guided by junk…and an upcoming sidewalk sale!!!

okay…i must admit i had a really really hard time getting motivated to craft today. i wanted to sleep…retract…fade. i wanted to shut the doors of my house and turn on the tv and sit and do nothing. it was hot outside and i was having some guilt about arek today as well. sometimes i feel like the projects i do take on more importance than the daily chores of my life…the love for my kids and my husband and the overall time i could spend with friends, leisure and volunteer work. but then i get that creative epiphany and remember that this is what i really love to do!! this is my work.

my friend Marta once told me that she was not a workaholic because she loves what she does. it’s the truth! if i was a great athlete training for the olympics, nobody would say i spend too much time perfecting my abilities….i have to remember that when i’m faced with crafter’s guilt!!!

i think it’s mostly a mom thing. we just wear too many hats…..and most of them are not the vintage kind with pretty flowers and way too many pink pieces of tulle fluffing out the sides. i think i have to remember i can have it all….but not all at the same time. i need to pace myself and remember to enjoy those quiet times i get to create and enjoy what i do. there is a time….for family, kids, homework, chores…and yes…art, shopping, creating and running a booth. it’s okay.

enough said about that. i know some of you moms out there may be going thru the same thing from time to time, so i thought i would share my thoughts with you.

i did manage to accomplish some work today….i took photos of some of it and some i will snap later. i haven’t been selling too many large pieces at the booth lately, but i’ve managed to knock out some furniture just the same. that will be making it way in soon. I HAVE BIIIIIGGGG plans for the holidays!!! shabby season, here we come!!!

first up….i revamped a chandie i’ve been lugging around with me for about 5 years. i fixed her up with some prisms, loads of plastic beads and silver bows. she’s not a working chandie, but could be rewired if someone wanted to take the effort to do so. i’m tooo lazy.

i finished up another tea lite holder…..Rachel sent me a cute, cute, cute spoon and i glued it to the bottom of this assemblage. cheryl sent me the little cup and saucer at the top and the rest are discarded plates and lamp parts that i painted out white in some places and then scraped off.

i love this quick project!!!! i used one of my 17 vintage g.w. hats and turned it upside down. this hat is dark blue with feathers all around it. i filled the inside with sticks and paper and a little bird’s nest. used some little eggs, a cute bird and sprayed it with glitter glue. I LOVE IT.

okay…shabby shells….painted these ugly brass sea shell candle holders a shabby pink….added some cast off home interior candle sconce glass and voila…..instant easy charm and ready to hang.

next…..i made a plate and angel swag on an old board. used caulk and then sprayed the entire project out with glitter spray (my new love)

i think this is my favorite project of the day. i found all these little cast off treasures and an old small tray. i used jewelry glue and stuck them to the tray. it’s like a little vignette collage of sorts. small flowers can be put in the vases…or button flowers too. the salt and pepper shakers can be loaded up with hat pins and the small cystal salt pillar (?) can be used for small jewelry. i love the tiny little dog.

that is about it on projects…..i have little zoey collage…zoey got into arek’s candy red candy. need i say more.

and NEWS for the crafters patrons!!! SIDEWALK SALE pending date Oct. 18!!! i will have a sale that day as well. i will also have a small table in the front of the store with cheap, cheap goodies!!! mark the date on your calendar!!!

you all take care and follow your bliss. i will try…with balance and less guilt. argh.




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4 responses to “guided by junk…and an upcoming sidewalk sale!!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    I’m such a stalking nerd…check every three minutes to see if you’ve posted! Then wah-la…you do. I always seem to be the one living on the juice of your blog. I know…I’m crazy.
    Let’s switch places…you nap and I’ll do something creative. Been kind of crabby and have been napping alot the last few days. I haven’t done anything creative and I really need to!
    Love all your stuff….when do you have time, lady? Quit marking your stuff so cheap! I saw your price tags…higher…higher! LOL Get some rest woman!

  2. Take it from someone who has been in your shoes-finding your own creative outlet benefits not only you but your kids. When they are just a little older, they will be so proud of you and your art. It keeps you interesting and someone they can show off. It’s obvious your children are first with you, so lose the guilt. The only thing that may suffer is housework, but who cares. Have fun! Debbie

  3. Mornin Sue ~ it must be the weather or something, because I’ve been the same way lately. Just can’t get the energy to get off my duff and do anything creative. I think about it all day, at work, when I’m reading about all the creative ideas here in blogland…then I get home and crash!

    I really like that tray with all the stuff glued on..what a great idea! All your ideas are so creative. Love that little pic of Zoey too…those lips crack me up!


  4. cindy

    I WANT that chandie (for my own project)! You didn’t tell me you were letting that go when we cleaned out the shed!
    Recognize that bird cage in the background of the close up of the plate board.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tray of stuff. What a super way to use up some unrelated stuff that most people wouldn’t think to put together on a tray on their own and a few of your button flowers and boy oh boy you have some serious cuteness.


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