defending the junking buddy hubby….

okay…now i feel bad,,,but not that bad…my husband has defended himself in response to all the male bashing junk shopping husband comments…or whatever i wrote. i feel like i need to stick up for ron a little here. i must admit…we (not just me) couldn’t wait until the weekends to scour german villages in quest of old crap that needed a freecycle in my basement. ron drove the big truck and i begged for him to stop at every pile in search of more terra cotta planters than i could shake a gnome at. of course i would get the dreaded question…”how many of those things do you need? we have enough already.” and sometimes ron would just drive away….leaving my visions of mosiac pots unattended. oh well. but ron was very tolerant of all the other crazy crap i drug home….old linens, silverware, pictures, picture frames, depression glass, fancy rose plates, shrunks, stools, chairs, chairs, chairs, chairs, oh…and more chairs, sleds, tiles, planters, old dolls…sometimes BAGS of them. old bears…we once found a bag of them filled with rat poop. did that deter my hubby from continuing down the road of junking bliss….not one bit and left me smitten with a junk co-dependency that took me from one side of a german village to another w/out a fight (but many bribes) or a complaint about what i did put in the back of the truck. …..

for that junking buddy hubby….THANKS SOOOO MUCH. now stop complaining of the flower frogs and yards of fabric and lace, many strange back yard oddities   ….  like the rocking playground horse my fairy junk mother gave me (i WILL find a use for it!!!) and big, crazy doll heads. wait???? i guess you really DON’T complain. it takes a REAL man to live with a junker. a man who lives among prom dress, vintage hats with enormous PINK flowers, tons and tons of girly statues, lace, froo froo, puffy crap and rhinestones and that endless supply of stinky, smelly, yummy candles. poor guy. he only has one little room (not including his WC where there are still traces of flowers and vintage talc powder bottles) where he can escape. there is a shed filled with bugs, bike parts, tools and cast off hunting stuff (of course it has all been overrun my my junk), but other than that….it’s pretty much this man’s home is not his castle, but his girly B&B. oh well. i guess my family has adjusted well to my diverse sense of style and passion for the rare and unique…junking buddy hubby included!!!

BUT……I STILL MEAN IT WHEN I SAY….don’t take the hubby and the kids with you when you want to go to the flea market. hee hee!!! keep those comments coming ladies….don’t even feel bad. i don’t feel bad. my husband is just playing around anyway. i thought i would give him a little plug. i guess he deserves it. 



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9 responses to “defending the junking buddy hubby….

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Sorry…didn’t mean the comments to be negative…just more joking like…sorry Ron….I know your a great guy…my husband puts up with me and my junkin and I appreciate him so much! So, I am so sorry! We all know he’s a great guy…I’m a big teaser…didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. Take care…Love the blog…

  2. vintagesue

    oh my gosh….my husband was totally joking!!! you totally didn’t hurt his feelings!!! i still mean it when i say….don’t take the husband to a fancy flea market. hee hee. keep up the comments ladies…please…we love them!!!!!

  3. Michele

    We finally cleaned out our storage shed, which was loaded with 5+ years of 80% crap. Took 4, yes 4 truckloads to Goodwill. As I’m loading up the truck, my husband Mike picks up an item and says, “Um, and where did you get this?” I mutter, “um, Goodwill.” He grins and asks, “And where are you taking it to now?” I put my head down and mutter, “um, Goodwill, but it’s the circle of life, hon.”

    For the past 8 years, on the drive up to my in-laws in Atlanta, we always pass the “Last Chance Thrift Store” and I always shriek, “ohh! I so need to go in there!” Well last weekend, we were in Atlanta and needing to kill time. Mike says to me, “You know that thrift store you always ask about? You want to go?” I squealed, then felt his forehead (making sure he wasn’t feverish in offering me this prize). He patiently followed me around in my amazement as I spent $11.

    Ron, you’re not alone….and us junker wives thank you. 🙂

  4. vintagesue

    dude!!!!!! why wasn’t i there helping you!! oh..i wouldn’t have helped you…i would have talked you into needing half…half…half (private joke) of what you threw away.

    i can see mike patiently following you around. he’s that kind of guy. only $11???? pat yourself on your little junking back.

    miss ya girl! take care. half, half, half….
    ps.did you find that pamphlet we made in college with the i love pots and sex on it???? that day was a riot!!! almost as funny as the day we interpreted those 2 tiny dots i painted on that white 4’x4′ canvas in jeff’s painting class. those were the days…of course i was still a junker then too!!! just less gray hair.

  5. Michele

    dude! When I was purging the storage unit I found that “I love pots & sex” brochure….I busted up laughing. I put it in my ‘fun box’ (odd-n-ends of stuff to make me laugh). Oh those damn dots on that canvas!!!!! What a freakin riot.

    P.S. Mike got his BS in chemistry in May. Was accepted to grad school (PhD track) in Hawaii. Leaves August 1st (all expenses paid). Looks like I’ll be living the Yankee single girl life again! So wish you were here.

  6. vintagesue

    dude…i miss the simple times way back when. we were young and foolish and had it easy. we thought we were stressed. whatever. now we are.
    i wish i was there too. i miss my little ghetto cottage on rosemary lane. i miss my friends and i miss my next door neighbors that treated me like family. boo hoo. i will come try to visit some day.
    too bad hawaii isn’t in your stars. never know…we could both end up there one day!!!!! lol

  7. Michele

    dude…I need to come see you sometime….you have the better junk out there! Junk has declined here since good ol’ Gloria’s went away. God I miss that place. I remember when you’d bring Arek along and Gloria’s husband would watch him as you rummaged thru her racks of clothes. What a goldmine she had…..
    If Hawaii is in the cards for me, so be it….if it’s not, well, who knows where this road of life will lead. 🙂

    “The cheerleaders are cheerleaders,
    the old men are old men,
    and I am me,
    and I am bored.”

    Love ya!

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