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too many frilly dresses and project junk….

i had a case of the dress up binge this week at the g.w. barn. i couldn’t stop buying zoey dresses, shoes and pink purses. i was mad with the silly dresses. she wears them 10 minutes and then rips them off her body like they are a rash. then they practically give her one. she has a love hate relationship with the dresses. she loves the little cheap plastic shoes and goes mad over the purses. her current pursuit is the battery drawer. she rummages thru that drawer looking for small batteries, like i look thru the linen bin for small doilies. only i don’t carry small doilies around in my purse like she does with the batteries. if i did, i’d be silly. folks would really question my love for all things vintage junk if i pulled a lace doily out of my purse along with my wallet at the checkout counter at walmart. nobody would get it. i’m not so sure i would even get that one.

i would love to take sweet pics of zoey looking innocent and darling, but she moves way, way, way too fast. she can’t stand to sit still for a camera. i have to hope she holds her head and eyes still long enough to get an almost cute picture. she could slice bamboo with those chompers. is she a panda?

she thinks the rubber band is a bracelet. little does she know.

i also bought a ton of weirdness and ‘hoo haa’, as my friend sally calls it, at the g.w. as well. just little stuff to make stuff with. i found 3 suitcases. one is leatherish, one is black and red plaid and the other is a 1970’s floral motif. i spraypainted that one with TONS of glitter spray and it turned out cute. it’s at the booth.

i found some smalls and holiday things too. i found these gold glitter shoes and this velvet purse. i love the pins on the purse. i found those for 25 cents.

found this sewing box with roses on it. love it.

found some of this jewelry for almost nothing. i also found a marble lamp and several other little treasures too. i got a wild hair and decided to redo my mantel. i was going to sell these shutters, but i like them, so i am keeping them for now. i found all the hats recently….love them…and decided to keep them.

close up of this cute hat. i love it.

i love this mirror. i found it for $10 from my fairy junk mother. it is sooooo gorgeous. there is a story to it. it belonged to a rich texan woman. now it belongs to a poor woman that lives in texas.

found this lamp for $8. i love the roses on it.

found this tin at g.w. barn. i love it.

and this blog would not be complete without a photo of my son’s latest school art project made from socks.

my kind of project….recycle old socks. love it.

blah, blah, blah. i’m sooooooooo tired. falling asleep at the keyboard. night night.




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guided by junk…and an upcoming sidewalk sale!!!

okay…i must admit i had a really really hard time getting motivated to craft today. i wanted to sleep…retract…fade. i wanted to shut the doors of my house and turn on the tv and sit and do nothing. it was hot outside and i was having some guilt about arek today as well. sometimes i feel like the projects i do take on more importance than the daily chores of my life…the love for my kids and my husband and the overall time i could spend with friends, leisure and volunteer work. but then i get that creative epiphany and remember that this is what i really love to do!! this is my work.

my friend Marta once told me that she was not a workaholic because she loves what she does. it’s the truth! if i was a great athlete training for the olympics, nobody would say i spend too much time perfecting my abilities….i have to remember that when i’m faced with crafter’s guilt!!!

i think it’s mostly a mom thing. we just wear too many hats…..and most of them are not the vintage kind with pretty flowers and way too many pink pieces of tulle fluffing out the sides. i think i have to remember i can have it all….but not all at the same time. i need to pace myself and remember to enjoy those quiet times i get to create and enjoy what i do. there is a time….for family, kids, homework, chores…and yes…art, shopping, creating and running a booth. it’s okay.

enough said about that. i know some of you moms out there may be going thru the same thing from time to time, so i thought i would share my thoughts with you.

i did manage to accomplish some work today….i took photos of some of it and some i will snap later. i haven’t been selling too many large pieces at the booth lately, but i’ve managed to knock out some furniture just the same. that will be making it way in soon. I HAVE BIIIIIGGGG plans for the holidays!!! shabby season, here we come!!!

first up….i revamped a chandie i’ve been lugging around with me for about 5 years. i fixed her up with some prisms, loads of plastic beads and silver bows. she’s not a working chandie, but could be rewired if someone wanted to take the effort to do so. i’m tooo lazy.

i finished up another tea lite holder…..Rachel sent me a cute, cute, cute spoon and i glued it to the bottom of this assemblage. cheryl sent me the little cup and saucer at the top and the rest are discarded plates and lamp parts that i painted out white in some places and then scraped off.

i love this quick project!!!! i used one of my 17 vintage g.w. hats and turned it upside down. this hat is dark blue with feathers all around it. i filled the inside with sticks and paper and a little bird’s nest. used some little eggs, a cute bird and sprayed it with glitter glue. I LOVE IT.

okay…shabby shells….painted these ugly brass sea shell candle holders a shabby pink….added some cast off home interior candle sconce glass and voila…..instant easy charm and ready to hang.

next…..i made a plate and angel swag on an old board. used caulk and then sprayed the entire project out with glitter spray (my new love)

i think this is my favorite project of the day. i found all these little cast off treasures and an old small tray. i used jewelry glue and stuck them to the tray. it’s like a little vignette collage of sorts. small flowers can be put in the vases…or button flowers too. the salt and pepper shakers can be loaded up with hat pins and the small cystal salt pillar (?) can be used for small jewelry. i love the tiny little dog.

that is about it on projects…..i have little zoey collage…zoey got into arek’s candy red candy. need i say more.

and NEWS for the crafters patrons!!! SIDEWALK SALE pending date Oct. 18!!! i will have a sale that day as well. i will also have a small table in the front of the store with cheap, cheap goodies!!! mark the date on your calendar!!!

you all take care and follow your bliss. i will try…with balance and less guilt. argh.



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back yard junk attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh…and my 100th post!!!


and a whole bunch of other super cute stuff too!!!!!!!! i can’t stop buying crap. when it rains, it pours. right? who else gets nuts besides me????? does anyone else do the amount of shopping i do????? between a fab find day at the g.w. bins yesterday ($46 worth of stuff….17 VINTAGE HATS, 15 SHABBY CHIC CURTAIN PANELS, and a whole bunch of other stuff!!!) and belton market days today, i’m fit to be had. i’m stuffed. like a big tummy after an enormous thanksgiving meal….just like it. meaning….6 hours later, i’m ready for seconds. ya know???? you eat and eat, nap, then eat again!!! that’s how i feel. full, but always ready for seconds when the junking hunger comes back.

i managed to hit a really great yard sale today as well….a hug box o crap for $5. can’t beat it!!! lots of rose plates for a dime, 10 cute vintage pieces of girl clothing for $1, a great pink tray for 25cents, a start of a fun shell wreath for a song and some other odds and ends. crazy. i know. i will get pics soon.

i went to market days and found some cute goods from my fairy junk mother, miss evette. she always has the goods. great, unique items for great prices.

love all these vintage tags….the pink plate too. it was a dollar.

yummy mccoy vase with some eggs in a cup. the beaded flowers and eggs are headed to the booth monday. i must keep the pink planter. i just love it.

i also found these great tags!!!! love them. a little glitter and the word cheep and they are ready for their debut.

the lady at booth next to miss evette had some pillows i plan to make into delicious, yummy vintage junk pillows. should be cute.

i got a box of junk linens as well….collages galore.

more finds…..a cute tole tray

i found this great lady statue mixed in with a HUGE display that is making it’s way to the booth monday. i will keep the lady for now. i have started collecting lady figurines. i just love them. i found a great planter on my way out of belton days, but my children were sooooooooo ready to leave, i left it there. maybe next time.

i plan on selling all these other items. i love the collage lamp, but i can’t get the dang blasted thing to go back together. i will sell it as is. i also have a great glass lamp that i will use as a hat stand. the light does not work…no cord. i cut it off, but i think it will make a great hat stand. a lot of these items i got from cindy. the paris clock came from her. i put it on a pic stand and added a glass knob to it. now it will hold jewelry or a small purse.

arek all shabbied out. it takes a real kid to lay in his mother’s collection of pink linens.

he had to have this pillow. ack. okay, whatever. i guess i’m glad he didn’t want a pillow with pink flowers on it.

and arek’s big head in one of my collages…..he is a ham. he was sooooo over all the girly stuff today. he has been talking non stop allllll day. i guess he needs some attention. poor kid. he is in his room now…alone…still talking…to his computer….loudly. zoey is asleep. has been for about 2 hours now. don’t know how she can sleep thru his shrill, high voice, but i’m glad she is. arek will be on his way to a huge slumber party tonight…soon….around kids….his own age….doing kid stuff….not shopping at yard sales and stepping all over mom’s vntage rose plates, linens, and crusty old junk.

i made this collage on a long board i found in germany. i painted it out a robin’s egg blue and glued tons of dusty, faded linens to it. added the clock face, heart and cameo (from an old box) and prism. i also glued old paper doilies to it as well. it’s very romantic, junk chic.

there is still sooooooo, soooooo much on my back porch. i found some cute, french style wallpaper, table cloth with fringe, lots of smalls, candle holders i plan to paint out, the cutest retro table that is missing its top. i will paint it out, add a huge bowl to it and little wire handles on the side to hang vintage towels. can’t wait to see how it turns out. i also found some paint by number poppies, a yellow planter, cute vintage xmas goodies, a broken glass lamp…will be some kind of project, and some orange vintage tea cups i hung outside for halloween. i just hung them up….on a cup hook in my front yard. like a bird feeder or wind chime. sure my neighbors are scratching their heads as we speak.

i will get some photos later of some other goodies i found. i am pleased with my purchases. i am overwhelmed, but i am sooo excited. i think i got all inspired last night when i was reading this new blog. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG…..SOOOOOOOOO my kindred spirit of a lady….her mind works the way mine does. always searching, always creating, but she lives in england, so her treasures are real treats. i spent some time in england years ago. i won a scholarship to oxford for a summer ( i think i was about 32 at the time. yes, still in college. don’t ask) and i fell in LOVE with the flea markets. i was supposed to spend my time there studying the history of oxford, but instead, i concentrated more on the history of the pubs and flea markets instead. hey…. what’s a girl to do???? i was sooooo blown away by the pure beauty of that country. amazing. not to mention all the vintage stuff i dragged back across the pond with me. even way back then….i was junkin. on a plane. during a summer college course. fun. oh….here is the blog link

oh yes….THIS IS MY 100TH POST.  thanks to all of you that read this silly thing and support me. really. i’ve had a lot of fun. there is sooo much stuff in the world that is important…real life stuff happening that takes BIG TIME precedence over this silly little life of mine. it’s nice to know that there are some of you that read this and enjoy it. it really means a lot to me to indulge in some time everyday to write down some thoughts and show some pictures of what i love to do. thanks again.

you all have a great weekend. enjoy the weather. i take advantage of this gorgeous weather. i try not to take it for granted. it’s rare to have such perfect weather in texas. i am thankful. my junk is thankful. my kids really don’t care either way. they just step over the rusty, dusty junk and all the pretty plates and planters on my porch…rain or shine.



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Belton Market Days…..oh, and a great blog entry!!

okay….so like my camera batteries are dead and i absolutely did nothing too inspiring today. sorry…no pics of anything i can take credit for. i do have good news and a great post just the same. if you live in texas and want something fun to do this weekend, check out Belton Market Days….vendors set up in the historical downtown area of Belton and the roads are blocked off to make shopping easier. lots of vintage goodies….produce…food and some entertainment. i have been twice and i love it. the Beltonian (i hope i spelled that right) theater is located there as well, so it gives the kiddos an excuse to flea shop.

my friend Cindy will be there with her goodies from Europe….some shabby, some very nice, some transformed and rejunked. she has awesome talent and sent me a preview of what she’ll be selling. i also saw her stacks of smalls….lots of linens, trinkets, glassware, and other cute things. she will have furniture as well. please stop by her booth and shop or say hello. she will be on the main road this saturday!!!

here is a sampling of what she’ll be selling. she finds creative ways to transform cast offs into pure eye candy and functional art. lots of these goodies she found truckin thru the villages of germany during their junking days….talk about someone elses trash becoming a treasure!!

cindy uses lots of old cheeseboards transformed into workable art.

one of my favorites….love this desk!!

love this…..

whimsy, whimsy, whimsy………

tea lamps made from cast off china, buttons, linens and battery lights.

tea light holders from vintage coffee cups…..

compotes from cast off vintage china……

this is just a sampling. way cute stuff. check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh…and another awesome post from Talking Trash…..Debbie has such a great blog!! thanks. she posted on a store call the Funky Monkey. what a show!!! love the photos. love the displays. what a store!!

you all take care and happy flea market fridays….yardsales, all those good adventures that start up on a crisp friday morning.



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pink paint party………

okay…so my husband calls me junkinlady. i would prefer goddess of junk…all things pink paint…and i wish i looked as good as this junkin diva does, but i’m junkier.

so today was, i have very little time, what projects can i tackle day???? no sweat. i used some fab, old letters i got from my friend cindy to spell the word junk. i painted out the undercoat pink and put on a shabby green and white board. i hung it with a neat pink ribbon and i think it’s fun and cute. i got carried away with the pink paint today. like look out house….here i come….cat, don’t look back, pink attack….kids, hide your toys!!! neighbors…would you like a pink grill? i couldn’t stop.

case in point….

even zoey got in on the action…..she thought this table was playground equipment. poor thing.

she even helped me mosiac…i put down the caulk and she put the ‘chips’ on the plate. she’s the only 2 year old around that thinks chips are pieces of broken china you glue on stuff. come on kids…let’s go play in the broken glass. we can make art and you can slice open your fingers and play name that ouchie (my son loves to play this. i’ll save it for another post) while i smash more plates. i used to let arek smash my plates for me with the hammer. he’s older now and isn’t really interested in that anymore, but when he was a little younger, he would wrap those plates up in thick towels and hammer away.

back to zoey’s masterpiece. i love it. she picked out all the china herself. imagine the pattern she will pick out when she gets married. oh…i’ll have the ‘nothing’ matches pattern for $1.50…broken please…with small roses and crazing. she will probably want everything new in her house. she and arek will be so tired of vintage, they won’t want to wear the same pair of shoes more than a month.

and i love this table i am using to display all this fabulous junk…..i found it for a song at g.w. barn and of course the legs look like angel wings. i had to paint it hot pink. i drew a little scalloped edge around the border of the top of this and i plan to add some jewels to the front. it should be darling. i may have to keep it.

okay…have i shocked you with enough pink paint for one day????  i had some awesome websites to share, but now i can’t remember what they are. i do that all the time???? old age? sleep deprivation  who knows. lack of chocolate??? i think that is it.

you all have great night. for you fellow texans….the weather is great. enjoy.  for my mother in law in houston, i’m thinking about you! i am so glad this weather is here for you now. i hope you are making some progress on your house. it’s not so hot, so i hope that helps. i love you and i am glad you are safe!

for my mother…i hope you are feeling better. look down and up and take your time. right. who has time to take their time???? i love you.

and for my friend tina….you keep picking up those sliding boards curbside girl. don’t worry about the dog…she will be able to walk with you while you carry a heavy load. don’t let that good stuff get away and don’t let those folks in Queens stare you down. they are just jealous….jealous. let that inner goddess of junk come out and leak all over the streets of new york, girl. forgetaboutit. mind your business and tell them to put it on paypa.



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birthday wishes and too many dishes….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY….my baby turned 2. i just can’t believe it. she is sugar and spice and almost everything nice. my friend amber made this adorable cake and it’s almost true. hee hee. i think zoey is more spice than sugar, but hey…she is 2! two! oh two….how fun. lots of meltdowns and ‘mine’ fits. i can’t wait. what an independent age. bye bye baby….hello little girl.

now my house is covered in crumbs, cake sprinkles, baby play things, dress up shoes, potato chip crumbles, sticky punch and lots and lots of cups and dishes. what a party. i kept it really small. just a couple of friends. it’s easier that way and the kids play together better. we had a blast!! there is silly string all over my backyard, play sand everywhere, little toys all over the ground, lots of bikes and riding toys covering the lawn, and bouncy balls all over the grass. fun times for all…especially for mom who has the honor of cleaning it all up!!! hee hee. it was totally worth it.

as if sunday wasn’t busy enough…saturday was hurricane junking day. i drove 25 miles thru the out of gas signs, wind and rain and livestock to spend the day at a friends house…my friend cindy who moved here from germany. she’s a junker and a crafter with lots of talent and an eye for the unusual. she’s an out of the box thinker and she sold me a ton of great stuff for the booth, projects and collections. she’s also the queen of too many pretty vintage dishes!!!! cute plates galore!!!! thanks cindy for all the great stuff!! you can check out her booth at belton market days this saturday. she’s be the one with all the cute cutting board projects, great old linens, lamps, vintage collage in a jar projects, tons of cute vintage smalls, old shutters and window sashes, glassware, transferware, the most fabulous shabby furniture and tons of other cute cottage goodies. oh….yes…and to die for handmade pillows too. check her out!!!

here is awesome idea. she couldn’t put plates in her yard…too high maintenance…so she decided to put plates on hangers and put them on a fence around her flowerbed. how fabulous is this????

as is those dishes weren’t enough…how bout some more??????????

these are things she took out of her yard because of the hurricane. lovely vintage water cans…..

a windchime she made from neat old letters and an old bowl and beads……

some goodies i got from her…old window frames, glass lamp, birdcage….linens and other smalls. sooo cute.


okay…am i a bad mom??? arek loves to play with cornstarch. don’t ask. he calls it quicksand and mixes it up in a pan and sticks his little toys in there so they can get stuck in the muck. it’s a 69 cent project for the kids that gives me an hour of ‘free’ time. they played with this stuff like they were at the circus. they mixed zoey’s pink play sand in with the ‘muck’ and had a blast.

mom…i want an xbox…i want a olympic size swimming pool….i want a new laptop….i want a new bike….i want nintendo….i want a barbie jeep….wait…..WE WANT A PAN OF MUCK. thanks mom. what kind of parent lets their kids do this????? they love it. i call it science to justify the mess and obscurity of it all….

you all take care. you fellow texan bloggers hang in there. i’m thinking about you all and i hope you didn’t take too much of a hit from ike. we were very, very lucky this time.



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can there be too much pink junk????

OH MY….what is this gracious madness???????? i am in love with this blog and this post!!! i want to shop at this store!!! as you know, my blogroll doesn’t work (well i can’t work it), so i will just link you to this awesome post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it justifies all my love of pink, junk, creation and vintage delight. oh…plus…my computer isn’t working well and i can’t download pics, so i needed something to post.


okay texan bloggers…you stay safe from ike. don’t let him trash your trash. i’m hiding all the outdoor chandies, hanging windows and big ferns…..oh and those outdoor vintage hats……if they blow away, the neighbors will give them to the goodwill and i’ll have to buy them back.



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