postal goodies from rachel!!!!!!!!

first and foremost………..RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL……..what talent!! what goodies!!!

i was overblown by a great package that came in the mail yesterday!! a fellow blogging buddy send me and incredible lot of vintage goodies for me and the kids!! she made a doll for zoey that is one of the cutest dolls i have ever seen!! just darling. she also sent me a cute shabby frame with vintage wallpaper, a gorgeous, whimsical button bracelet wrapped in sheet music (love it), a great old quilt cutter, a bag of vintage goodies for my son and then another tin of goodies coming soon!!!! what a sweet surprise. thanks!

rachel, arek went nuts over this little yarn doll. i knew he would love it.

the cutest little dot to dot book….with this sweet illustration.

thank you again rachel. i mean that. okay…zoey eating guacamole. she loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

pics of my latest projects for the booth.

pardon the crappy photo…this is much cuter in person. it’s made with a vintage doily on an old piece of vintage wallpaper screen. i dangled a prism from the bottom.

and here is my pet snake that i found yesterday. he’s probably in the house now. he will crawl on me while i sleep….ack. if anyone knows what kind of snake this is, let me know….????? i picked him up. it didn’t bite.

oh…i had such a great bunch of stuff to write today about the ladies i met in my booth, but zoey is needy right now. i will just post what i have and save the stories for tomorrow. i love the customers i meet with my booth……i will leave it at that.

you all watch your ankles this weekend. don’t let creepies crawl around them.




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8 responses to “postal goodies from rachel!!!!!!!!

  1. Ron

    Uh duh…it is a brown snake.

  2. Ron

    To be exact…it is a Texas brown snake.

  3. That little doll is so cute! I don’t know what kind of snake it is, but cool! I used to have a pet snake that my dad found outside. It was a hognose. I will probably never have one agian though, DF is afraid of them!

  4. Sue

    Oh how can you just pick it up like that? Couldnt it be poisonous? Im not a snake or spider person! How lucky are you to receive all those goodies!

  5. Mom

    Please don’t hurt that snake. Poor thing.

  6. Ron

    My little guacomole girl. I miss her.

  7. Ron

    How long does Arek plan to wear that shirt? it must be 95 degrees in Texas and he is wearing a turtle neck. That’s my boy!

  8. You got just the cutest treasures from Rachel…love Zoey’s doll!!! Now for the snake..yikes! I don’t like them..never will! LOL. I can bait my fish hooks, clean and gut them…but don’t think I could ever touch a snake!


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