more bugs and wind!!

yes…blah, blah, blah….same blog…different day, right? i have added a new bug to my blog. my husband and i can’t seem to stop finding bugs. how many don’t we see>>>>>ack!!!!!! before i get to the bugs….let’s show you some cute things around the house. i got inspired when i finished up the laundry tonight and took a few pics of my laundry area.

potholders…in a laundry area?????? why not.

i love this one. she is shifty and planning something naughty. that little boy in the back is going to pull her clothespin off and let her fall to my scary, dirty floor.

love this crazy rabbit clothespin holder. the ears are about ready to fall off. this is old.

i found this sweet linen for 25¢ the other day. i love it!! hey…junk the rest of the week and clean on friday. that is my kind of puppy!!

i redecorated this area of my kitchen. a friend gave me this small table and i painted it out for a little kitchen display. who would have this in their kitchen on their countertop????? oh, me of course. i got the big bunny and bear tins on the wall in Holland. i found them for 2 euro. i love them!~

okay…my pay it forward friends gave me these lovely jewels today!!!! I LOVE THEM. thanks, thanks, thanks. i love the postcard, little white bow, skeleton key, jeweled lotion cover and the pink clip ons on the left side! 

now for the bug of the day…right? A YOUNG WOLF SPIDER. nice. scary, scary. he was on our back patio.

i shoul have found him a little crocheted shawl and a small brooch. UGH. i can’t look at this anymore and i’m sooooooooooo tired. you all take care.




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3 responses to “more bugs and wind!!

  1. Cute stuff & very colorful! love it. xoxo, Joanna

  2. Sue

    Your laundry looks like a happy place! Im absolutely terrified of spiders! Is that one dangerous?

  3. Kaye

    Thank God we didn’t end up in Texas! I’d never sleep after I saw one of these spiders. I’m sure he’ll pop up in my dreams tonight! Again…love the yellow & brown bird!

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