room redos, crazy trash and more bugs!!

what a crazy sunday!! i know it is monday, but i am posting a day behind. i asked the kids what they wanted to do yesterday and they said ‘stay home’. even zoey. she’s one. whatever. i made them go to sonic. i made them eat chicken and milk shakes and i made them drive around with me to go junkin. well..they don’t have a choice, right? they can’t drive and it was too hot to go to the park.

i hit a great pile (or so i thought) right away! it was on a very, very steep hill. always is. a good pile is an inconvenient pile…..right? like you find 3 wicker chairs, 2 rusty old french birdcages, 6 chandeliers, 5 dress forms and a box of rhinestone necklaces, but you have to walk over 17 ant piles and 3 snake pits and a brush fire to get to it. well…i loaded up the truck with my finds….appeared to be good stuff in the huge bags there, of course i heaved them into the truck as well. arek was ignoring me. poor thing. zoey had a big cup of juice, so she didn’t care what i was doing. i also found a tea cart and threw that in the mix….soooooooooo ugly, but i think i can do something with it. finished….off we went.

on the way home, i hit another scary pile. old lattice, broken shovels, yucky hoses, shrubs and …… A HUGE GARDEN STATUE. she’s a beauty…old….dirty…and what???? missing her head? well, who cares. i scraped my leg pulling her out of a pile of sticks, but i brought her home anyway.

off with your head malady….what is this nonsense??????????? crazy fooolish trash.

you can see zoey’s little hand, like a claw, trying to lift herself up to see the ‘lady’. this statue fascinated her!!! she kept saying ‘i want to see the lady her head’. my poor children. okay kids…time to go play in the old boards and rusty crosses. watch out for those nails. sorry. i can’t let this stuff get tossed. it all has so much potential.

needless to say…i painted the statue pink with the help of zoey and that fat little hand of hers. she loves to paint junk….put the statue in my booth with a vintage hat on her head and hung my new junk jewels from her neck. WHAT A DISPLAY. oh…i put roses at her feet. she’s awesome and i will use her as my new booth muse. i promise to get pics next time. as funky as it all is, it’s a statement.

back to the trash…..i started going thru the green bags and found this….

lots of potential here!!! i got excited and started thru the other big green bags. then, i found some old soggy soap and a roach! okay…enough for me. all it takes it one. that crossed the junking line. when is enough enough??? when there is a roach. i put the bag back out by the road. i am a junker, but i can’t handle roaches at all!!!!!!!! i learned a long time ago to always check stuff before it comes in the house or the booth. arrrrhhhggg. the sad thing is, there were mighty fine goodies in those bags. i think i need a self help book. the junker that went too far…and took her kids with her.

i have a little shame sharing all of this with you, but hey…i’m a junker. it’s dirty work, but so is being a housewife. i am both and junking is so much more fun!! domestic junk goddess. enough, i know.

on to my room redo’s. something creative and no bugs. i got completely inspired by these fabulously creative blog photos. i love this. liz and fran’s house…what a house!!! i just had to do a little junky, rusty, fran and liz inspired room. i found a $2.50 rusty shelf and it went from there.

here is my bathroom. my husband will wonder how to use it. especially the plate behind the faucet. he won’t get that at all. i’m not sure i do.

side table.

top of the amoire. used an old lampshade shell as a cloche for my head vase. an attempt at a collage i made about 08 years ago.

my hallway of books that i don’t read.

that is it for now. probably all you can take after the bug story. i admit i have some shame for being such a junker. i know there are some of you that would have done the same thing….stop for crazy trash.

i better go clean my kitchen. tonight was pizza and movie night for the kids. nim’s island. arek loved it. i am such a jodie foster fan. she’s been around as long as i have. she’s has survived hollywood after all these years. i respect her for that. i wish i could go thru her trash. she’s rich and probably throws away gucci purses and silk dresses. who knows.

tune in tomorrow for my cinnamon and applesauce ornaments/balls. i want to start making potpourri for the booth. it’s an experiment. we’ll see how it goes. i make these balls with a slurry of applesauce and cinnamon…lots and lots of it with just a little applesauce at a time until you get a mucky, clay like mixture. i roll balls and bake at 300 for 45 minutes. makes the house smell great and the kids can help. they love it. zoey and arek helped me tonite. i plan to put the balls in with little trinkets, glitter, vintage/fake flowers, lace and buttons. mix it all up grubby with more spices and essential oils and put it in vintage teacups and small bows. i’ll see if they sell. for my customers, tell me what you think??? dumb idea? worth a try? any advice?

you all take care…stay dry and for my junkin friends…keep the bug spray handy for the crazy trash!




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6 responses to “room redos, crazy trash and more bugs!!

  1. Michele

    You found that statue in the trash?????????? My god I love your neighborhood!!!!

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    I’m moving to Texas where you don’t have to pay for junk…you just find it! So not fair…
    You have to tell Cheryl that I’m jealous of all the stuff she sends you and she needs to send me some treasures! LOL You very lucky girl!
    I want that beheaded lady…LUCKY!

  3. Ron

    What is all that stuff in my truck? No wonder the brakes don’t work.

  4. lisa nichols

    I wish I lived near you so we could junk together. You can’t find good stuff by the road here in Columbus. I’m like you though when it comes to rats and roaches. That’s where I draw the line. Zoey’s so cute. Mine wakes up hollering she wants to go to the Goodwill. We are raising them right.


  5. cheryl mehaffey

    That’s some statue to find in the trash! Maybe you will find a head to re-attach…and knowing you Sue…you will !! 🙂 You can tell Rachel that I always have lots of small treasures to share. That’s if you don’t mind! LOL! Oh yea, and don’t forget to take a can of raid with you from now on! That would solve your dilema, and keep digging for those treasures! Love ya!

  6. oooooo…I love all the stuff you found, especially the headless lady. I bet she looks gorgeous in your please!

    I want to come shopping with you…your kids are angels..I started mine at a young age too..they never minded going with me on treasure hunts!

    Ewwww…I’m with ya on the roaches girlfriend..gave me shivers.


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