busy with school, junk, and too much caffeine…..

okay….i’m insanely tired. like yawning all day long…thru a game of kickball with the kids…sleeping on the couch in between hits in the head from zoey and loud, rock music from my son’s computer. i am having hot flashes (could be this texas heat) and i had waaaaayyy too much caffeine and donuts today, but i will post for you 5 people that read this thing. i owe you a post….i do, i do!!!

maybe school starting has slowed me down. my house is wrecked and i don’t get no good sleep no more. dang. i miss the summer. strange and true, but i have to remember the freedom (not) i get during the day when the kids are gone. heck. what freedom???? i spend these days doing so much stuff, i don’t get enough junking and crafting time anymore. well, except for tuesdays. oh…i get sidetracked with junk.

although i have been on a junk hiatus lately (i have slowed waaaaay down and tackled some purging lately, but it’s like a huge plate of pasta…the more you eat, the more there is), i still manged to hit a junk pile a couple of days ago. it was one of those dirty, sleezy junk piles…where you sneak around the trash and hope nobody sees you. yikes….scary bags of aged, obscure home materials and stacks and stacks of old, moldy wood. okay…why was i drawn to all this???????? because i found some cool stuff!! old wire, grates, an old table, funky big plastic frame that is now a chalkboard, a cool, old piece of wood that is a mock up table in the booth, an old headboard, a killer shabby lamp, a vintage bottle and who knows what else. love it!!! dirt and all. i found the big lamp in another trash pile. it has a twin. i can’t wait to shabby them up!!!



zoey helped me scrape all the veneer off this table above. nice project for a 1 year old. i also painted this table white and painted the frame in the back with chalkboard paint. KILLER. now it’s like a huge, french bistro chalkboard menu. i love it. i love this lamp. hand painted little roses all over it. it was laying in a big bucket of old grass and rocks….put to pasture. i can’t have this tossed out. she’s way too pretty.

after my trash score, i went to the booth…fixed her up for halloween and then hit the valley rescue mission.i found some super cute plates…about 50 cents each. i love the gold trimmed on the right. okay…really…how many plates do i have????? i have this crazy rusty planter box that was a light fixture. i have it out in my yard and it holds plants????? no, of course not. it holds plates! i’m sure my friends think i’m a weirdo. i think it’s cute, but the rest of the non-junking human world goes on to live perfectly normal, clutter free lives…void of rusty things that hold odd stuff.

booth redos…..

found the wreath and lights for free curbside. great display for booth.

these are pre booth.

and pics of the kids….zoey got into my craft supplies….now she looks like a boobah

leave them alone. don’t touch them until you are 18!! she was so ready to pick these little things off.

zoey ready for the car. how many things does she have???? now she knows how i feel. she is learning empathy…right???? not. she is becoming more independent so she can control me more and tell me what i’m doing wrong. eeerrrr. ain’t she cute, though.

arek looking nuts over an elmo toy.

lord…did i say i was on a junk hiatus???? and to think my friend cheryl is sending me 2 huge boxes of bling, bling really soon!!!! the booth will have some cutie pie stuff soooooon!!! you all have a great night and enjoy the quiet while the kiddos are in school. take some time and smell the roses while you speed to the next trash pile!!




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8 responses to “busy with school, junk, and too much caffeine…..

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    So…as you know I’m one of the five who read your blog…thanks for posting…you made my night. Love the goodies…love the booth! And of course Zoey is adorable! Hope you can get some sleep. I don’t sleep well at night either. I think it’s because we are creative…our brains won’t let us sleep!

  2. Kaye

    Cute kiddos! Love the black boot in the Halloween pic!

  3. cheryl mehaffey

    OMG! Zoey is so adorable! What a cutie pie! Great booth photos! Me & the girls always look forward to reading your blog to see what’s going on in your world…We wish you were here in Ga though! We love ya! Take care! Get some zzzzz’s!

  4. Sue

    Yes, Im another one of the “5”! Love the chalkboard and the table, how lucky and how generous of your neighbours to put out that junk for you!! Of course zoey and Arek are so adorable!
    I recently came across some gorgeous plates also, and at 50cents, I just had to buy them all….

  5. vintagesue

    sue…junk it junction sue…your plates crack me up!!! love them all!!
    thanks readers!!! you all are the reason i blog.
    well..besides it is an outlet for the junking habit.

  6. Ok, I had to laugh at the picture of Zoe all loaded up. My daughter is 4 and thinks she must take everything she owns if we go somewhere!

  7. OK…I just love that little Zoey to death…she is too cute! And it’s a pretty good thing I don’t live near you, because I don’t think you would have anything in your booth. I love all your stuff…especially that new lamp with the pink rose buds…and that birdhouse…and those plates..see what I mean!!!?


  8. Michele

    One of the ‘5’ here! Read it daily….you inspire me always!

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