all over the place in the heat!!!!!!!!!!

okay…so it is like 10000 degrees outside today. zoey tried to help me with the sprinkler, but she was attacked by some huge stinging bug…go figure. she wasn’t stung, but she was scared. we both screamed like crazy girls and went back inside. i’ve been inside since then. that means i took a bunch of pics of random stuff all over the place…..IN THE HEAT. i’m not even sure what that means, but i hope these photos inspire you…..i am supposed to be calling doctors, folding clothes, doing laundry, sending payments in the mail, organizing my thoughts, etc…..but instead, i’m blogging. it’s much more fun anyway. if i don’t stay tapped into the world of technology, i will become electronically flabby and depressed. who wants that???

i found this adorable photo of arek when he was about 2. i used to put him in my vintage washtubs w/a bunch of toys and tons of cheap pink bubble soap and let him play. HE LOVED IT. who says you have to go to the waterpark to have a good time??????

here are a bunch of pics from around the house today. i am still finding goodies my fairy junkmother and her husband gave me. i can’t get enough of the stuff they love!!! i love, love, love these vintage numbers. i think they are so sweet.

i was also given these vintage birdies and this plastic plant.

does it get any better than a bowl of buttons??????

handy pack doilies for all my hosting needs…..hee hee.

a gorgeous blue stone pin that my mother’s friend Vron gave me from england!!! she sent me a package of the most wonderful little vintage goodies!!!!!!!! i took photos of them, but will post next time. they are on the other camera. thanks Vron. such a great antidote to a blah, humbug, stay at home mom kind of day.

some postcards i purchased in france for cheap!!! should have bought more while i was there.

photo i found in the trash when i lived in columbus, georgia. these ladies are having so much fun on their little france trip!! is that picasso in the center??? i’m the one with the BIG hair…michelle, dude…you are the one with the glasses and the camera strapped around your neck. are the one with the zebra print coat and headscarf to the right of picasso… are the blonde with the frosty lipstick and white coat. cheryl…you can be the one next to picasso with the HUGE bag of french souveniers (spell). mom…you can be the short one on the end with the chunky shoes, the scowl and the cute coat.

a german tin i found while junking. i love the little image on it.

a needlepoint pillow i found for $1 at the sally (salvation army) store in galveston, texas.

love this chippy hook. i found it for $4 from a vendor where i have my booth.

love, love, love these crumbly little pink roses!!! Thanks Vron!!!!!!

that’s about it. i have some pictures of a BELGIUM FLEA MARKET TRIP i put on my FLICKR photos. please check it out when you get time!! JUST CLICK ON THE FLICKR BOX UP TO THE RIGHT….. i also found a bunch of pics of some stuff i put on ebay a long time ago! I LOVE this sock monkey pic and the strawberry pic under it.

to think i still have that pink fan!!! i love that thing.

okay…enough madness for one post???? happy junkin all




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3 responses to “all over the place in the heat!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Cool junk! I love those strawberries!!

  2. Michele

    You made me smile and laugh my ass off. I needed that!
    Big hair gal is soooooo you. Love the pic. I’ll always have a camera around my neck (and a smoke in my mouth).
    Miss you TONS! half, half, half…..

  3. great stuff! thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

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