alone time in the bins….

not too much going on today, but i wanted to post to get that crazed photo of my and my mom off the loading page. i love us, but i’m scared of that photo now. hee hee. i can’t sleep, so i’ll post some photos of my recent finds and projects.

hit the g.w. barn today and as my new found friend Terry Lee says, i went “barnstorming”. i love that saying.

no, i didn’t have my husband with me like Terry did. good thing. i would have walked out of there with a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small and waffle iron or something rediculous like that. terry is right. don’t bring the husband and kids along when the ‘serious’ shopping bug is afflicting you. i did that when i went to round top. i left with nothing. nothing. that is why i brought no money. it’s too hard to concentrate when the hubby says things like…’how many flower frogs do you need’, ‘you already have a pink plate like that’, ‘that is not coming into my house’, ‘don’t you have 10 million vintage hats’, ‘where are you going to put that chandelier’, ‘don’t you have enough candles’, ‘how many chenille blankets can you have’, ‘what are you going to do with that doll head’? what am i going to do with the doll head??? well, what any spouse (not really) would do with a big vintage doll head…display it with the other doll heads you dope. duh????

w/out the distraction of my husband… is part of what i found today. a sweet baby head ( i should make a gigantic brooch and wear it to my next formal function just to prove a point that you can’t have too many doll heads), a small poodle, the best rose tablecloth from the 1960’s, this cute pink lamp (it was a hideous brownish tan color and i painted it. i decoupaged the lampshade for it too), i found the cutest pillow case that says yes on one side and no on the other. i found a glass vintage powder container, a bell shaped shelf, glass coasters and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t shown. my friend gave me this great wood chair and i shabbied it up w/pink paint. arek’s bike is behind this cute display and he is lucky i didn’t spray paint his bike pink and glue a bunch of sparkly crap to it. ron’s bike stand is also behind me…oh, what a great place to hand prom dresses…eh?

i also made a couple of signs that are now sold….this one is made from ‘too many’ cast off plates and the one below it is a small collage i made. 

shabby cottage sign from a cast off doily and pink flower from an apron. i added a rhinestone earring and the words and hot glued plastic silver beads to hang and voila..

i made this hat stand from an old spool lamp that i took apart. i added the lace and painted the base out white. i added the bird, 3 little white vintage pom poms and a piece of blue lace for a nest. sort of cute for a throw away lamp.

close up of the roses tablecloth. i love this!!!

arek dragged this stuffed animal home from the g.w. today. zoey tackled it in the b.yard… more stuffed animals!!! what the hell is it???? it smells like ‘old’. i have to leave it in the sun for a few days…that along with my old suitcases and dresses.

surrender zoey…..

night night.




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9 responses to “alone time in the bins….

  1. Ron

    So now I’m a distraction?? I see how you are? The big question is…..what are you going to do with all that stuff? And you still don’t have ananswer? Did you clean out the storage shed yet? Love ya!

  2. vintagesue

    what is ananswer? it is some cool new place to buy junk????? he he he. oh…i’ve been selling all that stuff and the stuff i can’t sell is piling up all over the house. i’m kidding!!! hey…a girl can never have too many flower frogs and vintage hose nozzles. lol. what storage shed????

  3. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Those pictures of Zoey are adorable! She is growing so fast! Oh, by the way, you can never have enough good junque! We all know that! We can always find a place for more pretties! I need to send you a picture of all the great stuff I found this weekend! An estate sale right around the corner from Marnee’s! I can’t believe she didn’t go! Everybody was there! Great stuff! 🙂 Talk to you soon! Love ya!

  4. Rachel Knoblich

    Never take the hubby when serious shopping is to be done! They just don’t understand that you really need that stuff! LOL
    Love the projects…you are so talented, and you inspire me to go make something. If only I could open the door to my craft room and get in! Yes, it’s a mess…again! Good news though…only two days to clean and organize our garage. And in the hottest weather too. Take care! Oh yeah…your daughter is adorable…as a mom with four boys it’s so not fair!

  5. terrylee

    LOVE your GW finds! Great work! I saw that adorable poodle and figured you could do something really crafty with it. 🙂

    Thanks for getting the frame … you’re too sweet! Can’t wait to visit the booth again. I probably won’t get over there till Thursday.

    Thanks for your comments on my Flickr photos. That “sheer nightie” on my vanity chair was from YOU … didja recognize it? I was really proud of my finished product (vanity chair).

    The Shops in Waco is HEAVEN! Now, it’s not your junky junk place … some of the booths are pricey. But they have such an eclectic choice of lovelies. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back. It’s in an old, historic converted warehouse in downtown Waco. There are other shops and restaurants nearby … a great place to go shopping with The Girls (sans children and husbands!!!).

    Terry Lee

  6. I love your GW finds..and Zoey is absolutely adorable. You’re so right, never, never take a hubby junk shopping. Although, when I bring Glenn along, I also come home with more stuff than I need. But still get the 20 questions at the check-out counter!!!


  7. Sue

    That’s hilarious! No I would never take hubby, he wouldnt go anyway!You found some great stuff/junk!
    Can I just say your daughter is absolutely delicious, adorable!Sue

  8. lisa nichols

    I know everyone else has already said it but, NO! NEVER TAKE A HUSBAND SHOPPING,JUNKING,TRASH PICKING,ETC. There, now I’ve said it too. Zoey is absolutely beautiful. I wish you were here so she and Kaitlyn could play together. They would have so much fun. Wish you could see the new G.W. here. Its so nice. Of course most of it is still too expensive but they have really nice things.


  9. Ron

    Now come on ladies………I didn’t mind junking in Germany……….I actually enjoyed it and looked forward to it….I would love to be in Germany right about now……..

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