happy birthday and the ultimate compliment….

HI MOM…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! yes…another year wiser and more beautiful!!! stop laughing. when i was little, i would run down the street and yell…”my mother is 40 years old today and she is old”. i think it is arek’s turn to yell that about me now. paybacks really are hell and the best revenge…….

have a great vacation and a wonderful birthday. what are we doing in this photo???? acting nuts. it wasn’t even anyones’ birthday. we were just being foolish. like usual. even the bear is in on the action. oh…and i whitened our teeth in photoshop. i gave you those killer, 80’s hair-band star earrings and those pearly whites….ack…i need some shades to avert the glare. no scowl here. no chunky shoes either.

MOM…i love you

i also owe a BIG SHOUT OUT to my new shabby decorating fan and ultimate all things cottage and shabby collector friend TERRY LEE. she has been a HUGE FAN of my funky, junky, crazy shabby booth. she has been kind enough to share her new blog pages with the world and reveal a look into her home…all things cottage, shabby and paris chic paris. here is a link to her blog….http://terrylee.wordpress.com 

thanks for all the kind words terry.

i have been somewhat nostalgic lately…digging thru old (digital) photos. do we dig thru paper ones anymore??? i have been contacting old friends via classmates.com and contemplating my almost mid forties rapidly changing, aging body. i’ll save that for another blog entry. anyway….i found this great photo of arek when he was about 3. he is laying in a pile of my vintage linens and clothes and eating a banana from the side of course, because that is what 3 year olds do. i just think this photo is so cute, so i added a few little digital graphics and made him the focal point. cute, cute, cute. my crazy little guy. he is growing up sooo fast. he spent the night at a friends house last night. sleepovers….wow…so soon!!

i was a little distracted when i dropped him off at his friend’s house last night. i can’t seem to pry my old, sagging body out of the bulk trash around here. if i find good roadkill….i drag it home….even when i’m in my slippers and lacking my bra. and a woman at my age should not go out of the house w/o her bra!! yikes.

so i found a trash pile with a quilt rack (it’s new), a swing and an aquarium (new too). i have been soooo inspired and intrigued with the aquarium collage thing going on lately….vintage aquarium, that is, that i’m pretending like this one is vintage. i filled mine with various dishes, weird pod things, funky brown moss, antique buttons and little figurines……weirdness!!!! the pics are crappy…i took them in the dark.

why does this facinate me??????????????????? ugh. oh…coffee is ready…you can serve yourself out of the trash picked, not very sanitary, aquarium!!!

i have some new little vignettes set up for the booth as well….

and MAY’S RIBBON collage. i found this awesome vintage foil like ribbon and i love it!! i had about 15 minutes to make this collage. this is what i came up with. 

alright….sleep tight. i have to go nighty night. it’s late, late, late and my hernia and acid reflux are kicking in. i love my forties!!




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4 responses to “happy birthday and the ultimate compliment….

  1. Ohmygosh Sue! Thank YOU for the kind words and VERY sweet “shout out”. You are too much (in a good way!). 🙂

    LOVE the vintage pic of girl in the sweet pink dress! I snagged it for a keepsake … hope that’s okay!

    Can’t WAIT to get to Crafter’s and see your “new” booth! I like what I’m seeing in the pics already … sigh … am afraid May’s ribbon collage will be history by the time I make it over there!

    Thanks again, Sue. YOU are a treasure! Actually, all of us forty-somethings are treasures! 🙂

    Terry Lee

  2. I visited Terry’s blog and your stuff looks great in her house.

    I saw an ad for flea market in Belton. Have you been, and is it decent?

  3. Michele


    Please wish your mom a happy birthday from me. I miss her yankee humor.

    You made me laugh with your trash picking in slippers….you are blessed with one hell of a gift, dude. Keep it up.

    half, half, half

  4. Sue

    It made me giggle and I just had to leave a comment…there’s nothing like going through the trash people leave out for you! I love the vintage aquarium thingy, and want one!

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