forgotten goodies…

my my, i had help purging my shed yesterday and i must say……THANKS AGAIN CINDY!!! did i need another set of eyes to clear my clutter so the creative process could start flowing again???????? yes!!!!! my, what a junker i am!!! foolishness in that shed. now things are in bins….sorted….by holiday and process….junk for projects, junk for holiday projects, junk for glass projects, junk for framed projects, junk for material, lace projects, junk at the top shelf for all my smalls for collages. ouch….i have a lot of junk!!!!! i also found a bunch of forgotten, fab stuff!!!!!!!! like the lady above. i found her in france for a whopping 45 euro!!!!! sting. too much, but she’s gorgeous!

my friend cindy told me….if you aren’t using this stuff, sell it!!! okay, but i am a junker. don’t we hoard in our sheds???? isn’t that what they are for???? so…that said, she at least took charge and helped me organize it. it’s so much nicer now and my husband can actually find HIS stuff. no more archery arrows adorned with vintage hats. no more tool box clutter of nails, wrenches and tubes of pink paint. alas….it will last only for a short time. i hope not.

more foolishness here…..

boxes of crap…..oh…treasures.

i was particularly excited when i found these goodies i’d forgotten i had. i found these great ticking pillows in germany for free during a junking jaunt. i also found this great old window. i added some old book pages to it. it was hanging in my living room for the longest time in europe, but it doesn’t go anywhere here, so off to the booth it will go….like little red riding hood….in that suitcase of goodies.

i bought this great suitcase for $5 at a yardsale, made the etoile sign out of cast off stuff, found this great old frame for free and added some vintage wallpaper samples, and i made the collage in the back with the lady’s face. i also found a gorgeous vintage black slip. all of these goodies will eventually make it to my booth soon. they have a haunting, halloween flair. i’ve also been busy making some halloween collages. those will be coming soon too.

here is a great, old painting i found in germany as well. it is painted very folksy to me….like someone was completely confident about where to put the paint at all times…right or wrong…they did it the way they wanted. it might be signed. i’m not sure, but it’s great!!! it will be going to the booth too. i love, love, love this old painting!!!!!!! i had a collection of tragically, damaged paintings on my wall in germany…..about 15 of them. i have nowhere to display them at this house. actually, they look a bit out of place here as well. i have a few that are my favorites, but i will eventually get the rest into the booth.

more foolishness with a pile of linens……several here are i found on my junking haunts in germany….FREE.

here are several vignettes of stuff i’d forgotten i had…shame on me…junkers 12 step program alert!!!!!! hi my name is sue and i am completely powerless over the collections of things great junk!!! now point me to the coffee so we can get this meeting started???????

i forgot i had this gorgeous vintage dress……..she was lonely in that shed.

i also found some cute mosiac china….guess that means i better start thinking mosiacs again for the spring.

tune in tomorrow for kid pics and project work. i am slowly trying to transform the booth to a FALL look. that means changing out my colorful, floral curtains; moving out much of the summer clutter and trying to mix cute cottage florals with dark fall colors. i can’t even imagine having a shop. i would be completely overwhelmed!!

oh…i found a snake today in the yard. a small little guy or girl. i will post pics of him/her tomorrow as well. i can’t tell snake gender parts…sorry. not like a rat, cat or dog…or horse for that matter. who knows where to look on a snake and i only picked it up briefly. just long enough to look at the underbelly color. didn’t see any horse parts. must be a girl. i think it’s a Texas Brown Snake or a Texas Ground Snake. i’m tempted to take her to the creek and let her go, before she makes her way into my house and slithers thru all my antique lace. CRITTERVILLE.

you all take care….enjoy the storms for your fellow texans and keep the junk outside dry!!!!




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6 responses to “forgotten goodies…

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Hi, my name is Rachel. I am a junk addict. Last night I dreamed that all my junkmarket friends were at my house and we were swapping junk. How bad is that? I need help…well, after I check out the thrift store and that garage sale. LOL
    Great junk…hope you get my package soon! I stalk your blog waiting for your next post!

  2. Those glasses remind me of my grandma! All the old pictures I see of her, she has those style of glasses on. 🙂

  3. Ron

    Don’t play with snakes Susan! They might bite!

  4. oh my gosh! I WANT those pink and black glasses!!! Too darn cute 🙂

  5. Sue

    I lust after that “crown” book! How much? Also, FYI, I was mindlessly weeding last weekend and came upon a teensy garden snake. Freaked out and stabbed it to death with a trowel. If that makes me a bad person, tough. I’m petrified of snakes!

  6. talkingwithtami

    You have some beautiful things! I love going to thrift stores to help me decorate my home office. I love my window that over looks my backyard.I get really creative in my office! Im trying to decorate my office with a shabby chic flare. Its coming along just nice!

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