finders keepers and late night spending habits….

two things….keeping the booth loot and spending too much loot…..been thru it before???  you make something and then you want to keep it. i am struggling with 2 furniture pieces that i might not be able to part with. i found one for a song and the second curbside. it’s not about the money, but the time i put into them. now they are somewhat cute and i might have to keep them for a while. my husband won’t like this.

i got a little crazy with the decoupage. just a little. i actually think this is cute.

close up of the drawer and some new beach theme pillows for the booth.

then i altered the cone a little more and added china flowers.

i found this curbside…scary brown with broken top drawer pulls. no problem. i painted, distressed, spray painted pulls blue and added glass knobs. sooooo cute now. 1980’s scary to timeless cottage cute.

another view…

that is all i have for tonight. boring. i know. it is that time of the summer. i’m too hot to do projects and the kids need my time. good thing i am a cheap shopper and they don’t need my $$$ for toys!!! why??? because of this…..

did i order over $100 worth of collage images last night????? is it just me or has anyone else gone a little overboard on a purchase for the love of a hobby???? no, not a hubby. i can say i spent $100+ for the luv of my hubby, but he isn’t buying it. no pun intended. please, i want feedback on all this. am i alone in this quest for too much? when is enough enough? i had a moment of weakness for these gorgeous images!!!! it would have cost me more that that just to print that many images on my printer. ink is super expensive…eh?. oh well…could be worse. i could have spent that much on…say…canldles. oh wait…i have done that before and before that and before that.  we will eat mac and cheese and drive one less place a week. hee hee.

my perfectly content children….not for long!!! i am sure several seconds after i snapped this photo, zoey pulled arek’s hair and he pushed her off the couch.  how long is bear bear going to appear in every photo?he’s real ya know. he said so.

oh…is that little pink flowered chenille blanket the cutest or what?

happy junkin….




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6 responses to “finders keepers and late night spending habits….

  1. Ron

    I am so proud of my cuties. What gorgeous kids we have!! Love ya!

  2. Tami

    I just love all your new things and that comment from your husband how sweet is that.

  3. Rachel Knoblich

    I spend way too much on hobby things too. I am always doing something new every week. I make stuffed kitties and dolls, I make jewelry, I do altered art/mixed media, and etc. etc. etc. My craft room is a disaster of all those things. But I love doing creative things…it makes me feel alive! So…no you’re not the only one! And there’s nothing wrong with eating mac and cheese! Keep up the inspiration. PS…furniture looks great!

  4. vintagesue

    thanks for all the comments. i love that quote, rachel….”i love doing creative things….it makes me feel alive”. i love that!!!!!! i will remember that when there is glitter on the floor and glue stuck to my skirt….lace all over the table and boxes of decoupage stuff laying all over the floor. thanks.

  5. Rachel Knoblich

    It’s part of the creative life…messy…but rewarding…after you created something so wonderful it makes you so happy. I think that is when I am happiest…after the creation is born. After 4 boys…endless dishes…more then endless laundry…cleaning (even in my sleep) it’s nice to do something that can be appreciated. Don’t get me wrong…love being a mom…but doing something creative does make me feel alive! I love talking with you Sue…take care…

  6. Michele

    My god, you found that curbside????? WOW! Looks amazing.

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