t drowning in the junk quicksand like i am. 



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One response to “sleepy, sleepy, sleepy…allergies

  1. Kaye

    My mother had one of those white bowls – we kept fruit in it. Thx for the memory!

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