happy 4th!!

i’m not sure what is going on in this photo collage, but you get the drift! i’m new to this version of photoshop, so it looks like a 1st grader made this photo montage. 

happy 4th to all of you!!! celebrate safe and wear sunscreen. not too many hotdogs or you will get the worst heartburn ever and more water than soda. oh…be careful with those sparklers. you never know where the sparks will land. remember watermelon makes a huge mess and be careful with pasta salad that sits in the summer heat too long. mom….don’t eat anything cold that needs to be heated the next day. you know what that does to your stomach…and your scowl. hee hee. i love you.

time for 2 quick projects. am i the only one with a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE bunch of crap in my craft area????? it’s out of control!!! i am in over my head. really. i need a professional organizer to help me straighten up. or maybe just a babysitter would be nice. ha.

i managed to squeeze out a couple of projects today. i made this crazy collage in a glass bowl. i was given a TON of supplies by a sweet woman that had an estate sale this past weekend. she paid it forward and gave me some cute things. i had some muslin, craft moss, neat roses and some old photos from another give away. i made rag balls on a bed of moss covered with roses and little beads. total cost of this project….FREE. oh…except the little beads and birdcage. they were so cheap, they were almost free.

from the same estate sale, i bought this bird print for like 25cents. it was one of those awful 1970’s framed bird prints with the brown, plastic frame. well….i altered it and made it cute with glitter, a 25 cent heart mirror and some stamping. 

found this roll of blue tickets at the same estate sale. i bought in bulk there, but these were still super cheap.

i think i will still add the words “FROM ONE” above the word bird and ‘TO ANOTHER’ under the word bird. it is as if they are passing off this big jewel like gift. why do i find beauty in such junk????? arg. my husband thinks i am crazy.

i also trashed picked this huge, ugly mirror the other day. i am covering it with a bunch of lace. who knows what tacky mess of crap that will turn out to be. it may be super cute and it may look like someone got their 80’s prom dress stuck to my old, crappy mirror. 

okay…better go put little arek to bed. why is he still up?????? because today was the last day of summer school. i think he earned his right to stay up late. it’s a rare treat.

you all have a great holiday!!! maybe it will be a good candle shopping day. lots of sales. is that what our forefathers had in mind for us? big, crazy deals on supersized SUVs and puffy, pleather couches???? who knows.




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4 responses to “happy 4th!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Love your projects…no you are not the only one with out of control craft areas. I finally cleaned my craft room…(aka…shoved everything into closets and cabinets)…I couldn’t see the floor anymore and had company coming. Unfortunately it’s getting bad again. My husband thinks I’m crazy too. But both you and I (and a million more) adore junk and there’s nothing wrong with it. *And yes…You needed more rose plates (they were only 10 cents each…yes, you needed them.) LOL…Have a Happy 4th…wish you and I were neighbors!

  2. vintagesue

    thanks for the encouragement rachel! my neighbors probably think i’m a freak. it’s nice to know their are others out there that adore junk. i’m sure your craft room would totally excite me. it’s nice to see other people’s junk, but my own junk causes me stress. can’t help it though. it’s fun.
    take care,

  3. Rachel Knoblich

    I was out junkin’ today (again)…and added more of my junk to the pile in the craft room. Alot of it is for the shop where I rent a space. I can’t keep that room clean for more then 10 minutes! Do you mind exchanging email addresses to talk more? I would also like to send you a piece of jewelry…I make stuff out of junk, of course. Let me know. My email is vintagemama4@live.com. Take care…hope to hear from you soon!

  4. dana leigh

    omg you are hysterical. I have tears in my eyes. I found your blog via gardenantqs. Thanks for the sharing pics, projects and places. You giving your husband hell about “ananswers” was SO funny. If I need some comic relief, I will visit your blog!

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