birthday wishes and too many dishes….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY….my baby turned 2. i just can’t believe it. she is sugar and spice and almost everything nice. my friend amber made this adorable cake and it’s almost true. hee hee. i think zoey is more spice than sugar, but hey…she is 2! two! oh two….how fun. lots of meltdowns and ‘mine’ fits. i can’t wait. what an independent age. bye bye baby….hello little girl.

now my house is covered in crumbs, cake sprinkles, baby play things, dress up shoes, potato chip crumbles, sticky punch and lots and lots of cups and dishes. what a party. i kept it really small. just a couple of friends. it’s easier that way and the kids play together better. we had a blast!! there is silly string all over my backyard, play sand everywhere, little toys all over the ground, lots of bikes and riding toys covering the lawn, and bouncy balls all over the grass. fun times for all…especially for mom who has the honor of cleaning it all up!!! hee hee. it was totally worth it.

as if sunday wasn’t busy enough…saturday was hurricane junking day. i drove 25 miles thru the out of gas signs, wind and rain and livestock to spend the day at a friends house…my friend cindy who moved here from germany. she’s a junker and a crafter with lots of talent and an eye for the unusual. she’s an out of the box thinker and she sold me a ton of great stuff for the booth, projects and collections. she’s also the queen of too many pretty vintage dishes!!!! cute plates galore!!!! thanks cindy for all the great stuff!! you can check out her booth at belton market days this saturday. she’s be the one with all the cute cutting board projects, great old linens, lamps, vintage collage in a jar projects, tons of cute vintage smalls, old shutters and window sashes, glassware, transferware, the most fabulous shabby furniture and tons of other cute cottage goodies. oh….yes…and to die for handmade pillows too. check her out!!!

here is awesome idea. she couldn’t put plates in her yard…too high maintenance…so she decided to put plates on hangers and put them on a fence around her flowerbed. how fabulous is this????

as is those dishes weren’t enough…how bout some more??????????

these are things she took out of her yard because of the hurricane. lovely vintage water cans…..

a windchime she made from neat old letters and an old bowl and beads……

some goodies i got from her…old window frames, glass lamp, birdcage….linens and other smalls. sooo cute.


okay…am i a bad mom??? arek loves to play with cornstarch. don’t ask. he calls it quicksand and mixes it up in a pan and sticks his little toys in there so they can get stuck in the muck. it’s a 69 cent project for the kids that gives me an hour of ‘free’ time. they played with this stuff like they were at the circus. they mixed zoey’s pink play sand in with the ‘muck’ and had a blast.

mom…i want an xbox…i want a olympic size swimming pool….i want a new laptop….i want a new bike….i want nintendo….i want a barbie jeep….wait…..WE WANT A PAN OF MUCK. thanks mom. what kind of parent lets their kids do this????? they love it. i call it science to justify the mess and obscurity of it all….

you all take care. you fellow texan bloggers hang in there. i’m thinking about you all and i hope you didn’t take too much of a hit from ike. we were very, very lucky this time.




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7 responses to “birthday wishes and too many dishes….

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY! Wish I would of known…I would of sent a birthday gift! I hope you had a good birthday…with your creative mom I’m sure it was a blast.
    Sue…the muck is quite ok. You’re kids have much more fun then nintendo playing…ipod listening kids. I let my kids do stuff like that too. They look like they’re having sooo much fun!
    Glad everyone’s ok…can’t wait to see more creations!

  2. Happy Birthday Zoey! Sue, I wouldn’t worry about the muck…they’re happy playing in it and much better for them than Nintendo! Sounds like the party was alot of fun!!!

    You got some great treasures from Cindy…I love old bird cages!

    Have a great week!

  3. cheryl mehaffey

    Happy Birthday Zoey! Lots of hugs & kisses from all of us here in Columbus! Sure wish we could have been there to celebrate your birthday with you! Looks like it was lots of fun playing in the muck! Hey Sue, Arek & Zoey both look like they could have been models for a t.v commercial for Tide!! No wait, a commercial for MUCK! πŸ™‚ Love ya!

  4. terrylee

    Sue, your kids are simply too ADORABLE!! How blessed you are!

    Happy, happy belated birthday to your sweet, beautiful angel Zoey!!

    Love the goodies you got during our hurricane weekend! What fun! I went shopping too … felt a little guilty, out looking for bargains while the rest of Texas was getting slammed! πŸ˜‰

    I’d still love for you to paint my two little end tables … if I could ever remember to take them to work with me so I could drop them off at Crafter’s …

    Take care of yourself and those precious babies of yours!

    terry lee

  5. Ron

    What a Doll Baby…….Happy Birthday my sweety pie!

  6. Happy Birthday Zoey!
    I love the cornstarch story; that encourages their creativitiy!
    The fence with attached plates is toooooo cute, I may have to borrow that idea. I may even bring it into the house!

  7. talkingwithtami

    Happy Birthday to lil Zoey!!! My daughters birthday is friday, she will be 11!

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