a kindred spirit makes it all rosy………

WOW…so today was pick just one yard sale a weekend day. i found the best!!! what i loved about the stuff at this sale was the personality of the person who it belonged to. crazy thing….i never met this woman! her grand daughter (two words???? you know i can’t spell. i swear i have a college degree, but i can’t spell at all) was selling her fancy little craft items, and some other treasure that were collected over the years. i can tell this granny was cool….like crazy cool. like she could get inspired by just about anything. i really feel she’s some kindred craft spirit. i think i would have enjoyed an afternoon of hot glue and ice tea with this woman…really!! 

i’ve been making these fabulous, tacky pillows lately…..hot glue central!!!! and i’ve attached just about everything i can to them….flowers, velvet fruit, photos, pictures, old cards, button, lace, notion, etc…..

they are a blast to make. i just think they are fun, fun, fun. nothing pretentious here…just a bunch of cast off vintage stuff that needs a place to land. a stage….a viewing. 

anyway….i get to this great kindred spirit yard sale and what do i find…..

some sweet old quilt squares swarmed with cast off yo-yo pieces, old buttons, doilies, vintage gloves, belt buckles, and what else…..a victorian card glued right in the center of the quilt squares!!!! i LOVE it!! to think there was a woman out there that used what she had to make sweet, little crafts!!! my kind of lady indeed!! her grand daughter was sooo happy that i was interested in all the stuff her granny made and sold me a lot of great things that i will be happy to use for my future crafts. what great treasures!!!! i found a BUNCH of neat lace. sooo much of it, but can a girl have too much lace and tulle????? i don’t think so!

here are some other goodies granny made……

i love this neat cross. she just glued a bunch of vintage buttons onto little plastic tiles that were adhered to foam board. she edged it out with some gold trim. what a prize.

i have been finding so much lace lately. i found a HUGE spool of it from granny, so i used it to make these lace balls. i put them in a little pink basket i found for 25 cents. i plan to make a bunch more. 

i just crinkle up a piece of paper or two and start wrapping until i get the size i need.

i plan to go back to this yard sale tomorrow. i didn’t have much time to really look today, so i know there are treasures i missed. i have a box of other goodies that i will take pics of later.

it is sooo late and i’m tired, but wait….there is MORE!! i have more pictures of crafting ideas, trash finds, house photos, and my scary storage shed…oh and a sweet one of zoey.

the below photo i took at a flea market. I LOVE THIS. it is an old mirror with a transfer effect. i don’t have a clue how to make this, but it is gorgeous!!!

this same vendor also had this fabulous shadow box in her booth!! i believe she made it. it’s just gorgeous as well.

i just adore this open purse with all the pearls and lace spilling out!! this would be a great project just on its own. it’s lovely!!

my lovely trash picked blue fence that i think is just shabby fabulous, but not good to sit in!! i turned it into stadium seating for my garden objects d’art. how much stuff do i have in my yard?????????

not as much as this>>>>>> what is all this junk????? future projects!! i have lots to do.

and the best for last of course…..ZOEY in sepia. my hubby took this photo and added the sepia filter to the image. i think it is very old school. i love it.

she looks like she too, one day, will have a kindred spirit….or two or more, but for now, she can just sit on my craft table and put all my chandie prisms in her mouth. gross.

you all have a great weekend and happy hunting.



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  1. tami

    I just found your site last night, I love it! I was wondering if you would mind telling me what kind of glue do you use for your various projects.

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