house clutter and chaos and a big thanks!!!

okay…so my house is cluttered and chaotic…junk, projects, too many dolls, playdough, cookie crumbs on the floor, chicken soup spilled on slip covers, boxes that need shipping, boxes i just got shipped, boxes of craft stuff, stripped lamp shades, piles of potential pretty pillows, lawn clutter, a bed that needs sheets, and a little boys carpet that needs a very good vacuum. oh…dishes in the sink and syrup on the floor…forgot that. argh. it’s like this all day, but i still justify being a junker by the beauty and fun and foolishness that takes place when i create. i had an okay junking day friday….just okay. i hit the g.w. bargain bins. not much to choose from lately. where is all the good junk?????

this is what i managed to find for $30. lots of girly stuff for zoey, a killer poly slipcover for my loveseat! it’s all covered with big, pink roses!! some cute shoes, purses, some misc, and a cute hanging lamp from the 70’s. i tore all the wicker crap off of it and plan to do something to the frame to cute it up. who knows????? i’ll get a shot of it when it’s finished.

and below….ugh…this ugly brown dresser……yucky. good bones, but ugly pressboard/wood. the price was right, so i made her cute again!!!

from this….ugh brown……

to this!!! shabby white. i left the handles unpainted and sprayed them with clear glitter spray! sweet.

it was hotter than a fried eggroll in that g.w. barn and poor zoey….tired, sweaty and full, fell asleep on the way home….with pudding in mouth. she actually had a small container of pudding dangling from her mouth when she crashed. yikes. she had nothing to eat the pudding with, so i just let her lick it out of the container like an animal. it was that, or she was going to chew thru the plastic and suck the pudding out of a hole in the side. urrrhhg.

i got the pudding from my favorite mexican rest. in the cove. this is a container about 2 inches across and 1/2″ deep. tiny, but powerfully sedative. yum.

OKAY…for my dearest blogging friend rachel….another THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for part two of my vintage bling package!!!!! oh….so many cute treasures…..all rolled (no pun intended) up into one….in this cute old film tin.

love all of these fab, pretty treasures!!!

look at all these great things…..

love the little victorian girls. soooo sweet. love the fabric flower pin and the vintage lady photo.

trading cards….sweet tags made by rachel….

love this couple!!! that was me and ron when we got married….NOT…i was wearing a jean skirt and a 50cent dress from the salvation army…oh and a pair of 1980’s new wave super red suede flats. ron was wearing cowboy boots, a tee shirt and some husky wranglers or something. my sash didn’t say queen…maybe yard sale queen or something and i wasn’t wearing a tiara. maybe some bobby pins or a pin that said the flock of seagulls or something. i am on a tangent.

rachel….LOVE the vintage wallpaper necklace. super cute.

rachel has a ton of talent!!! she makes tags, jewelry, sews, collects, sorts, and has a booth way, way too far away. boo hoo. thanks again rachel….what a treat!!

okay…i’m going back to my non-stop clutter and re-group. actually, i am going to bed before the hurricane decides to come thru texas. for my friends and family in florida and houston….take cover, stay safe and hide all the cute lawn chairs. don’t let them blow away. i’m kidding. you all stay safe and i’m thinking of you!!




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4 responses to “house clutter and chaos and a big thanks!!!

  1. Ron

    Don’t let my poor little girl eat pudding like an animal. Poor little girl..I hope she wasn’t eating in your car!

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    Glad you like the stuff! It’s fun sending stuff to friends. What I wouldn’t do to live in the same town and have an awesome friend like you to junk with. But then we’d probably have to wrestle each other for all the cool stuff wouldn’t we? That would be a sight. My house is a mess too! Just go with it. Life’s way to short to clean when the little one’s are just going to mess it up. Pretty soon they’ll be grown up and we’ll miss the mess and clutter. (okay…maybe not!) Zoey looks adorable in a chocolate mess…we have to do what we have to do to junk. You should frame that photo of her…so cute! Look what mama does to you so she can junk! LOL

  3. I love the dresser…how did you get it to look so distressed and antiquey? I’ve tried doing that when I paint, but never can!!!

    Zoey is such a doll….too cute with pudding all over her face!


  4. terrylee

    Hey Sue!

    The dresser is MINE, MINE, MINE!!! Thanks for the discount … I would’ve bought it anyway (perhaps I shouldn’t mention THAT!). I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it this afternoon.

    I’m WILD about the new stuff in your booth! Great work on the Halloween items … adorable!

    I bought several other items in your booth today. Love ’em all! Never EVER leave Central Texas!!! šŸ™‚

    Terry Lee

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