junk overload!!!!!

okay…i admit it…i have taken another blogging hiatus for a few days, but there is a good reason. i have been up to the top wrinkle of my forehead in projects, booth stuff, junk and sorting. lots going on. i have been working the booth and reworking the booth. i’m selling quite a bit and i am on the go non stop. the weather is a little nicer lately too and the kids are nuts. they must detect fall coming soon. they are wolves and crazy monsters. they are making me tired. i am ready for autumn. i am ready for dark.

i have junk overload itis.

so my latest photos are projects that i have already sold. i’m posting them anyway cuz i took the time to get the shots. maybe they will inspire you. i also got a HUGE shipment from my friend cheryl. i plan to keep some of these great treasures and sell some too. i will slowly take photos of what she sent me. i was so ambitious about all the lovely things, i have already scattered them around the house and put them in their new enviornments …lots of pretty things…to die for button flowers, linens, chalkware, vintage kids things, bling, jewels, hats, hat stands, an old shabby basket and other goodies too. she has an amazing house and an awesome sense of style and vision. a real talent. i encourage you to check out her blog at http://cherylscottagehome.blogspot.com

ready for tons of pics….here goes! booth photos…the hanging lamp was a cast off 1970’s dung brown wicker lamp shade and i stripped her down of that stinky thing and gave her new light. tied little pink bows to her and hung chandie prisms. she’s cute again! makeover time. the blue table is sold, the blue collage is gone, the nightstand has sold, some other smalls and the little diamond mirror. i made some cute ephemera bag lots that i put in glass german cabinet drawers. i was inspired to make lot bags from my blogger friend rachel. perfect for your next collage project.

this isn’t a great pic, but it shows the crazy branches i trashed picked. the occupant of that house must have thought i was nuts. i looked around crazily and tossed those dead branches in my husband’s dirty truck really fast (i will save that for another post). mostly because of pure shame. it was worth the weirdness and the stress. i love these branches. they really add some drama to the space and all it cost me was my reputation. oh…what reputation???? the tins are sold and the eifel tower.

how many times will this chalkboard appear????? every post. it will be my new icon photo. i will send it out as a background for our family holiday photo. that and a pic of those branches and me and the kids wearing santa hats cleaning out the banana peel and a spilled melted papa john’s butter out of my hubby’s truck bed. yak yak…more branches and lights. the suitcase has sold and some of the halloween stuff.

brought in this sweet cabinet and it sold before it made it into the booth.

photos of other vendors’ jewelry. crafter’s corner has sooooo many jewelry vendors in relation to the size of the store. it’s great!

re purposed jewelry and magnets from a very talented vedor!!

okay…now back to the beginning of the boxes from cheryl. here is a sampling of what was sent. i will take more pics tomorrow and try to upload some. i love, love, love all the chandie prisms. i use them for everything. even my beta fish has a big prism in his bowl…along with a glass flower frog and old glass knob. swimmin in shabby style.

love the rhinestone match holder. so sweet. love the green vintage bling, bling rhinestone choker. i wore it today and got tons of compliments.

thank you cheryl. sorry i get so strapped for time this morning and whipped from this toddler of mine. hee hee. and congrats brittany. best of luck and wishes to you. it’s only the beginning. aaaaaa. you will do great.




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3 responses to “junk overload!!!!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Glad you got to blog again…I was going through withdrawl symptoms. Love all the goodies and the booth. Wish I would sell stuff as fast as you. Checked out your friends blog and recognize her from selling on ebay. Hope you have a good night and get some rest.

  2. Oh my…I love all those prisms. I need some and haven’t been able to find any at all. You have the best treasures…I wish I lived closer so I could shop!!!


  3. Cheryl in California

    Hello! I have been reading your blog for awhile and decided to de-lurk and comment about your branch scavenging. I have been known to embarrass my family by pulling over to piles of cut up brush, hopping out with my saw, and loading up cool looking branches. Makes for awesome fall and Halloween decorations! I’m glad to have found a kindred spirit!

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