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a kindred spirit makes it all rosy………

WOW…so today was pick just one yard sale a weekend day. i found the best!!! what i loved about the stuff at this sale was the personality of the person who it belonged to. crazy thing….i never met this woman! her grand daughter (two words???? you know i can’t spell. i swear i have a college degree, but i can’t spell at all) was selling her fancy little craft items, and some other treasure that were collected over the years. i can tell this granny was cool….like crazy cool. like she could get inspired by just about anything. i really feel she’s some kindred craft spirit. i think i would have enjoyed an afternoon of hot glue and ice tea with this woman…really!! 

i’ve been making these fabulous, tacky pillows lately… glue central!!!! and i’ve attached just about everything i can to them….flowers, velvet fruit, photos, pictures, old cards, button, lace, notion, etc…..

they are a blast to make. i just think they are fun, fun, fun. nothing pretentious here…just a bunch of cast off vintage stuff that needs a place to land. a stage….a viewing. 

anyway….i get to this great kindred spirit yard sale and what do i find…..

some sweet old quilt squares swarmed with cast off yo-yo pieces, old buttons, doilies, vintage gloves, belt buckles, and what else…..a victorian card glued right in the center of the quilt squares!!!! i LOVE it!! to think there was a woman out there that used what she had to make sweet, little crafts!!! my kind of lady indeed!! her grand daughter was sooo happy that i was interested in all the stuff her granny made and sold me a lot of great things that i will be happy to use for my future crafts. what great treasures!!!! i found a BUNCH of neat lace. sooo much of it, but can a girl have too much lace and tulle????? i don’t think so!

here are some other goodies granny made……

i love this neat cross. she just glued a bunch of vintage buttons onto little plastic tiles that were adhered to foam board. she edged it out with some gold trim. what a prize.

i have been finding so much lace lately. i found a HUGE spool of it from granny, so i used it to make these lace balls. i put them in a little pink basket i found for 25 cents. i plan to make a bunch more. 

i just crinkle up a piece of paper or two and start wrapping until i get the size i need.

i plan to go back to this yard sale tomorrow. i didn’t have much time to really look today, so i know there are treasures i missed. i have a box of other goodies that i will take pics of later.

it is sooo late and i’m tired, but wait….there is MORE!! i have more pictures of crafting ideas, trash finds, house photos, and my scary storage shed…oh and a sweet one of zoey.

the below photo i took at a flea market. I LOVE THIS. it is an old mirror with a transfer effect. i don’t have a clue how to make this, but it is gorgeous!!!

this same vendor also had this fabulous shadow box in her booth!! i believe she made it. it’s just gorgeous as well.

i just adore this open purse with all the pearls and lace spilling out!! this would be a great project just on its own. it’s lovely!!

my lovely trash picked blue fence that i think is just shabby fabulous, but not good to sit in!! i turned it into stadium seating for my garden objects d’art. how much stuff do i have in my yard?????????

not as much as this>>>>>> what is all this junk????? future projects!! i have lots to do.

and the best for last of course…..ZOEY in sepia. my hubby took this photo and added the sepia filter to the image. i think it is very old school. i love it.

she looks like she too, one day, will have a kindred spirit….or two or more, but for now, she can just sit on my craft table and put all my chandie prisms in her mouth. gross.

you all have a great weekend and happy hunting.



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hot day in yard sale land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man oh man…it was a scorcher today and i was all about a bunch of yard sales!!! the sad truth…they were not that good. i found limited things or items that were waaaayyyy too expensive. i found two chenille bedspreads at one of the yard sales today….white…stained and not even that fabulous!!! uuuuuhhhh $25 a piece!!! i just looked at the lady and said “oh, i find chenille blankets like that at g.w. for $3. and i do. i walked away shaking my head. i don’t get it. when did yard sales become antique boutiques?????

sooooo, i was close to my friend marta’s place on 190 in nolanville/belton texas and i decided to pay her a long overdue visit. she has her own category now on my side bar. you can click there to see other photos as well. marta is super talented and the vignette queen! her displays are just amazing and her furniture is ‘yummy’ as she says. WOW…her shop looks great……………COME ON IN AND SEE!!!!!!

she will roll her eyes for this picture below, but i still love even the cool junk she has on the outside of the store. the inside…well…that’s fancy but not pretentious at all. her prices are great and she’s so much fun to talk to. please stop by her store if you are ever in the area! it will be a treat you won’t forget.

amazing lighting!!!!!!!!

cloche displays all over the store!!!!

this cabinet is fabulous. it was leaving the shop as i was taking the picture!!! SOLD.

rose pillows…soooo sweet.

love this sweet doll. marta has dolls all over her store…really vintage/old ones that have so much charm and life left. they are darling.

a new display in the back of the store. love the eggshell blue theme going on. love the chandie!!!

great victorian display here. i actually made this crazy, little collage. it’s made from vintage shoe insoles. i know, how gross…but not really. it works.

little lady in a display shelf that is sitting up like a drawer. unique.

arf, arf…poodles galore!!! so sweet.

okay…to die for shelf in the ‘blue eggshell’ room. i love , LOVE , LOVE this shelf. it will go home with me soon. i have to have it. zoey is old enough now she won’t lick the paint off of furniture.

the loveliest bordouir (spell) doll. she is just fantastic.

more sweet dolls…..

hankies and pins…..

the cutest little fruit hat.

AAAAHHHH sweet BIG doll head.

bowl of shells and pearls. these sorts of things are all over the store!!! just marvelous.

braided rug…one of three. very small like for a doll’s house??? so nice.

suitcases galore… them!!

love these lights. all pink and sparkly.

PINK overload….love this display!!! oh…the plumeria candle marta sells is delicious. ‘yummy’ as she would say. a bargain at $2.50….the best candle for your $$$ for sure!!! wicked strong throw and delightful…sweet and pungent….powerful and soft. you will love it. ohhhh and it’s pink!!!!

mosiac table….

zoey looking in a mirror while i took a picture of it.

lovely ladies…..vintage cameras….YAY.

oh my…..TONS AND TONS of photos. hope you enjoyed!! i have some project photos, but i will save them for tomorrow. it’s just too much cuteness all at once….




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gifts, bins and roaches oh my……

it is very late and i had a long, long day. this will be a quick post. i went to G.W. bargain center today for the first time in a very, very long time. i did great!!! $33 later, i had a ton of linens (dug thru those bins for 30 minutes, worked up a tremendous sweat…..CALORIES BURNED…enough to justify a huge bowl of late night ice cream), 2 chair slip covers, a neat old hamper, a HUGE plate rack to hang on the wall, 2 tea cups, and some other misc. i found the PERFECT chest of drawers circa 1940’s??…..pretty, GLASS KNOBS and all!! i think it costs me $10 for the drawers….maybe even $5. i’m not sure. anyway…….i went to load the dresser on my cart to take to the truck and OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH NO..took out the first drawer—–ROACHES!!! took out the second drawer, third drawer and the WORST….the last drawer. AAAAACKKKK. i had to leave it there. roaches came out of every corner of that dresser. i was a statue. i was scared to move. there were little roaches, big roaches, fat roaches and thin roaches. roaches with cloches, roaches with the coats….i even think some were smoking. i couldn’t breath. they were EVERYWHERE!!

don’t get me wrong. i’m not a roach snob. i’ve been known to clean up many, many roachy things, but this was different. i have never seen that many roaches scamper (oh wait…MARNEE are you reading this??? remember that table you painted white and added the trim to??? remember the roaches we found on that thing??? we were mortified, but you really made that table gorgeous. i’m not making that up.) anyway…i just couldn’t drag the dresser home. there were too many roach sacks stuck to the wood…even for a hardcore junker like myself….and i just can’t manage that right now. 

oh…what are you doing this weekend? want to go shopping at the cheapest yardsale ever…where all vintage flower frogs pink prom dresses are only a nickle???? nope, can’t……i’m cleaning ROACH SACKS instead!!! my husband should be super proud of me for not dragging that dresser (that i am going to think about all the time, though) home. it would have been STUNNING painted white with all those great glass knobs on it. actually, the more i think about it….it may have been a reproduction of a dresser made in the 1940s. the wood seemed a bit flimsy and the dovetail drawers weren’t really that dovedtailed (is that a word?) and a bit flimsy too. i tell myself that so i can rest assure i did the right thing by leaving it there!!! OH…I DID GET THOSE KNOBS, though???  i ran into someone i know at the G.W today that wanted the dresser after she saw that i purchased it. i gave it to her straight away. she’ll make that thing beautiful. my loss…the roaches loss…and her gain. lol.

anyway…today’s theme….gifts!!

thank you JAMIE for the great notecards!!!! love them!!! will use them for thank you cards. very, very kind of you. i’ll snag a photo and upload it here soon.

to my mom………love the hand knitted gray mouse!!! his name is squeakers and arek can’t stop playing with him. my mom made him with sock yarn. he is adorable and he loves his new home!! thanks mom.

thanks to Vron for all the lovelies from england!!!!

here is a great faux french sign that was given to me by a vendor at my booth. thanks libby!!

i have other gifts that are displayed around my house. i’ll snap some photos one day and upload them onto this post. 

i’m super, super, duper tired!!! must sleep. i’ll dream of bins and roaches.



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all over the place in the heat!!!!!!!!!!

okay…so it is like 10000 degrees outside today. zoey tried to help me with the sprinkler, but she was attacked by some huge stinging bug…go figure. she wasn’t stung, but she was scared. we both screamed like crazy girls and went back inside. i’ve been inside since then. that means i took a bunch of pics of random stuff all over the place…..IN THE HEAT. i’m not even sure what that means, but i hope these photos inspire you…..i am supposed to be calling doctors, folding clothes, doing laundry, sending payments in the mail, organizing my thoughts, etc…..but instead, i’m blogging. it’s much more fun anyway. if i don’t stay tapped into the world of technology, i will become electronically flabby and depressed. who wants that???

i found this adorable photo of arek when he was about 2. i used to put him in my vintage washtubs w/a bunch of toys and tons of cheap pink bubble soap and let him play. HE LOVED IT. who says you have to go to the waterpark to have a good time??????

here are a bunch of pics from around the house today. i am still finding goodies my fairy junkmother and her husband gave me. i can’t get enough of the stuff they love!!! i love, love, love these vintage numbers. i think they are so sweet.

i was also given these vintage birdies and this plastic plant.

does it get any better than a bowl of buttons??????

handy pack doilies for all my hosting needs…..hee hee.

a gorgeous blue stone pin that my mother’s friend Vron gave me from england!!! she sent me a package of the most wonderful little vintage goodies!!!!!!!! i took photos of them, but will post next time. they are on the other camera. thanks Vron. such a great antidote to a blah, humbug, stay at home mom kind of day.

some postcards i purchased in france for cheap!!! should have bought more while i was there.

photo i found in the trash when i lived in columbus, georgia. these ladies are having so much fun on their little france trip!! is that picasso in the center??? i’m the one with the BIG hair…michelle, dude…you are the one with the glasses and the camera strapped around your neck. are the one with the zebra print coat and headscarf to the right of picasso… are the blonde with the frosty lipstick and white coat. cheryl…you can be the one next to picasso with the HUGE bag of french souveniers (spell). mom…you can be the short one on the end with the chunky shoes, the scowl and the cute coat.

a german tin i found while junking. i love the little image on it.

a needlepoint pillow i found for $1 at the sally (salvation army) store in galveston, texas.

love this chippy hook. i found it for $4 from a vendor where i have my booth.

love, love, love these crumbly little pink roses!!! Thanks Vron!!!!!!

that’s about it. i have some pictures of a BELGIUM FLEA MARKET TRIP i put on my FLICKR photos. please check it out when you get time!! JUST CLICK ON THE FLICKR BOX UP TO THE RIGHT….. i also found a bunch of pics of some stuff i put on ebay a long time ago! I LOVE this sock monkey pic and the strawberry pic under it.

to think i still have that pink fan!!! i love that thing.

okay…enough madness for one post???? happy junkin all



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hiatus and a trip down memory lane!!!!

welcome bloggers. my goodness, it has been some time since my last blog entry. i’ve been on a ‘NEW COMPUTER’ hiatus. my husband purchased a new mac for the family and i’m trying to get used to it. i didn’t think anything was wrong with the old computer, but you know those men….they need to UPGRADE. when will he upgrade me????? i’m an old mac. hmmmmm.

okay… enough about my age crisis and on with some new photos!!!!!!!!!!! what a bunch of jumbled up crap i have to show you. i found some old photos (hence the upgrading of i-photo on the new computer) and they are great!! pics of my old house in georgia (a 1950’s cottage) and my home in europe. i loved, loved, loved my europe home! the floors were easy to care for and no carpet. i could move furniture all day long!! hee hee. i had some cute pieces that i’ve since gotten rid of because of zoey. too much lead paint. i miss those great pieces!!! i also found some killer photos of a belgium flea market. it’s the tongeren flea mart. hope i spelled tongeren right, but i know i didn’t. 

blah, blah, blah…now on with the pics!

first…my little european house. i found so much of this stuff roadkill….like this chandie!!!!!!!!!!! ROADKILL. it worked so well in my living area. 

my coat closet. i scared folks with this little lady on the shelf.

the big green basket and umbrella were roadkill as well.

found the red storage shelf roadside and added a little old book page.

what is this???? most everything here was roadside too. the chair, sled, tiles, pitchfork, and some other small stuff.

as is that isn’t overwhelming enough….i found pics of my house 6 years ago or so in georgia. it was OVER THE TOP!!!!!!! that’s when i really started collecting. i found some great stuff. what is all this madness???? i made the collage in the background, found the big column for $20 at a salvage yard and what the heck is that crazy thing holding all those metal baskets????? who knows. it was $5. why is it in my 1,100 sq. ft. house?????? my poor husband. i drove him to the brink of madness with all this stuff. i had garden stuff in my house too. that made him nuts!!!

weirdness…..stacks of old books, a drying rack w/numbers hanging from it and some old boxes???? 

ron’s office. folk art and what not. 

i still have belgium flea market photos, but i think i will save them for tomorrow. it’s very late. i think this is enough for now!!! hope you enjoyed. now where did all this stuff go that i used to have??????? ack. i guess i sold most of it. i wish i still had the big black S and that blue sap bucket. sigh. 

okay….happy yard sale saturday to you all. 



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random stuff…

i’m yawning like crazy, but i thought i’d upload a few new random photos..of whatelse…random stuff. i have to hurry. i need to go to bed. arek starts summer school in the morning. he says ‘i love summer school. i love the bus’. like he’s been before, on a bus and knows how much fun he had. he keeps asking me if they have recess. i don’t think he realizes that it is school. not camp. not the pool. not a babysitter that lets you do whatever you want. it’s school. yikes. wait until he finds out!!!! i keep telling him it will be fun. all those free meals and new friends!!!! oh…yes…you still have to do some really hard second grad math!!! i didn’t tell you that?????? wish us luck.

my friend robyn gave me some really shabby rocking chairs this morning. they’ve been sitting in her yard collecting the wear from the texas elements….PERFECT!!! i’m surprised my husband hasn’t put them by the road yet. anyway, i scrubbed them good w/some gritty sandpaper and slapped a think coat of honey pine poly on them!!! I LOVE THEM!! thanks robyn!! zoey loves them too. she was rocking like an old woman in them today. oh wait, that was me!!! hee hee.

i managed to hit the G.W. this weekend, but i didn’t snap any photos yet of my $7 bling!!!!! i didn’t get much, but i did find the most wonderful, unusual thing…..a pink foot massager…DR. SCHOLL. it looks something like this one…..

but it has a place for both feet! i might have to keep it and let the kids play with it if they are REALLY good. yes, most kids get an ice cream, a new ball or an xbox game or a new movie or something like that. not my youngins….they get…….DRUMROLL PLEASE………A VINTAGE PINK FOOT MASSAGER!!!!!!! 

i also found some cute plates, bowls, a lamp and some other stuff. i’ll post soon.

in the world of projects….here is s storage unit i found for a song and decoupaged with some vintage papers.

i think almost everything has potential!! these were on their way to the trash probably. i also decided to put all my vintage small toys into a large jar. these are toys that just weren’t moving at all out of my booth. oh well….hate to see them just sit and take up merchandise space, so i put them all in a big jar and i think they all look eerily cute.

i have only one more thing. a really fast and easy cobbler recipe….

shown above is blueberry. i make this stuff all the time!!!


it’s like a dump cake cobbler. sooooooooo easy.  i eat this a la mode. sooo yummy!!!

okay…like the eyes are closing. must sleep…must sleep.



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more bugs and wind!!

yes…blah, blah, blah….same blog…different day, right? i have added a new bug to my blog. my husband and i can’t seem to stop finding bugs. how many don’t we see>>>>>ack!!!!!! before i get to the bugs….let’s show you some cute things around the house. i got inspired when i finished up the laundry tonight and took a few pics of my laundry area.

potholders…in a laundry area?????? why not.

i love this one. she is shifty and planning something naughty. that little boy in the back is going to pull her clothespin off and let her fall to my scary, dirty floor.

love this crazy rabbit clothespin holder. the ears are about ready to fall off. this is old.

i found this sweet linen for 25¢ the other day. i love it!! hey…junk the rest of the week and clean on friday. that is my kind of puppy!!

i redecorated this area of my kitchen. a friend gave me this small table and i painted it out for a little kitchen display. who would have this in their kitchen on their countertop????? oh, me of course. i got the big bunny and bear tins on the wall in Holland. i found them for 2 euro. i love them!~

okay…my pay it forward friends gave me these lovely jewels today!!!! I LOVE THEM. thanks, thanks, thanks. i love the postcard, little white bow, skeleton key, jeweled lotion cover and the pink clip ons on the left side! 

now for the bug of the day…right? A YOUNG WOLF SPIDER. nice. scary, scary. he was on our back patio.

i shoul have found him a little crocheted shawl and a small brooch. UGH. i can’t look at this anymore and i’m sooooooooooo tired. you all take care.



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