pictures found!!!!

whew….i found a bunch of pictures that i took recently!!!! this will be a post of moderate words and MEGA photos!!!! some of vintage finds, some of my garden crap, some of stuff around the house and of course…what would a post be this time of the year without another SCARY BUG!!!! i will add a new category….scary texas bugs!!! hee hee. okay…okay…enough about blah, blah, blah. here are some pics!!! i will just post them all and let you all figure out what they are. the first part will be vintage finds…like my great little eiffel towel candle i found in galveston!! same with the little figurine and the new lady bust on my mantel!! i also found a cute, cottage needlepoint pillow at the galveston sally (sal. army) store for $2. 

vintage cards that inspire all things cottage….LOVE THEM.

another small garden chandie…junk jewels and prisms.

now onto the the pitiful garden bling…i am no gardener. that’s for sure!! here are some shabby goodies i have lurking around!! found the headboard in the trash up the street. added some plates and shamed my husband by adding it to the flower garden.

found this plant stand in the trash as well….

close up of the 50 cent coffee can!!

vintage hats….outside???? why not. i love the hat rack…GERMAN TRASH!!  my neighbors probably think i’m a total weirdo. 

here is a look at my side garden. lots of stuff came back from last season. i’m so tacky…i planted one of my ferns right into the ground. almost all the stuff in this garden was from the trash….crumbly little plant stands and broken chairs and tables. tacky, but i love it and so do the butterflies. 

close up…..i love my garden tea cups on this crumbly old plant stand.

close up of my makeshift flower pots….

i also have this great old sink stand i trashed picked in germany as well…i put a $3 yellow wire basket in it with a big fern and i love it. can anyone say hepititis or tetnus shot??? i can’t spell…sorry. i am a junker…not a scholar.

and what is a day in the hot summer of texas without a SCARY BUG….today’s insect….a wheel bug. it has a painful bite that will make the area bitten numb for several days. NICE. this is why i don’t like to work in the yard much living here. it’s too dangerous!! YIKES!! my hubby took this photo. he looks a bit scared and apprehensive…eh? (my husband and the bug)  

i think that bug picked the ugliest thing in my yard to sit on. those wheel bugs…they have no shabby decorating class. they wouldn’t know cute vintage if it came up and bit them on their thorax!

okay..gotta go. have a sinus headache. it’s that or all the dust in this dusty little house. i’m such a crappy housecleaner. i HATE carpet and i HATE to vacuum, so it gets done when it gets done.

you all have a happy tuesday….




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4 responses to “pictures found!!!!

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Love the pictures! 🙂 Especially the pink hat rack with the hats! So Pretty! Love the sink you trash picked in Germany! I see you found the cute “Flowers” sign! Did you get it at Hobby Lobby? I bought 2 of the “Roses” signs! Aren’t they cool?! They look cute in the flowerbeds! So shabby! I will have to email you some new pictures of my yard! You’ll love it! 🙂 Those pictures of Zoey & Arek are the cutest yet! Those two only get cuter!! Have I not used the word cute enough already?!! LOL!! I hope to hear from you soon. Take care! Love, Cheryl, Brittany & Rachel 🙂

  2. hello! I just discovered your blog from the “other” vintage sue. (she has it listed on her blog). Anyhow, just wanted to say I love your stuff! I am just starting out & have so much to learn. 🙂 hopefully I will get it all down sooner vs. later. where is your booth located? I am in the DFW area. xoxo, Joanna

  3. Sue

    I love all your garden treasures, it all looks a bit like my home and garden!

  4. HI! I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES. I have been trying to incorporate more of these kinds of treasures in my garden…you have great ideas! I just opened my first shop-the dream of my life- and have a website, too. I am trying to get more stuff on ebay, hopefully soon. I am 54..and have been thrifting/junking for at least 30 years. (One reason I have a shop). I work all day, I can relate about the housekeeping…plus 3 dogs. I really have a hard time with having cute stuff, and wanting it to look PERFECT! but alas, that is unrealistic. Hope to look in on your site often. Fellow junkers are awsome. Deb aka Zoot Suit Mama

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