scatterbrain house….

my house is messy, disconnected, and stuffed with projects that are scattered about. i know you crafters get that one. my head hurts trying to squeeze a creative thought thru it today and make sense of my clutter. maybe it’s the lack of sleep. who knows????? my son had a sleepover last night with 2 of his friends. i told them it was time for beddy bye at 11:30 and someone hit me with a pillow. it went downhill from there. several cups of water, slices of cheesecake and pillow thumps later, i managed to get everyone back in arek’s room. i told them to stay in there and not to come out…exceptions: fire…urination. all other needs sustained until morning. i could still hear them screaming at 1am. i think by 2 they crashed. kids….they grow like weeds, as arek says. don’t know what that has to do with anything, but my head hurts and i don’t make sense when it doesn’t hurt.

i am completely lazy and overwhelmed with mess and chaos today. i don’t have a studio or craft room. my house is my craft room, so stuff is everywhere. that makes it hard to decide what to work on. i’m not even sure i’m awake enough to work, so i took pictures of stuff around the house today. maybe it will help movtivate me to organize a little. mostly, it just made me tired.

here are some mill flowers i adore…why are those so hard to find these days???? you can find a pair of crutches in every trash pile, but some old hat flowers are hard to come by….

i made this crazy little necklace today from cast offs….it’s more of a statement piece or decoration for a statue, than an actual accessory. i love this statue it’s on. my daughter says this lady is ‘clapping’. i think that is so sweet

i also made this funky little necklace from a cheap, cast off rosary. just a little whimsy for a statue or manenquin as well. i found the little word beads on a child’s bracelet. thought i could reuse them somewhere…guess this is where. i like the saying little doe. when my husband used to hunt, he would say i was like a doe. don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

found a couple of pins from my trip….they were $2 each. i love them. love the faded, blue flowers on the round brooch.

as if you aren’t bored enough….here are some pics of the inside of my german pie hutch. they call it something else there, but they can’t fool me. i’m putting my 18 pies i bake a day in it. i’m kidding. it holds all my dozens of cream colored china. can you have too much of that stuff??????????

found this bowl of cups from of my VERY FAVORITE JUNKERS OF ALL TIME!!!!!! mr. montgomery and his wife pearl. i’ll blame them for my junking obsession. i met them about 9 years ago in columbus, georgia. they not only inspired my, became my mentors, and filled my life with the most fabulous junk around; they also became family. i think about them often. hopefully they will find my blog and read this!!!!!!!!!

anyway, the bowl of cups was about $1!!!!! i still have them and i love them!!

i have to keep the door shut on my hutch or miss zoey will end up wearing all these crazy shoes, drinking from all these crazy cups and breaking all these crazy plates on her head. she’s busy.

i have this seriously chippy cabinet in my house. i love the patina and all the textures of this thing. i’m sure my husband wishes this would get crushed badly during a move. anyway…i love the dangling little angels. i antiqued the plaster one with vinegar, steel wool and bleach. mix the three together and it instantly creates a stinky rust liquid that adds instant age to any surface. it will rust anything!! below is also a great collage my friend marnee made for me years ago…back before srapbooking was even ‘in’. we just used old crap we found in the trash and flea markets.

yesterday i found this great hooked rug from one of the vendors at crafter’s. only $4!!!

found this hat too….$2.50. if you have a chance to go to crafter’s corner in the cove, check out ‘THE WHITE ELEPHANT’ booth. it’s great!!!

also…some awesome handmade rose curtains….I LOVE these curtains. the fabric is gorgeous. they are on there way to my booth sometime this week…along with the jewels, a suitcase, some pillows and other goodies, including a really cool shabby table i made from an old lamp. it’s all rusty, pink, shabby and old. perfect for your shabby cottage garden.

gotta go get zoey. it’s that time of the day again….when chaos takes over my life and i fanatically take care of these fabulous, nutty kids of mine. school will be here soon and i guess i better start getting us to bed earlier. yikes. we can do it!!!




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4 responses to “scatterbrain house….

  1. You just take the most random things, throw them in a bowl and it becomes a masterpiece. I’m talking about the baby shoes. I have an obsession with them since my mom gave me her families old baby shoes. Some are hanging, but the others would look darn cool in a silver dish.

    You said the Montgomery’s were your mentors, and now you are paying it foward by mentoring those of us that don’t have a stylin bone in their body.

  2. vintagesue

    miss carol…you are too kind!!! you know you have a styling bone in your body because you shop thrift. that alone says you are unique!! hope all is well with you and hope you are finding some time to get away to your junking haunts. take care…..

  3. I sooooo love reading your blog. You might think it’s boring or that you don’t make sense, but it does to me. The things you put together are so adorable. And I’m crackin up about you getting hit in the head with a pillow. I miss those days when my kids were younger….

    Take care..and get some sleep!


  4. vintagesue

    thanks michele…your blog looks great too. i see you changed it around!!! you take care and look for the post about me cleaning out my shed tomorrow. yikes. man…i am such a pack rat. hugs to you too. you take care. lol

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