can there be too much pink junk????

OH MY….what is this gracious madness???????? i am in love with this blog and this post!!! i want to shop at this store!!! as you know, my blogroll doesn’t work (well i can’t work it), so i will just link you to this awesome post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it justifies all my love of pink, junk, creation and vintage delight. oh…plus…my computer isn’t working well and i can’t download pics, so i needed something to post.


okay texan bloggers…you stay safe from ike. don’t let him trash your trash. i’m hiding all the outdoor chandies, hanging windows and big ferns…..oh and those outdoor vintage hats……if they blow away, the neighbors will give them to the goodwill and i’ll have to buy them back.




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6 responses to “can there be too much pink junk????

  1. talkingwithtami

    Its a joy to see someone else likes pink as much as I do lol. Too Pinktastic!

  2. cindy

    according to mapquest you and I can be at Cloverleaf Boutique in 5 hours and 6 minutes (300+ miles).
    I say we leave all the kids with Walter and GO!
    Maybe Amy will come across the pond and join us?!

  3. OMG! Are you not the sweetest person in Texas(which is the world). Thanks so much for the post. Heidi’s shop is awesome and she says the one in OKC is even better. I’m adding your address to my fave list if that is all right with you. Thanks for visiting. I’m in Dallas, but I’m still getting ready to hunker down from expected winds.

  4. Peg

    Hi. Girl, I am impressed!!! You found the best curbside trash I’ve ever seen. I end up paying for everything and I don’t get it cheaply, either!!! I can’t believe someone threw Jesus away. That’s scary. You are the Queen of the Curb!!!

  5. Amy K.

    Sue, gather up those bird cages, beheaded statues, baby doll heads, rusty crosses, etc. Don’t let Ike blow it all away….! Just put it all in the back of Ron’s truck. He won’t mind!

    I miss you over here across the ocean! Cindy and Tina – you too! Count me in on cross country junking jaunts when I get back to America.;)

  6. Okay, I came straight from Talking Trash, and it’s my first visit.
    I’ve been to the shop in Ardmore, and it’s worth the drive from anywhere in north Texas!
    Now I’m going on to discover more on you blog!

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