sick mac attack with found round top picks!!!!!

like waking up too early isn’t bad enough….only to find my poor, sweet, NEW imac sick!!!!!!!!!!! screen…all greyish white….NOTHING. SILENCE. BROKEN.

i cried and acted like a 2 year old with a broken cookie and then i decided i could call my husband who was nowhere around at the time to help!!! before i did that, i checked online to see what troubleshooting options i had….FOR THE NEW OS X…unplug all the peripherals (what the hell are those????) and plug them back in one at at time to see what is causing the sick, broken, grey, no apple screen. i did that. IT WORKED!!!! i found out it was the backup drive causing the trouble. BAD BACKUP DRIVE…BAD, BAD, BAD. it’s in a time out and has numerous, gratuitous chores assigned to it daily until it behaves like a normal backup drive. no tv, no movies, no telephone and definetly….no plugins. now i will loose all my work probably because i have a misbehavin backup drive. ugh. anyway, i managed to find some answers and get back w/the program!! good thing!! i have lots of graphics to do for the NEW LOOK of my booth. i’m going to redo it tomorrow. i will take some pics to inspire y’all.

here is my new promo piece for my booth…..for my shoppers…be patient…a new look is on the way.

i found this image somewhere. who knows??? but i love it, love it, love it!!! get it???? new look???? peep!!

OH…good news….i found some ROUND TOP photos that my hubby took. i didn’t even know i had them until the other day. they are not that exciting, but still….okay photos of round top are still awesome photos. lots of stuff to look at still…..willow’s nest booth, vintage garden antiques booth, and tattered rose booth.

i love this photo from tattered rose. it’s an old lamp with a collage inside. lovely.

this is inside the tattered rose booth.

willow’s nest booth. i loved this booth. i think arek did too. now put that apple down before you put sticky all over the $500 lace tablecloth.

willow’s nest booth again. love the moss wreath, silver birds and that pretty crystal chandie!!!

i adored this booth too. it was one of the first one’s i really explored!!! it was totally me.

why didn’t i buy that pink shelf??? oh, that is right…i didn’t bring any money.

how cute is this???? i wish ice cream was still 20 cents. maybe not…i’d eat 4 scoops instead of 2.

arek studying a statue. who knows what is going on in this photo, but i love all that moss under the statue. arek is all camouflaged with the moss. he could hide in this display and no one would see him. 

that is about it for now. my friend cheryl sent me some new photos of her home. i need to grab them off my email and post them. she needs her own category along with marta!!!! two very talented ladies!!!! thanks cheryl. your house looks gorgeous!

OH…big shout out to my sister in law cathy….HAPPY BIRTHDAY…xoxo




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2 responses to “sick mac attack with found round top picks!!!!!

  1. terrylee

    Hey Sue! We met at the GW barn a couple of weeks ago (I was limping along, holding my belly after the dreaded HYSTERECTOMY!). I’ve been following your blog, as you suggested, and I must say it’s really kept me entertained during my recovery!!

    You don’t realize it, but I’m probably your best customer at Crafter’s! I tell my friends (you know Bonnie) it’s like a SICKNESS when I step into your booth. I just stand there, mesmorized and hypnotized by all the LOVELIES!!!! And I usually don’t leave without at least 3-4 of them in tow.

    I’ve started my own blog, with inspiration from you. Hope you don’t mind. You might enjoy seeing some of your creations in my home … check it out when you have time. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your creativeness with the rest of us. You’re an AWESOME inspiration!

    Terry Lee

  2. Tami

    Hey Sue, I just wanted to say thanks for the info about the diffrent glues. Lost your email address but still wanted to thank you. I have gone all through your blog realised your from Texas too.

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