out of town….

well junkers….i’ve been on holiday at the beach for the past week. don’t i look pretty with my solid comfort garb on???? no…that’s not me. i’m much older and my skin would sag around that little black arm band thingy.  i have a million pictures of our family trip to Galveston, Texas. lots of fun. lots of sun. lots of stress. ack. i did manage to slip away to a couple of thrift shops, but once again….i can’t manage my camera chips lately. don’t know where my pics are i took???? now my camera battery is dead again. ack…..i’ll get it together this week when arek goes back to school and ron goes back to work.

Galveston is a very old town/city. if you get a chance to make it there, the old homes are sooooooooooooo wonderful and iteresting. it’s worth it just for that!! i should have taken some photos of the old homes. so many were falling apart and still fabulous….gingerbread houses for sure. how inspiring.

for now….here are a bunch of family pictures. pics of arek having fun, me looking old and ron and zoey looking alike. 

zoey hated the sand. she cried and fussed the entire time we spent on the beach. she loved the water, but hated that old sand and seaweed stuff. arek loved it. he pretended to play in quicksand and threw the seaweed stuff around like it was a hurricane…i guess in celebration of hurricane season??? he doesn’t understand the impact those storms have. he still thinks it’s cool. i felt sorry for the folks close to him on the beach. they were getting a dose of hurricane arek.

i did manage to snap a photo of the latest project i worked on before we split for the beach. i recovered a suitcase with some paper scraps and small embellishments. my mom sent me this cute green velvet bow and i found the perfect place for it!!

okay…not to stress you all out and gross you out….but welcome to texas!!! this place it nuts with critters and bugs. okay…what is this?????????????? it was on my screen when i returned back for vacation. it’s a male dobson (spell) fly and it’s the scariest bug ever. yikes!!!! he’s still out there…lurking…waiting for an opportunity to come in the house and make a craft. he touches my vintage lace and i’m calling the exterminator. yes….i’ve read he’s harmless, but those are the ones to look out for!!! he will get caught in my vintage tulle with those big giant feelers on the top of his head. he is outside waiting for a mate!!! i have all i can handle, dude. don’t look at me, buddy. unless you can help around the house and help watch the kids, you need to go hang on some other family’s screen. stop looking in my window, already. kids….hide the remote….he might go for the flatscreen!~!. 


i will try to find pretty things to post tomorrow. i finally bought the book VINTAGE VAVOOM. what a great book!! i only wish it were bigger! more photos, please. i will try to take some photos of my favorite pages. until the next critter comes or a project gets finished…whichever comes first….keep on junkin!! 




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4 responses to “out of town….

  1. I knew what that bug was b/f you labeled it. Why? I went through a critter/plaster cast phase and anything with legs was cast in polyresin. I wish my mom still had those cuz my dobson fly was bigger than your dobson fly. I had a dung beetle too. Gross.

    You take amazing pics, ever think of doing that on the side?

  2. Kaye

    OMG…that bug. Watched The Mist over the w/e & those giant spiders seriously creeped me out & it was just a movie! What’s a vacation? Kids look great & so do you! Christopher liked the sand @ that age but wouldn’t get near the water!

  3. Cindy

    Haven’t been on blogs since the desk top was packed on May 13! Finally found you by googling vintage sue today. What a treat! GREAT STUFF! Those pillow collages are “yuck” but you said they sell fast so keep it up girl. Did you sell the lamp collage or keep it.
    I don’t have your email so please send me an email so I will have your address on the laptop.
    We will be there on JUne 16 and start the house hunt on JUne 17! But now that I have seen those 2 bugs, I don’t know about coming after all……

    Went junking on SUn with Jeanne and Jennifer and I got the LEAST for once. No way to move all the great furniture I saw. Got TONS of linens and curtains, a few dishes and 2 rolls of cool wall paper for us to share for projects. It was a curtain, wallpaper, toilet themed junking. (we took the curtains and some of the wallpaper but left all the toilets!)

    See ya soon.

  4. beautiful photos! And honey, you only look old in comparison to that beautiful baby girl!

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