do i get a minute to blog????? let’s see!! zoey is napping. oh…sure, i could vacuum the car, but that’s so boring. i’d much rather blah, blah, blah about nothing and show you these crazy rag balls i made out of faded shabby garden green corduroy material yesterday. arek went nuts over them. i burned my fingers like 56 times on my glue gun making these things. i’m such a spaz.

i’ve been working on a new card for the booth also…here is what i came up with. i don’t have fancy fonts. i did for a long time, and then my hubby bought me this new imac. i need to load some fancy fonts. i’ll do that one day…right??? along with everything else. instead of dinner, i’ll load fonts. can’t do it all ya know.

i love all the blingy stuff folks use for their blogs. all the graphics, etc. i still make mine from scratch. the old fashion way. sooooo 1998. oh well. i need to hook up with the times and download some better header art, etc. i’m getting there soon…not.

okay onto the crazy rag balls. i think they are cute. it’s a quick way to make a cute craft. i’m all about quick lately….i hot glued vintage buttons and scrabble pieces onto the balls.

i need to find a cute basket to put them in with some chenille or something underneath. these would also be cute as giant eggs (minus the buttons and letters) in a nest made of wire or an old wooden salad bowl painted light blue and brown. you could put the word nest instead of rags on it. make it stop.

i was playing around with this image. i just adore it. i found some old lace, rhinestones and a vase with roses. i just made a little camera collage.

i also bought this pillow (well i thought it was a pillow) a while back. i’ve discovered since that it may be a pin cushion of a pin holder. it’s super sweet shabby pink and feels like it is filled with sawdust. strange, but i added some pins to it and it’s adorable and functional now.

okay…and how tacky are we???? arek wanted to make a craft. this is all i could come up with. i don’t even know what it is. a worm? a rat with no feet or tail? who knows????? zoey said it looks like a ‘warm’. that’s right girl. it’s a warm, worn out sock. talk about going green???? kids…santa brought you some really great freecycled sock worms for Christmas. better hurry up and check your stockings!!! oh wait…he stuffed those and made dinosaur heads. yikes.

oh…i would have dressed zoey, but i think i used her dress to make a pillow. i’m kidding.

and for my friend Terry Lee….her blog is great!!! i have been trying like crazy to modify my blogroll and add some more of my favorite blogs…hers included. i’ve been having a &(^^ of a time trying to figure it out!!! wordpress was easy to use until they changed everything. now my blogroll hasn’t worked right since then. one day i will figure it out….ack…sorry terry.

you all take care…..i’ll be vacationing soon and not blogging much in the next few weeks. keep checking back, but don’t expect too much blogging from me.

happy junking, crafting and all that other blah, blah, blah. now i need a nap.




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3 responses to “naptime….

  1. Michele

    dude….if you’re interested in some major free fonts for Mac & PC (I’m a font whore), I’ll send you the links.

  2. terrylee

    ohmygawd, i love your pics as usual, sue! that pink pillow/pin cushion thingy is gorgeous! and i really like your new card for the booth. great work. i know you have an art degree, but geez, you are so inherently creative, it simply amazes me.

    thanks for the blog plug. glad you’re enjoying mine too. maybe one day you’ll figure out how to add me. 🙂

    hope you are having a wonderful trip!!

    terry lee

  3. vintagesue

    thanks terry…i plan to do some junking/shopping here if i have time. i am glad you are back to health!! you need the strength for your garage sales!! hee hee. hey, a new floor??? that means new stuff to put on it. i can’t believe you found that awesome mag. rack for only $2. score. i love the pink bird feeder you painted too. now you need a booth. haa. we can shop and buy from each other.
    take care. keep up the funny blog posts. they crack me up.

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