Belton Market Days…..oh, and a great blog entry!!

okay….so like my camera batteries are dead and i absolutely did nothing too inspiring today. sorry…no pics of anything i can take credit for. i do have good news and a great post just the same. if you live in texas and want something fun to do this weekend, check out Belton Market Days….vendors set up in the historical downtown area of Belton and the roads are blocked off to make shopping easier. lots of vintage goodies….produce…food and some entertainment. i have been twice and i love it. the Beltonian (i hope i spelled that right) theater is located there as well, so it gives the kiddos an excuse to flea shop.

my friend Cindy will be there with her goodies from Europe….some shabby, some very nice, some transformed and rejunked. she has awesome talent and sent me a preview of what she’ll be selling. i also saw her stacks of smalls….lots of linens, trinkets, glassware, and other cute things. she will have furniture as well. please stop by her booth and shop or say hello. she will be on the main road this saturday!!!

here is a sampling of what she’ll be selling. she finds creative ways to transform cast offs into pure eye candy and functional art. lots of these goodies she found truckin thru the villages of germany during their junking days….talk about someone elses trash becoming a treasure!!

cindy uses lots of old cheeseboards transformed into workable art.

one of my favorites….love this desk!!

love this…..

whimsy, whimsy, whimsy………

tea lamps made from cast off china, buttons, linens and battery lights.

tea light holders from vintage coffee cups…..

compotes from cast off vintage china……

this is just a sampling. way cute stuff. check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh…and another awesome post from Talking Trash…..Debbie has such a great blog!! thanks. she posted on a store call the Funky Monkey. what a show!!! love the photos. love the displays. what a store!!

you all take care and happy flea market fridays….yardsales, all those good adventures that start up on a crisp friday morning.




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2 responses to “Belton Market Days…..oh, and a great blog entry!!

  1. Girl-I’ve already got a melonhead-don’t make it any bigger. Really, I am so happy to know you enjoy my blog. Thank you so much. I love, love, love the tri-fold screen in the first picture. If we weren’t going to Antique Alley this weekend, I would definitely make a trip to Belton. Thanks again and I enjoy your posting as well, especially your kiddos. Debbie

  2. Hi Sue ~ Sounds like Belton Days is a fun time! Sadly, I’m no where near Texas, so I can’t shop..:(

    Have a great time…I’m having Zoey withdrawal…no pics! She is soooooooo adorable!


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