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on vacation…..

hey all…i’m on vacation!! i may post while i’m away and i may not. just letting you all know i haven’t forgotten about my blog. i’m visiting with my mom and i’m finding some great things around her house to take pics of. i have done a little shopping, but mostly i’m resting when i can and walking the neighborhood for old time’s sake. you all keep checking back!!!!




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do i get a minute to blog????? let’s see!! zoey is napping. oh…sure, i could vacuum the car, but that’s so boring. i’d much rather blah, blah, blah about nothing and show you these crazy rag balls i made out of faded shabby garden green corduroy material yesterday. arek went nuts over them. i burned my fingers like 56 times on my glue gun making these things. i’m such a spaz.

i’ve been working on a new card for the booth also…here is what i came up with. i don’t have fancy fonts. i did for a long time, and then my hubby bought me this new imac. i need to load some fancy fonts. i’ll do that one day…right??? along with everything else. instead of dinner, i’ll load fonts. can’t do it all ya know.

i love all the blingy stuff folks use for their blogs. all the graphics, etc. i still make mine from scratch. the old fashion way. sooooo 1998. oh well. i need to hook up with the times and download some better header art, etc. i’m getting there soon…not.

okay onto the crazy rag balls. i think they are cute. it’s a quick way to make a cute craft. i’m all about quick lately….i hot glued vintage buttons and scrabble pieces onto the balls.

i need to find a cute basket to put them in with some chenille or something underneath. these would also be cute as giant eggs (minus the buttons and letters) in a nest made of wire or an old wooden salad bowl painted light blue and brown. you could put the word nest instead of rags on it. make it stop.

i was playing around with this image. i just adore it. i found some old lace, rhinestones and a vase with roses. i just made a little camera collage.

i also bought this pillow (well i thought it was a pillow) a while back. i’ve discovered since that it may be a pin cushion of a pin holder. it’s super sweet shabby pink and feels like it is filled with sawdust. strange, but i added some pins to it and it’s adorable and functional now.

okay…and how tacky are we???? arek wanted to make a craft. this is all i could come up with. i don’t even know what it is. a worm? a rat with no feet or tail? who knows????? zoey said it looks like a ‘warm’. that’s right girl. it’s a warm, worn out sock. talk about going green???? kids…santa brought you some really great freecycled sock worms for Christmas. better hurry up and check your stockings!!! oh wait…he stuffed those and made dinosaur heads. yikes.

oh…i would have dressed zoey, but i think i used her dress to make a pillow. i’m kidding.

and for my friend Terry Lee….her blog is great!!! i have been trying like crazy to modify my blogroll and add some more of my favorite blogs…hers included. i’ve been having a &(^^ of a time trying to figure it out!!! wordpress was easy to use until they changed everything. now my blogroll hasn’t worked right since then. one day i will figure it out….ack…sorry terry.

you all take care…..i’ll be vacationing soon and not blogging much in the next few weeks. keep checking back, but don’t expect too much blogging from me.

happy junking, crafting and all that other blah, blah, blah. now i need a nap.



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i’d much rather blog……

oh my heavens. i have sooooo much to do. responsible stuff. mail packages, wash the car, clean out closets, pack for an upcoming trip, call the cable company, wash my hair for crying out loud. what am i doing??????? oh…bloggin. am i alone? is this why we have blogs? to center ourselves in our own little worlds…outside of the real america…where there is an entire existence of responsibility just waiting for our attention???? maybe. all i know is that i can’t process too many normal, redundant, responsible things in one day. it will cause me more wrinkles. i’m convinced. i need a healthy distraction. oh…bloggin.  i think it’s cuz i have a little time to myself. time that isn’t interrupted by kids, dinner, cleaning, etc. instead of doing something that really needs to get done, i’m doing this. oh well.

i have tons of photos….projects, stuff around the house that’s inspiring me at the moment, and one of my daughter’s lovely baby decorations. yes…she will make a great mother.

found this sweet doll this weekend. i made this little collage on a 25 cent pink frame and i put it on a $1 silver tray as a frame holder.  found the pink wool mill flower for $2. love it.

found this great rose quilt piece this weekend. found some other quilting pieces as well and ….

made some cute magnets with buttons. i had a lap tray that was a little broken. i just glued words to the outside of it and decoupaged some lace wrapping paper. the tray stands alone when the legs are pulled out from the back. now it makes a great message board…..instant gratification!!

made this quick little heart collage. found pieces, glitter, words….

got this great idea somewhere online….make lace holders out of old cards. i love it. i also had these round quilt pieces. made some fabric tags with those. 

okay….STUFF AROUND THE HOUSE. just little goodies that inspire me……..

my fairy junk mother gave me all these gorgeous cards!!!!! I LOVE THEM.

triangle of mill flowers!!!!!!!! the one on the top is new….$1!! from my fairy junk mother.

vintage neiman marcus pumps w/rhinestones. love them!! $3 from my fairy junk mother’s booth.

found this sweet mosiac from a vendor in the cove.

my new mill rose alongside my favorite french 10 euro painting…..

i found this pink shelf for $2. i repainted it pink and added some fluff to the top. put some displays on it and now it is hanging by my kitchen. it is sooooo over the top, my husband is just going to have to smear it with bike grease or something to kill the ‘froo froo’ factor.

found this white shelf for $8. i love it. it’s from an old kitchen….now it is in my old kitchen. with all my old crap on it. the baby head is zoey’s favorite. i wonder is she thinks about where the body is. how much crap do i have?????

okay…the top of this suitcase is making me realize i have to pack mine!! can you believe it costs money to check luggage anymore? i should drag some of my vintage, smelly luggage on the plane. they may let me check it for free…you know…for fear that it’s haunted or something.

no, i’m not going to paris. but i will manage to do plenty of shopping while i’m gone!!!!

maybe for a new babydoll for zoey….shame on you zoey for doing this to your doll. i would never let you get like this. oh wait…never say never….

oh no.

bon voyage (well i’m not leaving yet, but it goes with the theme). i better start doing something responsible now. hey, i did put dishes in the dishwasher. and damn…it’s just too hot to wash the car. if i try to go outsie, i made fade. like the marker on zoey’s feet.



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finders keepers and late night spending habits….

two things….keeping the booth loot and spending too much loot…..been thru it before???  you make something and then you want to keep it. i am struggling with 2 furniture pieces that i might not be able to part with. i found one for a song and the second curbside. it’s not about the money, but the time i put into them. now they are somewhat cute and i might have to keep them for a while. my husband won’t like this.

i got a little crazy with the decoupage. just a little. i actually think this is cute.

close up of the drawer and some new beach theme pillows for the booth.

then i altered the cone a little more and added china flowers.

i found this curbside…scary brown with broken top drawer pulls. no problem. i painted, distressed, spray painted pulls blue and added glass knobs. sooooo cute now. 1980’s scary to timeless cottage cute.

another view…

that is all i have for tonight. boring. i know. it is that time of the summer. i’m too hot to do projects and the kids need my time. good thing i am a cheap shopper and they don’t need my $$$ for toys!!! why??? because of this…..

did i order over $100 worth of collage images last night????? is it just me or has anyone else gone a little overboard on a purchase for the love of a hobby???? no, not a hubby. i can say i spent $100+ for the luv of my hubby, but he isn’t buying it. no pun intended. please, i want feedback on all this. am i alone in this quest for too much? when is enough enough? i had a moment of weakness for these gorgeous images!!!! it would have cost me more that that just to print that many images on my printer. ink is super expensive…eh?. oh well…could be worse. i could have spent that much on…say…canldles. oh wait…i have done that before and before that and before that.  we will eat mac and cheese and drive one less place a week. hee hee.

my perfectly content children….not for long!!! i am sure several seconds after i snapped this photo, zoey pulled arek’s hair and he pushed her off the couch.  how long is bear bear going to appear in every photo?he’s real ya know. he said so.

oh…is that little pink flowered chenille blanket the cutest or what?

happy junkin….



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defending the junking buddy hubby….

okay…now i feel bad,,,but not that bad…my husband has defended himself in response to all the male bashing junk shopping husband comments…or whatever i wrote. i feel like i need to stick up for ron a little here. i must admit…we (not just me) couldn’t wait until the weekends to scour german villages in quest of old crap that needed a freecycle in my basement. ron drove the big truck and i begged for him to stop at every pile in search of more terra cotta planters than i could shake a gnome at. of course i would get the dreaded question…”how many of those things do you need? we have enough already.” and sometimes ron would just drive away….leaving my visions of mosiac pots unattended. oh well. but ron was very tolerant of all the other crazy crap i drug home….old linens, silverware, pictures, picture frames, depression glass, fancy rose plates, shrunks, stools, chairs, chairs, chairs, chairs, oh…and more chairs, sleds, tiles, planters, old dolls…sometimes BAGS of them. old bears…we once found a bag of them filled with rat poop. did that deter my hubby from continuing down the road of junking bliss….not one bit and left me smitten with a junk co-dependency that took me from one side of a german village to another w/out a fight (but many bribes) or a complaint about what i did put in the back of the truck. …..

for that junking buddy hubby….THANKS SOOOO MUCH. now stop complaining of the flower frogs and yards of fabric and lace, many strange back yard oddities   ….  like the rocking playground horse my fairy junk mother gave me (i WILL find a use for it!!!) and big, crazy doll heads. wait???? i guess you really DON’T complain. it takes a REAL man to live with a junker. a man who lives among prom dress, vintage hats with enormous PINK flowers, tons and tons of girly statues, lace, froo froo, puffy crap and rhinestones and that endless supply of stinky, smelly, yummy candles. poor guy. he only has one little room (not including his WC where there are still traces of flowers and vintage talc powder bottles) where he can escape. there is a shed filled with bugs, bike parts, tools and cast off hunting stuff (of course it has all been overrun my my junk), but other than that….it’s pretty much this man’s home is not his castle, but his girly B&B. oh well. i guess my family has adjusted well to my diverse sense of style and passion for the rare and unique…junking buddy hubby included!!!

BUT……I STILL MEAN IT WHEN I SAY….don’t take the hubby and the kids with you when you want to go to the flea market. hee hee!!! keep those comments coming ladies….don’t even feel bad. i don’t feel bad. my husband is just playing around anyway. i thought i would give him a little plug. i guess he deserves it. 


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alone time in the bins….

not too much going on today, but i wanted to post to get that crazed photo of my and my mom off the loading page. i love us, but i’m scared of that photo now. hee hee. i can’t sleep, so i’ll post some photos of my recent finds and projects.

hit the g.w. barn today and as my new found friend Terry Lee says, i went “barnstorming”. i love that saying.

no, i didn’t have my husband with me like Terry did. good thing. i would have walked out of there with a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small and waffle iron or something rediculous like that. terry is right. don’t bring the husband and kids along when the ‘serious’ shopping bug is afflicting you. i did that when i went to round top. i left with nothing. nothing. that is why i brought no money. it’s too hard to concentrate when the hubby says things like…’how many flower frogs do you need’, ‘you already have a pink plate like that’, ‘that is not coming into my house’, ‘don’t you have 10 million vintage hats’, ‘where are you going to put that chandelier’, ‘don’t you have enough candles’, ‘how many chenille blankets can you have’, ‘what are you going to do with that doll head’? what am i going to do with the doll head??? well, what any spouse (not really) would do with a big vintage doll head…display it with the other doll heads you dope. duh????

w/out the distraction of my husband… is part of what i found today. a sweet baby head ( i should make a gigantic brooch and wear it to my next formal function just to prove a point that you can’t have too many doll heads), a small poodle, the best rose tablecloth from the 1960’s, this cute pink lamp (it was a hideous brownish tan color and i painted it. i decoupaged the lampshade for it too), i found the cutest pillow case that says yes on one side and no on the other. i found a glass vintage powder container, a bell shaped shelf, glass coasters and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t shown. my friend gave me this great wood chair and i shabbied it up w/pink paint. arek’s bike is behind this cute display and he is lucky i didn’t spray paint his bike pink and glue a bunch of sparkly crap to it. ron’s bike stand is also behind me…oh, what a great place to hand prom dresses…eh?

i also made a couple of signs that are now sold….this one is made from ‘too many’ cast off plates and the one below it is a small collage i made. 

shabby cottage sign from a cast off doily and pink flower from an apron. i added a rhinestone earring and the words and hot glued plastic silver beads to hang and voila..

i made this hat stand from an old spool lamp that i took apart. i added the lace and painted the base out white. i added the bird, 3 little white vintage pom poms and a piece of blue lace for a nest. sort of cute for a throw away lamp.

close up of the roses tablecloth. i love this!!!

arek dragged this stuffed animal home from the g.w. today. zoey tackled it in the b.yard… more stuffed animals!!! what the hell is it???? it smells like ‘old’. i have to leave it in the sun for a few days…that along with my old suitcases and dresses.

surrender zoey…..

night night.



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happy birthday and the ultimate compliment….

HI MOM…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! yes…another year wiser and more beautiful!!! stop laughing. when i was little, i would run down the street and yell…”my mother is 40 years old today and she is old”. i think it is arek’s turn to yell that about me now. paybacks really are hell and the best revenge…….

have a great vacation and a wonderful birthday. what are we doing in this photo???? acting nuts. it wasn’t even anyones’ birthday. we were just being foolish. like usual. even the bear is in on the action. oh…and i whitened our teeth in photoshop. i gave you those killer, 80’s hair-band star earrings and those pearly whites….ack…i need some shades to avert the glare. no scowl here. no chunky shoes either.

MOM…i love you

i also owe a BIG SHOUT OUT to my new shabby decorating fan and ultimate all things cottage and shabby collector friend TERRY LEE. she has been a HUGE FAN of my funky, junky, crazy shabby booth. she has been kind enough to share her new blog pages with the world and reveal a look into her home…all things cottage, shabby and paris chic paris. here is a link to her blog…. 

thanks for all the kind words terry.

i have been somewhat nostalgic lately…digging thru old (digital) photos. do we dig thru paper ones anymore??? i have been contacting old friends via and contemplating my almost mid forties rapidly changing, aging body. i’ll save that for another blog entry. anyway….i found this great photo of arek when he was about 3. he is laying in a pile of my vintage linens and clothes and eating a banana from the side of course, because that is what 3 year olds do. i just think this photo is so cute, so i added a few little digital graphics and made him the focal point. cute, cute, cute. my crazy little guy. he is growing up sooo fast. he spent the night at a friends house last night. sleepovers….wow…so soon!!

i was a little distracted when i dropped him off at his friend’s house last night. i can’t seem to pry my old, sagging body out of the bulk trash around here. if i find good roadkill….i drag it home….even when i’m in my slippers and lacking my bra. and a woman at my age should not go out of the house w/o her bra!! yikes.

so i found a trash pile with a quilt rack (it’s new), a swing and an aquarium (new too). i have been soooo inspired and intrigued with the aquarium collage thing going on lately….vintage aquarium, that is, that i’m pretending like this one is vintage. i filled mine with various dishes, weird pod things, funky brown moss, antique buttons and little figurines……weirdness!!!! the pics are crappy…i took them in the dark.

why does this facinate me??????????????????? ugh. oh…coffee is ready…you can serve yourself out of the trash picked, not very sanitary, aquarium!!!

i have some new little vignettes set up for the booth as well….

and MAY’S RIBBON collage. i found this awesome vintage foil like ribbon and i love it!! i had about 15 minutes to make this collage. this is what i came up with. 

alright….sleep tight. i have to go nighty night. it’s late, late, late and my hernia and acid reflux are kicking in. i love my forties!!



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