hiatus and a trip down memory lane!!!!

welcome bloggers. my goodness, it has been some time since my last blog entry. i’ve been on a ‘NEW COMPUTER’ hiatus. my husband purchased a new mac for the family and i’m trying to get used to it. i didn’t think anything was wrong with the old computer, but you know those men….they need to UPGRADE. when will he upgrade me????? i’m an old mac. hmmmmm.

okay… enough about my age crisis and on with some new photos!!!!!!!!!!! what a bunch of jumbled up crap i have to show you. i found some old photos (hence the upgrading of i-photo on the new computer) and they are great!! pics of my old house in georgia (a 1950’s cottage) and my home in europe. i loved, loved, loved my europe home! the floors were easy to care for and no carpet. i could move furniture all day long!! hee hee. i had some cute pieces that i’ve since gotten rid of because of zoey. too much lead paint. i miss those great pieces!!! i also found some killer photos of a belgium flea market. it’s the tongeren flea mart. hope i spelled tongeren right, but i know i didn’t. 

blah, blah, blah…now on with the pics!

first…my little european house. i found so much of this stuff roadkill….like this chandie!!!!!!!!!!! ROADKILL. it worked so well in my living area. 

my coat closet. i scared folks with this little lady on the shelf.

the big green basket and umbrella were roadkill as well.

found the red storage shelf roadside and added a little old book page.

what is this???? most everything here was roadside too. the chair, sled, tiles, pitchfork, and some other small stuff.

as is that isn’t overwhelming enough….i found pics of my house 6 years ago or so in georgia. it was OVER THE TOP!!!!!!! that’s when i really started collecting. i found some great stuff. what is all this madness???? i made the collage in the background, found the big column for $20 at a salvage yard and what the heck is that crazy thing holding all those metal baskets????? who knows. it was $5. why is it in my 1,100 sq. ft. house?????? my poor husband. i drove him to the brink of madness with all this stuff. i had garden stuff in my house too. that made him nuts!!!

weirdness…..stacks of old books, a drying rack w/numbers hanging from it and some old boxes???? 

ron’s office. folk art and what not. 

i still have belgium flea market photos, but i think i will save them for tomorrow. it’s very late. i think this is enough for now!!! hope you enjoyed. now where did all this stuff go that i used to have??????? ack. i guess i sold most of it. i wish i still had the big black S and that blue sap bucket. sigh. 

okay….happy yard sale saturday to you all. 




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6 responses to “hiatus and a trip down memory lane!!!!

  1. Cindy

    those pics of your townhouse in Germany take me way back. You had that clothes line in the kitchen window when I met you. And Amy junked that cottage chair out of your trash when she moved to Champion and didn’t even know you yet. A long time ago and yet yesterday.
    I can’t wait to meet up again in TX! See you next week!!!
    I keep threatening Amy of a Texas duo road trip next summer when she moves to Charlotte. We will just show up on her door step unannounced with tots in tow! And junk for a housewarming gift.


  2. The European house is astoundingly gorgeous! I’m drooling all over my mac

  3. Cheryl Mehaffey

    All of us in Georgia loved your house in Columbus!! A welcoming and inspiring little cottage!!~Great pictures of all!!~Love ya’ Sue!~Take care! Give Arek & Zoey lots of hugs & kisses from all of us!! XOXOXO

  4. Sue,
    I have really enjoyed your blog! The pics of your townhouse in Germany are great! I still feel so privileged to have actually gotten inside for a private tour. (lol) I will never forget it, or you! I can see why Amy considers you a very special friend.
    Keep up the good work! It was a rainy night in Georgia – but your blog brought a big smile to my face.

  5. Sue: I love the photo’s of your European home; I don’t know if I could have left this home. Would you please email me, I have a question to ask you. Thanks, Theresa (garden_antqs@yahoo.com)

  6. Renee

    I love your vintage linens! i have a hard time leaving textiles alone. keep up the good work on posting. I wish I were more driven, reagrding my blog.

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