gifts, bins and roaches oh my……

it is very late and i had a long, long day. this will be a quick post. i went to G.W. bargain center today for the first time in a very, very long time. i did great!!! $33 later, i had a ton of linens (dug thru those bins for 30 minutes, worked up a tremendous sweat…..CALORIES BURNED…enough to justify a huge bowl of late night ice cream), 2 chair slip covers, a neat old hamper, a HUGE plate rack to hang on the wall, 2 tea cups, and some other misc. i found the PERFECT chest of drawers circa 1940’s??…..pretty, GLASS KNOBS and all!! i think it costs me $10 for the drawers….maybe even $5. i’m not sure. anyway…….i went to load the dresser on my cart to take to the truck and OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH NO..took out the first drawer—–ROACHES!!! took out the second drawer, third drawer and the WORST….the last drawer. AAAAACKKKK. i had to leave it there. roaches came out of every corner of that dresser. i was a statue. i was scared to move. there were little roaches, big roaches, fat roaches and thin roaches. roaches with cloches, roaches with the coats….i even think some were smoking. i couldn’t breath. they were EVERYWHERE!!

don’t get me wrong. i’m not a roach snob. i’ve been known to clean up many, many roachy things, but this was different. i have never seen that many roaches scamper (oh wait…MARNEE are you reading this??? remember that table you painted white and added the trim to??? remember the roaches we found on that thing??? we were mortified, but you really made that table gorgeous. i’m not making that up.) anyway…i just couldn’t drag the dresser home. there were too many roach sacks stuck to the wood…even for a hardcore junker like myself….and i just can’t manage that right now. 

oh…what are you doing this weekend? want to go shopping at the cheapest yardsale ever…where all vintage flower frogs pink prom dresses are only a nickle???? nope, can’t……i’m cleaning ROACH SACKS instead!!! my husband should be super proud of me for not dragging that dresser (that i am going to think about all the time, though) home. it would have been STUNNING painted white with all those great glass knobs on it. actually, the more i think about it….it may have been a reproduction of a dresser made in the 1940s. the wood seemed a bit flimsy and the dovetail drawers weren’t really that dovedtailed (is that a word?) and a bit flimsy too. i tell myself that so i can rest assure i did the right thing by leaving it there!!! OH…I DID GET THOSE KNOBS, though???  i ran into someone i know at the G.W today that wanted the dresser after she saw that i purchased it. i gave it to her straight away. she’ll make that thing beautiful. my loss…the roaches loss…and her gain. lol.

anyway…today’s theme….gifts!!

thank you JAMIE for the great notecards!!!! love them!!! will use them for thank you cards. very, very kind of you. i’ll snag a photo and upload it here soon.

to my mom………love the hand knitted gray mouse!!! his name is squeakers and arek can’t stop playing with him. my mom made him with sock yarn. he is adorable and he loves his new home!! thanks mom.

thanks to Vron for all the lovelies from england!!!!

here is a great faux french sign that was given to me by a vendor at my booth. thanks libby!!

i have other gifts that are displayed around my house. i’ll snap some photos one day and upload them onto this post. 

i’m super, super, duper tired!!! must sleep. i’ll dream of bins and roaches.




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5 responses to “gifts, bins and roaches oh my……

  1. Loved your roach/dresser storie. Ugh! Hard to say what I would have done. Probably close the drawers and take it home and have my husband deal with them. I’m a sucker for anything with glass knobs. Need to add you to my favorites. Love your blog!


  2. Rachel Knoblich

    I love your blog sooooo much. It is such eye candy. I love all your finds and adore your decorating. Keep up the great work.

  3. Betsy Parchman

    WoW Sue! This is an awesome blog!!! I visited your booth today at Crafter’s Corner and bought a few things! You have such a lovely booth and such talent! You’re hired!!!!!!!!

    About that dresser…
    I think you’re right about the way it was made. By the time I made it back over to the GW the following Wed, the drawers were falling apart from just sitting outside. The good news…there weren’t any roaches! I almost left it there because it was in such poor shape by then but I took it anyway…just a thought…i was thinking about either trying to piece it back together (yeah right!) or salvage the pieces into some really neat things! I can already see the magic that you can work with just the face of the dresser drawers!!! I can salvage the hardware to repair another dresser that I had bought a couple of years ago from a now-closed thrift shop.

    Anyway, love your blog!!! Keep it shabby…chick!!!

  4. vintagesue

    thanks for all the compliments betsy!! the blogging thing is still very new to me. i know i can do lots of things…get sponsors and various links on my sidebars, but i don’t know how. i know how to keep it shabby, but technology blows my mind.

    anyway….about that dresser. the way i see it, it was worth $8 just for those knobs!! can you ever have too many glass knobs? maybe you can salvage one of those drawers and put casters on it or something and have a unique storage bin. don’t get me started.
    okay…see ya in the hood (aka…g.w.).

  5. oh my gosh you silly woman! What are a few roach eggs for a lovely dresser. LOL! You live in texas, roaches are a way of life 😉 I live here too by the way. I get tickled at your phobias of texas bugs 🙂

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