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house clutter and chaos and a big thanks!!!

okay…so my house is cluttered and chaotic…junk, projects, too many dolls, playdough, cookie crumbs on the floor, chicken soup spilled on slip covers, boxes that need shipping, boxes i just got shipped, boxes of craft stuff, stripped lamp shades, piles of potential pretty pillows, lawn clutter, a bed that needs sheets, and a little boys carpet that needs a very good vacuum. oh…dishes in the sink and syrup on the floor…forgot that. argh. it’s like this all day, but i still justify being a junker by the beauty and fun and foolishness that takes place when i create. i had an okay junking day friday….just okay. i hit the g.w. bargain bins. not much to choose from lately. where is all the good junk?????

this is what i managed to find for $30. lots of girly stuff for zoey, a killer poly slipcover for my loveseat! it’s all covered with big, pink roses!! some cute shoes, purses, some misc, and a cute hanging lamp from the 70’s. i tore all the wicker crap off of it and plan to do something to the frame to cute it up. who knows????? i’ll get a shot of it when it’s finished.

and below….ugh…this ugly brown dresser……yucky. good bones, but ugly pressboard/wood. the price was right, so i made her cute again!!!

from this….ugh brown……

to this!!! shabby white. i left the handles unpainted and sprayed them with clear glitter spray! sweet.

it was hotter than a fried eggroll in that g.w. barn and poor zoey….tired, sweaty and full, fell asleep on the way home….with pudding in mouth. she actually had a small container of pudding dangling from her mouth when she crashed. yikes. she had nothing to eat the pudding with, so i just let her lick it out of the container like an animal. it was that, or she was going to chew thru the plastic and suck the pudding out of a hole in the side. urrrhhg.

i got the pudding from my favorite mexican rest. in the cove. this is a container about 2 inches across and 1/2″ deep. tiny, but powerfully sedative. yum.

OKAY…for my dearest blogging friend rachel….another THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for part two of my vintage bling package!!!!! oh….so many cute treasures…..all rolled (no pun intended) up into one….in this cute old film tin.

love all of these fab, pretty treasures!!!

look at all these great things…..

love the little victorian girls. soooo sweet. love the fabric flower pin and the vintage lady photo.

trading cards….sweet tags made by rachel….

love this couple!!! that was me and ron when we got married….NOT…i was wearing a jean skirt and a 50cent dress from the salvation army…oh and a pair of 1980’s new wave super red suede flats. ron was wearing cowboy boots, a tee shirt and some husky wranglers or something. my sash didn’t say queen…maybe yard sale queen or something and i wasn’t wearing a tiara. maybe some bobby pins or a pin that said the flock of seagulls or something. i am on a tangent.

rachel….LOVE the vintage wallpaper necklace. super cute.

rachel has a ton of talent!!! she makes tags, jewelry, sews, collects, sorts, and has a booth way, way too far away. boo hoo. thanks again rachel….what a treat!!

okay…i’m going back to my non-stop clutter and re-group. actually, i am going to bed before the hurricane decides to come thru texas. for my friends and family in florida and houston….take cover, stay safe and hide all the cute lawn chairs. don’t let them blow away. i’m kidding. you all stay safe and i’m thinking of you!!




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busy with school, junk, and too much caffeine…..

okay….i’m insanely tired. like yawning all day long…thru a game of kickball with the kids…sleeping on the couch in between hits in the head from zoey and loud, rock music from my son’s computer. i am having hot flashes (could be this texas heat) and i had waaaaayyy too much caffeine and donuts today, but i will post for you 5 people that read this thing. i owe you a post….i do, i do!!!

maybe school starting has slowed me down. my house is wrecked and i don’t get no good sleep no more. dang. i miss the summer. strange and true, but i have to remember the freedom (not) i get during the day when the kids are gone. heck. what freedom???? i spend these days doing so much stuff, i don’t get enough junking and crafting time anymore. well, except for tuesdays. oh…i get sidetracked with junk.

although i have been on a junk hiatus lately (i have slowed waaaaay down and tackled some purging lately, but it’s like a huge plate of pasta…the more you eat, the more there is), i still manged to hit a junk pile a couple of days ago. it was one of those dirty, sleezy junk piles…where you sneak around the trash and hope nobody sees you. yikes….scary bags of aged, obscure home materials and stacks and stacks of old, moldy wood. okay…why was i drawn to all this???????? because i found some cool stuff!! old wire, grates, an old table, funky big plastic frame that is now a chalkboard, a cool, old piece of wood that is a mock up table in the booth, an old headboard, a killer shabby lamp, a vintage bottle and who knows what else. love it!!! dirt and all. i found the big lamp in another trash pile. it has a twin. i can’t wait to shabby them up!!!



zoey helped me scrape all the veneer off this table above. nice project for a 1 year old. i also painted this table white and painted the frame in the back with chalkboard paint. KILLER. now it’s like a huge, french bistro chalkboard menu. i love it. i love this lamp. hand painted little roses all over it. it was laying in a big bucket of old grass and rocks….put to pasture. i can’t have this tossed out. she’s way too pretty.

after my trash score, i went to the booth…fixed her up for halloween and then hit the valley rescue mission.i found some super cute plates…about 50 cents each. i love the gold trimmed on the right. okay…really…how many plates do i have????? i have this crazy rusty planter box that was a light fixture. i have it out in my yard and it holds plants????? no, of course not. it holds plates! i’m sure my friends think i’m a weirdo. i think it’s cute, but the rest of the non-junking human world goes on to live perfectly normal, clutter free lives…void of rusty things that hold odd stuff.

booth redos…..

found the wreath and lights for free curbside. great display for booth.

these are pre booth.

and pics of the kids….zoey got into my craft supplies….now she looks like a boobah

leave them alone. don’t touch them until you are 18!! she was so ready to pick these little things off.

zoey ready for the car. how many things does she have???? now she knows how i feel. she is learning empathy…right???? not. she is becoming more independent so she can control me more and tell me what i’m doing wrong. eeerrrr. ain’t she cute, though.

arek looking nuts over an elmo toy.

lord…did i say i was on a junk hiatus???? and to think my friend cheryl is sending me 2 huge boxes of bling, bling really soon!!!! the booth will have some cutie pie stuff soooooon!!! you all have a great night and enjoy the quiet while the kiddos are in school. take some time and smell the roses while you speed to the next trash pile!!



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font fascination!!!!!

okay…i admit it. i’m a font geek!!!! my most awesome yankee friend, michelle ‘dude’ o’ johnson from georgia, gave me some fascinating font links to update me from this courier hell……..thanks michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i worked on some digital tags for the booth. i will try to make a small fall/halloween display this coming week. summer isn’t even over yet, and you can find halloween, christmas and thanksgiving items in retail already. yikes. who can keep up????? anyway……..i love these fonts!!!

they were easy to load and best of all FREEEEEE!!!!!

i love digital collage, by i don’t have that much time to crank out large collages. they take too much thought and time….argh….

you all enjoy. here is a link to the fonts i liked the best…….



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postal goodies from rachel!!!!!!!!

first and foremost………..RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL……..what talent!! what goodies!!!

i was overblown by a great package that came in the mail yesterday!! a fellow blogging buddy send me and incredible lot of vintage goodies for me and the kids!! she made a doll for zoey that is one of the cutest dolls i have ever seen!! just darling. she also sent me a cute shabby frame with vintage wallpaper, a gorgeous, whimsical button bracelet wrapped in sheet music (love it), a great old quilt cutter, a bag of vintage goodies for my son and then another tin of goodies coming soon!!!! what a sweet surprise. thanks!

rachel, arek went nuts over this little yarn doll. i knew he would love it.

the cutest little dot to dot book….with this sweet illustration.

thank you again rachel. i mean that. okay…zoey eating guacamole. she loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

pics of my latest projects for the booth.

pardon the crappy photo…this is much cuter in person. it’s made with a vintage doily on an old piece of vintage wallpaper screen. i dangled a prism from the bottom.

and here is my pet snake that i found yesterday. he’s probably in the house now. he will crawl on me while i sleep….ack. if anyone knows what kind of snake this is, let me know….????? i picked him up. it didn’t bite.

oh…i had such a great bunch of stuff to write today about the ladies i met in my booth, but zoey is needy right now. i will just post what i have and save the stories for tomorrow. i love the customers i meet with my booth……i will leave it at that.

you all watch your ankles this weekend. don’t let creepies crawl around them.



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forgotten goodies…

my my, i had help purging my shed yesterday and i must say……THANKS AGAIN CINDY!!! did i need another set of eyes to clear my clutter so the creative process could start flowing again???????? yes!!!!! my, what a junker i am!!! foolishness in that shed. now things are in bins….sorted….by holiday and process….junk for projects, junk for holiday projects, junk for glass projects, junk for framed projects, junk for material, lace projects, junk at the top shelf for all my smalls for collages. ouch….i have a lot of junk!!!!! i also found a bunch of forgotten, fab stuff!!!!!!!! like the lady above. i found her in france for a whopping 45 euro!!!!! sting. too much, but she’s gorgeous!

my friend cindy told me….if you aren’t using this stuff, sell it!!! okay, but i am a junker. don’t we hoard in our sheds???? isn’t that what they are for???? so…that said, she at least took charge and helped me organize it. it’s so much nicer now and my husband can actually find HIS stuff. no more archery arrows adorned with vintage hats. no more tool box clutter of nails, wrenches and tubes of pink paint. alas….it will last only for a short time. i hope not.

more foolishness here…..

boxes of crap…..oh…treasures.

i was particularly excited when i found these goodies i’d forgotten i had. i found these great ticking pillows in germany for free during a junking jaunt. i also found this great old window. i added some old book pages to it. it was hanging in my living room for the longest time in europe, but it doesn’t go anywhere here, so off to the booth it will go….like little red riding hood….in that suitcase of goodies.

i bought this great suitcase for $5 at a yardsale, made the etoile sign out of cast off stuff, found this great old frame for free and added some vintage wallpaper samples, and i made the collage in the back with the lady’s face. i also found a gorgeous vintage black slip. all of these goodies will eventually make it to my booth soon. they have a haunting, halloween flair. i’ve also been busy making some halloween collages. those will be coming soon too.

here is a great, old painting i found in germany as well. it is painted very folksy to me….like someone was completely confident about where to put the paint at all times…right or wrong…they did it the way they wanted. it might be signed. i’m not sure, but it’s great!!! it will be going to the booth too. i love, love, love this old painting!!!!!!! i had a collection of tragically, damaged paintings on my wall in germany…..about 15 of them. i have nowhere to display them at this house. actually, they look a bit out of place here as well. i have a few that are my favorites, but i will eventually get the rest into the booth.

more foolishness with a pile of linens……several here are i found on my junking haunts in germany….FREE.

here are several vignettes of stuff i’d forgotten i had…shame on me…junkers 12 step program alert!!!!!! hi my name is sue and i am completely powerless over the collections of things great junk!!! now point me to the coffee so we can get this meeting started???????

i forgot i had this gorgeous vintage dress……..she was lonely in that shed.

i also found some cute mosiac china….guess that means i better start thinking mosiacs again for the spring.

tune in tomorrow for kid pics and project work. i am slowly trying to transform the booth to a FALL look. that means changing out my colorful, floral curtains; moving out much of the summer clutter and trying to mix cute cottage florals with dark fall colors. i can’t even imagine having a shop. i would be completely overwhelmed!!

oh…i found a snake today in the yard. a small little guy or girl. i will post pics of him/her tomorrow as well. i can’t tell snake gender parts…sorry. not like a rat, cat or dog…or horse for that matter. who knows where to look on a snake and i only picked it up briefly. just long enough to look at the underbelly color. didn’t see any horse parts. must be a girl. i think it’s a Texas Brown Snake or a Texas Ground Snake. i’m tempted to take her to the creek and let her go, before she makes her way into my house and slithers thru all my antique lace. CRITTERVILLE.

you all take care….enjoy the storms for your fellow texans and keep the junk outside dry!!!!



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scatterbrain house….

my house is messy, disconnected, and stuffed with projects that are scattered about. i know you crafters get that one. my head hurts trying to squeeze a creative thought thru it today and make sense of my clutter. maybe it’s the lack of sleep. who knows????? my son had a sleepover last night with 2 of his friends. i told them it was time for beddy bye at 11:30 and someone hit me with a pillow. it went downhill from there. several cups of water, slices of cheesecake and pillow thumps later, i managed to get everyone back in arek’s room. i told them to stay in there and not to come out…exceptions: fire…urination. all other needs sustained until morning. i could still hear them screaming at 1am. i think by 2 they crashed. kids….they grow like weeds, as arek says. don’t know what that has to do with anything, but my head hurts and i don’t make sense when it doesn’t hurt.

i am completely lazy and overwhelmed with mess and chaos today. i don’t have a studio or craft room. my house is my craft room, so stuff is everywhere. that makes it hard to decide what to work on. i’m not even sure i’m awake enough to work, so i took pictures of stuff around the house today. maybe it will help movtivate me to organize a little. mostly, it just made me tired.

here are some mill flowers i adore…why are those so hard to find these days???? you can find a pair of crutches in every trash pile, but some old hat flowers are hard to come by….

i made this crazy little necklace today from cast offs….it’s more of a statement piece or decoration for a statue, than an actual accessory. i love this statue it’s on. my daughter says this lady is ‘clapping’. i think that is so sweet

i also made this funky little necklace from a cheap, cast off rosary. just a little whimsy for a statue or manenquin as well. i found the little word beads on a child’s bracelet. thought i could reuse them somewhere…guess this is where. i like the saying little doe. when my husband used to hunt, he would say i was like a doe. don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

found a couple of pins from my trip….they were $2 each. i love them. love the faded, blue flowers on the round brooch.

as if you aren’t bored enough….here are some pics of the inside of my german pie hutch. they call it something else there, but they can’t fool me. i’m putting my 18 pies i bake a day in it. i’m kidding. it holds all my dozens of cream colored china. can you have too much of that stuff??????????

found this bowl of cups from of my VERY FAVORITE JUNKERS OF ALL TIME!!!!!! mr. montgomery and his wife pearl. i’ll blame them for my junking obsession. i met them about 9 years ago in columbus, georgia. they not only inspired my, became my mentors, and filled my life with the most fabulous junk around; they also became family. i think about them often. hopefully they will find my blog and read this!!!!!!!!!

anyway, the bowl of cups was about $1!!!!! i still have them and i love them!!

i have to keep the door shut on my hutch or miss zoey will end up wearing all these crazy shoes, drinking from all these crazy cups and breaking all these crazy plates on her head. she’s busy.

i have this seriously chippy cabinet in my house. i love the patina and all the textures of this thing. i’m sure my husband wishes this would get crushed badly during a move. anyway…i love the dangling little angels. i antiqued the plaster one with vinegar, steel wool and bleach. mix the three together and it instantly creates a stinky rust liquid that adds instant age to any surface. it will rust anything!! below is also a great collage my friend marnee made for me years ago…back before srapbooking was even ‘in’. we just used old crap we found in the trash and flea markets.

yesterday i found this great hooked rug from one of the vendors at crafter’s. only $4!!!

found this hat too….$2.50. if you have a chance to go to crafter’s corner in the cove, check out ‘THE WHITE ELEPHANT’ booth. it’s great!!!

also…some awesome handmade rose curtains….I LOVE these curtains. the fabric is gorgeous. they are on there way to my booth sometime this week…along with the jewels, a suitcase, some pillows and other goodies, including a really cool shabby table i made from an old lamp. it’s all rusty, pink, shabby and old. perfect for your shabby cottage garden.

gotta go get zoey. it’s that time of the day again….when chaos takes over my life and i fanatically take care of these fabulous, nutty kids of mine. school will be here soon and i guess i better start getting us to bed earlier. yikes. we can do it!!!



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good treasures or bad junk investments????

okay…as promised…here are some pictures of some of the treasures i collected on my trip. i paid more than i wanted to for some of them, then shipped some home ($$$$), then smuggled the rest back in my luggage ($cost$80). did i really get cheap treasures or just bad junking investments? are these bargains worth resale now? of course they are. a junk shopper has to do what a junk shopper has to do. what is that???? well, shop of course. bargains or not. then sell them and let other enjoy them. i found some really cute stuff.

take this suitcase for example. i spent about $6 for her.

she’s completely vintage and i actually checked her in for my returning flight. oh..i must have scared those poor security people silly, because this is what i found inside when i got home and opened her up…….a security inspection note. bet those folks were surprised to find a bunch of silly vintage linens, lace, rose covered bling and froo froo girly stuff inside. what else did they expect to see in a vintage suitcase with a piece of red lace tied around the handle?

here is a sampling…besides the photos above…of what i smuggled back from my trip…..shells, lace and angels….

big o bowl of pearls for less than $5. score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roses book for $1. pretty rose lamp for $3.50. love the doily in the background. found that at an estate sale.

my sister in law gave me this adorable, shabby pink framed baby picture. i love it!! it was on its way curbside and i couldn’t let it go out there….no way!! also found the doilies for a song.

here are some great candle sticks with prisms…one on right was $1 and the other $3. i also found some sconces like them, but didn’t take a pic. they were about $2 each. i plan to do something cute with them all. the sconces can be rewired to work, but i might just turn them into candle holders.

these goodies are on their way home via the postal service. i found these jewels for almost nothing!!! i love the homemade angel pin. it’s total whimsy. someone really thought this one out; it’s so staged, but it’s so homemade. the yellow rose earrings are so fragile and lovely. the rusian pin is hand painted and signed. it is awesome. it was $1.

here is a box of random stuff from different shopping trips. cups for $1, cups for $3, large s&p shakers with silver lids, linens, a big starfish for 50 cents, the cutest doll cup ($1) and the jewels.

here is a better shot of the cute cup! also found the great old big ben clock. can’t remember how much i spend on her…maybe $3. not sure. doesn’t matter. she went into my collection.

i have more pics coming when the rest of the bling gets into town!

zoey and i got matching butterfly paint ons at one of the yard sales we went to. it was a church yard sale…lots and lots of great stuff cheap……and free face and body painting!!!! can’t beat that.

besides shopping, we went to the local fair. it’s huge!!! it’s the montgomery county agricultural fair. i used to go to it every year during my childhood. lots of rides, food, animals and freak shows. the best and arek was totally in his element. he had a blast.


this is a tree, but i’m not sure i’m buying it……arek didn’t mind. he was just happy to be at the fair.

while on this trip, zoey took an interest in dressing herself. seriously. this is what i got from that. i know this is in poor taste, but these are clean and she was very proud of her efforts. you go girl.

it made us all very nuts. by the second week, my mom started going a little bonkers…..i know what you are thinking….how long is arek going to wear the same shirt?????? oh well…better than undies on his head.

oh…is my mom paris chic? does she know how cottage cool she is? i doubt it. you are cottage cool mom.

by the end of the trip, things settled down. zoey started to really enjoy opera…arek too. here is zoey being wooed by soothing music. i’m sure 5 seconds after this was over, she was licking my mom’s armoire mirror and pulling the cat around by his big fluffy tail.

it was so super good for the soul to get away and visit with family and friends. it was a challenge to fly with two kids…one a lap child, one loud child, but it was well worth the effort. mom….i had a great time. i had fun watching the olympics, all the operas, the bbc’s keeping up appearances and all those episodes of preschool shows. thanks for all your hospitality and patience. sorry i couldn’t stop opening windows and lighting candles. i am a creature of habit. i think it’s a scorpio trait. i’ll blame it that anyway.

bloggers, i’m cleaning my shed this wednesday with a fellow junking friend. it should be interesting. look for those adventures this week. ack. how many junkers does it take to fill a storage shed? uh..duh…one. how long do i have?

stay safe from the hurricanes and don’t let all the cute stuff blow out of the yard.



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