hot day in yard sale land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man oh man…it was a scorcher today and i was all about a bunch of yard sales!!! the sad truth…they were not that good. i found limited things or items that were waaaayyyy too expensive. i found two chenille bedspreads at one of the yard sales today….white…stained and not even that fabulous!!! uuuuuhhhh $25 a piece!!! i just looked at the lady and said “oh, i find chenille blankets like that at g.w. for $3. and i do. i walked away shaking my head. i don’t get it. when did yard sales become antique boutiques?????

sooooo, i was close to my friend marta’s place on 190 in nolanville/belton texas and i decided to pay her a long overdue visit. she has her own category now on my side bar. you can click there to see other photos as well. marta is super talented and the vignette queen! her displays are just amazing and her furniture is ‘yummy’ as she says. WOW…her shop looks great……………COME ON IN AND SEE!!!!!!

she will roll her eyes for this picture below, but i still love even the cool junk she has on the outside of the store. the inside…well…that’s fancy but not pretentious at all. her prices are great and she’s so much fun to talk to. please stop by her store if you are ever in the area! it will be a treat you won’t forget.

amazing lighting!!!!!!!!

cloche displays all over the store!!!!

this cabinet is fabulous. it was leaving the shop as i was taking the picture!!! SOLD.

rose pillows…soooo sweet.

love this sweet doll. marta has dolls all over her store…really vintage/old ones that have so much charm and life left. they are darling.

a new display in the back of the store. love the eggshell blue theme going on. love the chandie!!!

great victorian display here. i actually made this crazy, little collage. it’s made from vintage shoe insoles. i know, how gross…but not really. it works.

little lady in a display shelf that is sitting up like a drawer. unique.

arf, arf…poodles galore!!! so sweet.

okay…to die for shelf in the ‘blue eggshell’ room. i love , LOVE , LOVE this shelf. it will go home with me soon. i have to have it. zoey is old enough now she won’t lick the paint off of furniture.

the loveliest bordouir (spell) doll. she is just fantastic.

more sweet dolls…..

hankies and pins…..

the cutest little fruit hat.

AAAAHHHH sweet BIG doll head.

bowl of shells and pearls. these sorts of things are all over the store!!! just marvelous.

braided rug…one of three. very small like for a doll’s house??? so nice.

suitcases galore… them!!

love these lights. all pink and sparkly.

PINK overload….love this display!!! oh…the plumeria candle marta sells is delicious. ‘yummy’ as she would say. a bargain at $2.50….the best candle for your $$$ for sure!!! wicked strong throw and delightful…sweet and pungent….powerful and soft. you will love it. ohhhh and it’s pink!!!!

mosiac table….

zoey looking in a mirror while i took a picture of it.

lovely ladies…..vintage cameras….YAY.

oh my…..TONS AND TONS of photos. hope you enjoyed!! i have some project photos, but i will save them for tomorrow. it’s just too much cuteness all at once….





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2 responses to “hot day in yard sale land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing so many great pictures–they are an inspiration!

  2. Love your blog! Neat vintage items…love them all!

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