i am back!!

i’m back!! i’m tired, i’m overdone!!!! i’ll post in the morning and give some photos of my vacation finds.

for now, i’m spending precious time with my cat. he’s over the moon about us getting home!!! poor thing.

oh…and when did it get so stinking hard to travel by plane these days? i remember when you could check as many bags as you wanted to…really…like up to 4 or something. you could get a meal, a free drink (of the alcoholic type), a blanket, pillow, headphones, magazine and free pretzels, peanuts and a coloring book for the kids. what do you get now???? oh ice with your softdrink? thanks.

did i cost me $80 to check my bags coming back???? sure did. geeze…what is that about? don’t ask me what is in them. more about that tomorrow. i’m just happy to get back to my cat and all my droopy, thirsty plants.

mom…thanks for all you did for us. really. arek listened to sad music driving home from the airport and said “i miss grammy so much, i want to cry. are those happy tears i’m making?” and zoey has already told me she is eating a bugger (spell) and then she watched the man sing nessun dorman 3 times. check him out fellow bloggers. my daughter can’t get enough of this video


why is it the people we miss so much live so far away? it’s not fair.

amy…that means you.

peace to you all and i’ll bore you with another chapter of travels and junking finds later.



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