what a week!

i am overwhelmed. i am in a little over my head. i’ll leave it at that. my blogging has taken the back burner. i guess that is what summer is all about. the kids are home…life is busy and i’m spending lots of my time just being a mom. that said….here are at least a few photos that might inspire. i went to a couple of really great estate sales this past weekend and found a TON of craft supplies. do i have time to deal with them???? not really, but i did manage to to take a a pic of a stack of great vintage plates i found for 10 cents a piece!!! can you have too many cute rose plates???? my husband says yes. what does he know??? don’t even get me started on fishing poles and bike equipment…how many bike pedals do you need? the bike only takes two???? is he reading this? haa haa.

i found this great tissue holder for 25 cents and these cold cream containers for a song too. found the pillow cases for 10 cents. LOVE THEM.

found these perfect shabby vintage tins for 50 cents a piece. LOVE THEM.

i also went to a favorite booth space of mine this week as well. i always find goodies there!!! i found this great old vintage clock for $5. 

found these shabby candle holders as well. i have wanted ones like these for a long time, but they are always too high in price. i found these for $11 a piece!

and lastly….my son has made some new friends this summer that think my daughter zoey looks like chucky. i would upload a picture of chucky, but i don’t want to get into trouble???

anyway….is this the face of chucky???? now she is almost two, so she may act like chucky from time to time. not really…it’s just the face of a cute toddler eating cherries???? aaahhhh. have another one, zoey!!!

okay…computer crashed once tonight already. better publish this before i crash along with it.

you all stay cool.




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6 responses to “what a week!

  1. Definatly looks like Chuckie! A cute Chuckie though!

  2. Ron

    Of course I’m reading this and I need many bike pedals to change out the old. How many people in our family…….so how many plates do we need????? Maybe eight will do fine and sell the rest or do whatever makes you happy. Love you!

  3. Ron

    Zoey the cherry girl!! Hope she doesn’t get cherry butt!! eeuuuhhhhhh!! Tell her I love her.

  4. Kaye

    I, too, love to find these great plates. They’re so much fun to use when giving baked goodies to friends…part of the gift! Some I give…some I keep! Never hit GW without picking up a few!

  5. vintagesue

    great idea, kaye!!! give baked goods on the cute plates. never thought of it!! guess because i don’t bake that often. shame on me. i shop better than i cook. that’s for sure!!! hope you are doing okay!!!! thanks for dropping by the blog.

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