pink paint party………

okay…so my husband calls me junkinlady. i would prefer goddess of junk…all things pink paint…and i wish i looked as good as this junkin diva does, but i’m junkier.

so today was, i have very little time, what projects can i tackle day???? no sweat. i used some fab, old letters i got from my friend cindy to spell the word junk. i painted out the undercoat pink and put on a shabby green and white board. i hung it with a neat pink ribbon and i think it’s fun and cute. i got carried away with the pink paint today. like look out house….here i come….cat, don’t look back, pink attack….kids, hide your toys!!! neighbors…would you like a pink grill? i couldn’t stop.

case in point….

even zoey got in on the action…..she thought this table was playground equipment. poor thing.

she even helped me mosiac…i put down the caulk and she put the ‘chips’ on the plate. she’s the only 2 year old around that thinks chips are pieces of broken china you glue on stuff. come on kids…let’s go play in the broken glass. we can make art and you can slice open your fingers and play name that ouchie (my son loves to play this. i’ll save it for another post) while i smash more plates. i used to let arek smash my plates for me with the hammer. he’s older now and isn’t really interested in that anymore, but when he was a little younger, he would wrap those plates up in thick towels and hammer away.

back to zoey’s masterpiece. i love it. she picked out all the china herself. imagine the pattern she will pick out when she gets married. oh…i’ll have the ‘nothing’ matches pattern for $1.50…broken please…with small roses and crazing. she will probably want everything new in her house. she and arek will be so tired of vintage, they won’t want to wear the same pair of shoes more than a month.

and i love this table i am using to display all this fabulous junk…..i found it for a song at g.w. barn and of course the legs look like angel wings. i had to paint it hot pink. i drew a little scalloped edge around the border of the top of this and i plan to add some jewels to the front. it should be darling. i may have to keep it.

okay…have i shocked you with enough pink paint for one day????  i had some awesome websites to share, but now i can’t remember what they are. i do that all the time???? old age? sleep deprivation  who knows. lack of chocolate??? i think that is it.

you all have great night. for you fellow texans….the weather is great. enjoy.  for my mother in law in houston, i’m thinking about you! i am so glad this weather is here for you now. i hope you are making some progress on your house. it’s not so hot, so i hope that helps. i love you and i am glad you are safe!

for my mother…i hope you are feeling better. look down and up and take your time. right. who has time to take their time???? i love you.

and for my friend tina….you keep picking up those sliding boards curbside girl. don’t worry about the dog…she will be able to walk with you while you carry a heavy load. don’t let that good stuff get away and don’t let those folks in Queens stare you down. they are just jealous….jealous. let that inner goddess of junk come out and leak all over the streets of new york, girl. forgetaboutit. mind your business and tell them to put it on paypa.




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5 responses to “pink paint party………

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Oh Sue…I want the little white mosaic table. Why can’t you live next door? I would so be painting pink stuff with you.
    Everything looks great…Glad Zoey was having fun with you.

  2. Ron

    Did you paint my little girls pants? And what about the paint on the side walk? Clean up your mess junkinlady!

  3. vintagesue

    oh…that is pink sand on the sidewalk…not paint. yes, even the play sand in my yard is pink. scary.

  4. You’re proof pink isn’t a color, it’s an attitude.

  5. I want to live next door to you Sue…I love all that pink. Do you spray paint or paint with a brush!? Glad Zoey got into the action with you…I love breaking plates!

    BTW…I love your ‘junk’ letters!


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