i’d much rather blog……

oh my heavens. i have sooooo much to do. responsible stuff. mail packages, wash the car, clean out closets, pack for an upcoming trip, call the cable company, wash my hair for crying out loud. what am i doing??????? oh…bloggin. am i alone? is this why we have blogs? to center ourselves in our own little worlds…outside of the real america…where there is an entire existence of responsibility just waiting for our attention???? maybe. all i know is that i can’t process too many normal, redundant, responsible things in one day. it will cause me more wrinkles. i’m convinced. i need a healthy distraction. oh…bloggin.  i think it’s cuz i have a little time to myself. time that isn’t interrupted by kids, dinner, cleaning, etc. instead of doing something that really needs to get done, i’m doing this. oh well.

i have tons of photos….projects, stuff around the house that’s inspiring me at the moment, and one of my daughter’s lovely baby decorations. yes…she will make a great mother.

found this sweet doll this weekend. i made this little collage on a 25 cent pink frame and i put it on a $1 silver tray as a frame holder.  found the pink wool mill flower for $2. love it.

found this great rose quilt piece this weekend. found some other quilting pieces as well and ….

made some cute magnets with buttons. i had a lap tray that was a little broken. i just glued words to the outside of it and decoupaged some lace wrapping paper. the tray stands alone when the legs are pulled out from the back. now it makes a great message board…..instant gratification!!

made this quick little heart collage. found pieces, glitter, words….

got this great idea somewhere online….make lace holders out of old cards. i love it. i also had these round quilt pieces. made some fabric tags with those. 

okay….STUFF AROUND THE HOUSE. just little goodies that inspire me……..

my fairy junk mother gave me all these gorgeous cards!!!!! I LOVE THEM.

triangle of mill flowers!!!!!!!! the one on the top is new….$1!! from my fairy junk mother.

vintage neiman marcus pumps w/rhinestones. love them!! $3 from my fairy junk mother’s booth.

found this sweet mosiac from a vendor in the cove.

my new mill rose alongside my favorite french 10 euro painting…..

i found this pink shelf for $2. i repainted it pink and added some fluff to the top. put some displays on it and now it is hanging by my kitchen. it is sooooo over the top, my husband is just going to have to smear it with bike grease or something to kill the ‘froo froo’ factor.

found this white shelf for $8. i love it. it’s from an old kitchen….now it is in my old kitchen. with all my old crap on it. the baby head is zoey’s favorite. i wonder is she thinks about where the body is. how much crap do i have?????

okay…the top of this suitcase is making me realize i have to pack mine!! can you believe it costs money to check luggage anymore? i should drag some of my vintage, smelly luggage on the plane. they may let me check it for free…you know…for fear that it’s haunted or something.

no, i’m not going to paris. but i will manage to do plenty of shopping while i’m gone!!!!

maybe for a new babydoll for zoey….shame on you zoey for doing this to your doll. i would never let you get like this. oh wait…never say never….

oh no.

bon voyage (well i’m not leaving yet, but it goes with the theme). i better start doing something responsible now. hey, i did put dishes in the dishwasher. and damn…it’s just too hot to wash the car. if i try to go outsie, i made fade. like the marker on zoey’s feet.




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4 responses to “i’d much rather blog……

  1. Sue

    I know how you feel…sometimes you just need ‘me’ time, to help get through the day! I love all your creations, and those photos of zoey remind me of my son when he was 18months.He drew allover his bedroom wall, so we gave him a cloth, and made him clean it off! I have a photo of him sobbing, but cleaning.He did a great job, and never decorated the walls again!Have a nice holiday, wherever it may be!

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    Your stuff is great Sue…I would love to make a dolly for Zoey. Would you mind that? I would like to send you some little goodies too? Can you email me? vintagemama4@live.com

  3. terrylee

    Woohoo! You DID score! Love your treasures, as always! And if I haven’t said it before, Zoey is an absolute ANGEL. I just want to squeeze those precious cheeks of hers! 🙂

    Did I tell you that I bought one of your crinoline petticoats? Ohmygosh, it’s so gorgeous … I just can’t decide where it’s going to go! We almost had WWIII at our house over that damn thing … hubby pitched a liver fit over where I put it. More on that in my next blog! 😉

    Loving and enjoying your wonderful creations! Can’t wait to get back to Crafter’s!

    Terry Lee

    (may I puh-leeeze be on your blog roll??) 🙂

  4. HeidiAnn

    Your blog is beautiful – I just love all of your fabulous vintage stuff!!

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