i’m still shopping!

oh fellow bloggers…no photos. how boring!!! i’m sorry. i have been shopping quite a bit though. i need to steal my mom’s camera for a few photo sessions and load up some pics for you all. i have been to yard sales, thrift shops and who knows where else. yikes!!!!!!!! SOOOO much stuff….sooo little itty, bitty room in my suitcase. guess i need to start shipping stuff back!!! i found a great, vintage suitcase for $5 and have filled it up with tons of linens, shabby rose handmade curtains, candle holders with little prisms, vintage s&p shakers, vintage aprons, cute vintage dishes, ribbon, trims…even a pink sofa cover. i am going to look like a freak at the airport with my very heavy, out of date, vintage suitcase. oh well. i vintage girl has to do what a vintage girl has to do.

no, that’s not all i’ve purchased. i found a great estate sale and bought a big box of buttons, crystal, linens, vintage jewels, tiny rose cups, salt pillars, old silver, and who knows what else????? i went to another sale the next day and bought tons of linens for 10 cents each!!! i love those sales. i also bought an entire box (40 pices in all) of vintage rose cups and saucers. okay…how am i going to get those back?????  and if that is not enough….i have been buying handmade fab shabby curtains, pottery, anything roses and just WAAAAY too much to ship back. is that stopping me from my shopping escapades???? did i spell that word right? NOOOO. i still have so much to to buy???? why???? because i am a junker!!!!

actually, i’ve been trying to enjoy time with my family, do a few fun things with the kids and just visit with my friends here. the thrift shopping is a little treat i give myself in between all the other stuff. this area is a great place to find stuff!!! my fellow blogger, vintage sue (THE ORIGINAL!) from vintage rescue squad, lives somewhat close to my mom. i have contacted her, but our (well mine) timing hasn’t been right to hook up. sue has been giving me head’s up on places to shop. thanks sue!! i can see why she love junking and shopping here! sooooo many yardsales. soooooo little time!!!!!!



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4 responses to “i’m still shopping!

  1. Sue

    Did you get my email about going to Chartreuse this weekend? I’ll be in PA, but you really should go… check the email account you emailed me from!

    I’m sending another email about something else…. You’re right, though: this area is the BOMB.


    P.S. thanks for the shout out!

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    How will you get all that stuff back? Glad you’re back to blogging…missed ya!

  3. terrylee

    ahhh! sounds like junker’s heaven, sue! you GO girl!

    have been sooo busy with my flooring project that i really haven’t had time to buy more STUFF. but am anxious to see some of the great treasures that you bring home! i’m sure some of them will make their way to your booth, right?!

    take care and ENJOY your family time. how precious it is!!

    terry lee

  4. Sue

    Im soooo jealous right now, junk is so much my thing!!! Dont forget to show pics of everything! Hope you get it all home ok…

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