random. redundant. rediculous.

i was not going to post tonight, but my mom told me to. you have to listen to your mother i guess. right? i said i didn’t have a theme or anything. she told me to just write anything…something. some random crap. some redundant (how many project pillows are you going to see??). also part two of what cheryl sent me. some new thrift purchases as well.some rediculous (like the crazy necklaces i made. alexander mcqueen wouldn’t even wear these things)

i got crazy with the collages and glue gun this weekend. i made some off the wall things, but i think it was fun. i can’t remember. i’m too tired. i redecorated my bedroom too. i’ll save those photos for next post. i’m going junk cottage industrial rust. whatever that means?

on with the show…..

project time…i found these fab shades of pink paint ($1 a can) at an estate sale friday. i looked and looked at this sale for something…anything to buy. i found a pink bird planter and some lavender. then i went to the shed where i was told the ‘man’ things were. oh…these paints are manly indeed!!!!!!. i was sooooo excited to find this. why didn’t anyone spot these????? oh…that’s right. real men don’t paint old junk pink.

well..this sparked my creativity for the entire weekend. i can’t stop painting crap pink now. even zoey painted an old tonka truck (yellow and rusty)…whatelse???? pink. i painted all my husbands fishing poles pink. i painted his truck liner pink. oh…and his new bike rims. i’m kidding. i painted them robin’s egg blue. i’m really kidding.

i got an idea to paint a trash picked board pink…who would have thought it? and glue some cast off mirrors, plates and a cameo lid to it. make like a board swag of this stuff. i will show you the finished project when it is complete. i think it’s going to be super cute! these pics suck, but my camera has been a little rediculous lately. bad camera.

also got nuts with the glue gun and made some new pillows. i bought a ton of yo yo quilt thingys at a yard sale and i’ve made a million things with them. well..maybe not a million, but it feels like a million.

i got this crazy idea while i was trying to sleep last night. why don’t i attach a wire to an old board and then clip post cards, lace, flowers and gloves to it. it think it’s cute. tacky…but tasteful tacky. oxymoron??? not when we are talking about junking and crafts by golly.

i forgot to put this little pink shoe collage in with my projects….

i got nuts with the weird necklaces. don’t ask. i think they would look great on a manequin!

this was a super quick project….a $1 candlestick painted out…2 cast off plates and a 10 cent yellow cup. now it’s a compote or candle holder or whatever. it would look great with moss and an old doll head. my mom gave me the old platter under it and the pearls were a thrift find too.

i took a few shots of some changes around the house. a redo of my craft cabinet.

a redo of my girls…

love the pink candles….

a redo of my entry way. i stacked all my files and put the two mirrors closer together. oh…are they all packed out with craft stuff???? this is what happens when a girl does not have a studio space.

found this little metal shelf for $2.50 at one of my favorite junkin dives. it’s an obscure store with rows and rows of strange and odd things. nothing really old, but some rediculously almost vintage and different.

the plate on it is from cheryl. i attached it with a magnet. this is soooooooo cute.

more from cheryl….like these great button flowers she made!!! i love that she used a bazillion of them and then some more.

i redid the hand mirror with some junk jewels. a rhinestone covered lid. all from cheryl

my blogger friend rachel made this sweet dress for zoey. her friend made the flower on it. all vintage fabric. waaaayyyyyy cute. oh…what is that pen on her arm???? why does she have an entire tub of toothpaste? stop eating it.

okay…offically falling asleep at the wheel. oh…i mean keyboard. motherboard. paint a board…pink!!! how rediculous. how redundant. how random.

better sleep. nightie night. more hurricanes coming. better hide the pink paint. it might blow all over everything in the entire house. you all be safe.




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5 responses to “random. redundant. rediculous.

  1. Cindy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the board with the wire and the clothespins and I am definitely going to STEAL this idea! And the compote/candle thingy.
    Now come over and help me make sense of this garage!

  2. Oh Sue…I love all your things…especially that compote/candle thingy (as Cindy calls it). I might have to try my hand at that! You’re so creative!

    That little Zoey…she’s so darn cute!


  3. I’m glad you listened to your mama–all pictures are visually inspiring. I especially love the candlestick.

  4. cheryl mehaffey

    I just knew you would do something cute & funky with everything I sent. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I will definitely be sending you more stuff after that sale I went to yesterday. I’ll be sending you more prisms! I’ll say it again…wish you were here! I’d load your truck up with bookoos of good junk! We love ya! 🙂 Take care! Cheryl

  5. Rachel Knoblich

    Sue…you are so funny. Zoey looks adorable in the stuff I sent. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in that fun stuff. Every once in awhile Westin gets confused and wears pretty pink dresses I bring home. The funniest two things he put on was a 1950’s pink nightie and a girls pink vintage faux fur coat. I keep telling him he’s not a girl…it’s not his fault he is so pretty!
    All of your creations are so great…I haven’t had time to do anything creative this weekend! Bummed.
    Cheryl…send me some goodies too! I’m jealous! LOL

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