junk in my trunk

i call myself junkinlady because it’s my email account name. it’s a little joke my husband played on me. i have shame when i give out my email to ‘real’ people…like school administration and what not. how embarrassing. okay…as promised, i need to share some photos of me with my $15 (not including the HUGE old chair i found) worth of junking finds at the homeless thrift shop. my husband will be mortified by this photo of crusty fabulous crap in the back of the FAMILY car. yikes!!! i was careful when placing it in. i don’t like to use the family car for junking adventures, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. even if it means risking the anxiety level of her husband’s vehicle expectations. i don’t know what that means exactly. i’m not sure what i write half the time anyway because i can’t see well anymore. comes with the the beginning of middle age….among other nonmentionables. i don’t think that’s a word.

acdc…adhd…whatever it’s called. yikes. back to junk…..here she is!!! all loaded up to the brim with stuff those men have probably had in their shop since texas became a state. they are probably still trying to figure out what the in the heck i am going to do with 10 dirty pillows, 4 old suitcases, and two old rusty chip cans????? if only they knew….ha ha ha.

what is all this crap????? oh…fabulous dishes, baskets, old candlesticks, neat vintage jars, and i can’t remember what else, but they were all fixer uppers and the price was right!!!!

i know….i know. who can live like this??? but i do manage to go thru it and i do manage to use it. i purge every 4 months or so. if i kept everything i bought, we would never get in the house. i already decoupaged 2 of the suitcases, painted out several of the wood things i found and the candlestick, i washed all the plates and dishes i found, put the pillows in storage, washed the curtains and linens, priced out some other goodies for the booth and put the rest in my crazy shed. so there.

one of my favorite finds….this sweet vintage birdcage and kitchy little bird. don’t have a clue what it’s made from, but i love the whimsy of it. it needed to be rescued from a dusty floor bin…that is for sure.

love this pink lotion pump. don’t ask.

i am a sucker for roses…..in any form. even dried (better than saying dead). i love these plastic ones. they were in a vintage funeral basket i found. as creepy as funeral baskets are, they are very collectible. go figure.

i took a photo of a suitcase i altered, but can’t find it of course. i’ll get it next time. i’m slowly tackling these projects….one piece of junk at a time. aaaahhh. it’s sooo fun.

here are a couple of other projects….a pillow, collage, and some altered bins i found at the g.w. bargain barn. i used some 1950s ads to cover them.

here is another booth photo. i decided to put my european chandie up for sale. i love her, but she won’t work in the house we have now. she’s a great addition to the booth.

okay….all this blogging is making me……

just like……

how sweet….almost as sweet as this…..

too bad these are only fleeting moments. nice, sleepy kids???? when? whose???? hee hee……

i had a recipe for you all too. i took a pic of my homemade peanut butter cup chewies. but they are missing too????? my camera is acting foolish. it’s probably embarrassed by all the silly photos i take. 

okay…keep up the junkin and have a great memorial weekend!!!!  i will honor and think about our fallen heroes giving us freedom to do so many brave and wonderful things in this country….like taking on a homeless shelter thrift shop in the hot texas heat with the family car. thank you american heroes!!! really. what a great gift this country is.




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3 responses to “junk in my trunk

  1. Kaye

    Wish I were there to buy the bird! Love it – birds are my “thang”!

  2. Sue

    I was just doing a bit of bloghopping, and came across your blog, wished I found it sooner!! I love the boot of your car, mine often looks like that, and my hubby reacts the same! As you say, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do!Love your blog, and will add it to my favs.

  3. You got some serious junque in yo’.. backseat!!!!!!
    Looks like you hit the jackpot!!! Love all of your goodies and your blog too!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you find next!!!

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