good treasures or bad junk investments????

okay…as promised…here are some pictures of some of the treasures i collected on my trip. i paid more than i wanted to for some of them, then shipped some home ($$$$), then smuggled the rest back in my luggage ($cost$80). did i really get cheap treasures or just bad junking investments? are these bargains worth resale now? of course they are. a junk shopper has to do what a junk shopper has to do. what is that???? well, shop of course. bargains or not. then sell them and let other enjoy them. i found some really cute stuff.

take this suitcase for example. i spent about $6 for her.

she’s completely vintage and i actually checked her in for my returning flight. oh..i must have scared those poor security people silly, because this is what i found inside when i got home and opened her up…….a security inspection note. bet those folks were surprised to find a bunch of silly vintage linens, lace, rose covered bling and froo froo girly stuff inside. what else did they expect to see in a vintage suitcase with a piece of red lace tied around the handle?

here is a sampling…besides the photos above…of what i smuggled back from my trip…..shells, lace and angels….

big o bowl of pearls for less than $5. score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roses book for $1. pretty rose lamp for $3.50. love the doily in the background. found that at an estate sale.

my sister in law gave me this adorable, shabby pink framed baby picture. i love it!! it was on its way curbside and i couldn’t let it go out there….no way!! also found the doilies for a song.

here are some great candle sticks with prisms…one on right was $1 and the other $3. i also found some sconces like them, but didn’t take a pic. they were about $2 each. i plan to do something cute with them all. the sconces can be rewired to work, but i might just turn them into candle holders.

these goodies are on their way home via the postal service. i found these jewels for almost nothing!!! i love the homemade angel pin. it’s total whimsy. someone really thought this one out; it’s so staged, but it’s so homemade. the yellow rose earrings are so fragile and lovely. the rusian pin is hand painted and signed. it is awesome. it was $1.

here is a box of random stuff from different shopping trips. cups for $1, cups for $3, large s&p shakers with silver lids, linens, a big starfish for 50 cents, the cutest doll cup ($1) and the jewels.

here is a better shot of the cute cup! also found the great old big ben clock. can’t remember how much i spend on her…maybe $3. not sure. doesn’t matter. she went into my collection.

i have more pics coming when the rest of the bling gets into town!

zoey and i got matching butterfly paint ons at one of the yard sales we went to. it was a church yard sale…lots and lots of great stuff cheap……and free face and body painting!!!! can’t beat that.

besides shopping, we went to the local fair. it’s huge!!! it’s the montgomery county agricultural fair. i used to go to it every year during my childhood. lots of rides, food, animals and freak shows. the best and arek was totally in his element. he had a blast.


this is a tree, but i’m not sure i’m buying it……arek didn’t mind. he was just happy to be at the fair.

while on this trip, zoey took an interest in dressing herself. seriously. this is what i got from that. i know this is in poor taste, but these are clean and she was very proud of her efforts. you go girl.

it made us all very nuts. by the second week, my mom started going a little bonkers…..i know what you are thinking….how long is arek going to wear the same shirt?????? oh well…better than undies on his head.

oh…is my mom paris chic? does she know how cottage cool she is? i doubt it. you are cottage cool mom.

by the end of the trip, things settled down. zoey started to really enjoy opera…arek too. here is zoey being wooed by soothing music. i’m sure 5 seconds after this was over, she was licking my mom’s armoire mirror and pulling the cat around by his big fluffy tail.

it was so super good for the soul to get away and visit with family and friends. it was a challenge to fly with two kids…one a lap child, one loud child, but it was well worth the effort. mom….i had a great time. i had fun watching the olympics, all the operas, the bbc’s keeping up appearances and all those episodes of preschool shows. thanks for all your hospitality and patience. sorry i couldn’t stop opening windows and lighting candles. i am a creature of habit. i think it’s a scorpio trait. i’ll blame it that anyway.

bloggers, i’m cleaning my shed this wednesday with a fellow junking friend. it should be interesting. look for those adventures this week. ack. how many junkers does it take to fill a storage shed? uh..duh…one. how long do i have?

stay safe from the hurricanes and don’t let all the cute stuff blow out of the yard.




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10 responses to “good treasures or bad junk investments????

  1. Sue

    Im sooo jealous right now!!! Love all your valuable junk, you did well, and worth the extra $80! I had a huge working bee at my house this past weekend, and everyone was calling me Steptoe’s wife, I had to watch them carefully, so they wouldnt chuck anything out! They just dont understand our kind of people!

  2. vintagesue

    thanks sue!! i love that you redid your blog! great, fresh new look!! love it!!! take care….sue

  3. Rachel Knoblich

    I am so glad you’re back…your blog always makes me laugh. Love the junk! I’m glad you got to visit your family. Have fun cleaning the shed…glad it’s you and not me!

  4. Ron

    Why does my little girl have undies on her head? She is so adorable and my son is as handsome as ever.

  5. cheryl mehaffey

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your mom! Lots of great memories for you & the kids to hold onto. You found lots of great stuff…Are you ready for a big box of treasures from me? Just let me know when you want me to ship it out! The estate sales have been awesome in Ga! Wish you were here, so I could give you more stuff! Love ya! Smooches to Arek & Zoey! Talk to you soon! Cheryl 🙂

  6. OMG, I am so in love with everything you lucky! Those pearls are awesome! So glad you got to visit with your mom…but glad you’re back!


  7. terrylee

    Welcome home, Miss Sue! We ALL missed you!

    LOVE the many treasures that you gleaned on your trip! And oh, the memories you will cherish forever!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some of your goodies! Yes, I DO need new accessories to go with my new floor! 🙂

    Glad you’re home safely. School starts Monday! Woohoo!! heehee …

    Terry Lee

  8. Michele

    dude….love, love, love the prism candlesticks! how much do I need to pay you for one of those?! 🙂


    I love going into the crafters mall and the first place I head to is your boothe! You are so talented to say the least…I just got the website today and noticed in some of your pics I have the items,,,lol,,,(what you have to go through from reading your blogs) but you are awsome and so talented…hope to one day run into you while you are there! Thanks for all your hard work to make my home beautiful!!

  10. vintagesue

    thanks for all the great comments!!! thanks terrrylee and diann for supporting me!! couldn’t have a booth without customers, so thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

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