too many frilly dresses and project junk….

i had a case of the dress up binge this week at the g.w. barn. i couldn’t stop buying zoey dresses, shoes and pink purses. i was mad with the silly dresses. she wears them 10 minutes and then rips them off her body like they are a rash. then they practically give her one. she has a love hate relationship with the dresses. she loves the little cheap plastic shoes and goes mad over the purses. her current pursuit is the battery drawer. she rummages thru that drawer looking for small batteries, like i look thru the linen bin for small doilies. only i don’t carry small doilies around in my purse like she does with the batteries. if i did, i’d be silly. folks would really question my love for all things vintage junk if i pulled a lace doily out of my purse along with my wallet at the checkout counter at walmart. nobody would get it. i’m not so sure i would even get that one.

i would love to take sweet pics of zoey looking innocent and darling, but she moves way, way, way too fast. she can’t stand to sit still for a camera. i have to hope she holds her head and eyes still long enough to get an almost cute picture. she could slice bamboo with those chompers. is she a panda?

she thinks the rubber band is a bracelet. little does she know.

i also bought a ton of weirdness and ‘hoo haa’, as my friend sally calls it, at the g.w. as well. just little stuff to make stuff with. i found 3 suitcases. one is leatherish, one is black and red plaid and the other is a 1970’s floral motif. i spraypainted that one with TONS of glitter spray and it turned out cute. it’s at the booth.

i found some smalls and holiday things too. i found these gold glitter shoes and this velvet purse. i love the pins on the purse. i found those for 25 cents.

found this sewing box with roses on it. love it.

found some of this jewelry for almost nothing. i also found a marble lamp and several other little treasures too. i got a wild hair and decided to redo my mantel. i was going to sell these shutters, but i like them, so i am keeping them for now. i found all the hats recently….love them…and decided to keep them.

close up of this cute hat. i love it.

i love this mirror. i found it for $10 from my fairy junk mother. it is sooooo gorgeous. there is a story to it. it belonged to a rich texan woman. now it belongs to a poor woman that lives in texas.

found this lamp for $8. i love the roses on it.

found this tin at g.w. barn. i love it.

and this blog would not be complete without a photo of my son’s latest school art project made from socks.

my kind of project….recycle old socks. love it.

blah, blah, blah. i’m sooooooooo tired. falling asleep at the keyboard. night night.




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7 responses to “too many frilly dresses and project junk….

  1. Amy K.

    Zoey is so cute! Panda choppers are better than the rabbit choppers I had as a kid. (Thank you mom and dad for the braces!) Seeing the doll heads makes my day….Tina, look away or you’ll get stressed!!! I’m not making much sense, Sue, but I know you’ll understand this. It’s late here in Germany. Take care!

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    Zoey is such a doll…love seeing her cuteness!

  3. cheryl mehaffey

    Zoey is such a doll baby! I’m sure she has her days, we all do!~I love the mantel it looks great. Love the doll heads..I may start collecting them again. They were kind of spooky to me 5 years ago, now, not as much! LOL! The mirror is awesome, but I love all those porcelain roses! I’m jealous! Keep up the great pictures! You are always an inspiration to all of us! Love ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Zoey is such a cutie pie! I absolutely love that mirror…and those roses! You have a knack of finding the coolest things at G.W. I just told my daughter that maybe we need to go every day..then I’ll find stuff as neat as yours…lol!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!


  5. terrylee

    hmm … i posted a comment here a couple of days ago and it never showed up! anyways, love your treasures, sue. as always!

    is today “loot day” at the booth? will try to swing by but i’m afraid the others will beat me to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    zoey is gorgeous and sweet as sugar. squeeze her cheeks for me!

    terry lee

  6. lisa nichols

    Zoey and Kaitlyn are so much alike. Kaitlyn likes the plastic shoes but she loves glitter shoes. She will wear them even if they are not her size. Shes a purse freak too. We have a couple of divas on our hands. Sounds like you are getting some great buys at G.W. This one in Columbus is hit or miss.

  7. talkingwithtami

    Your daughter is adorable,I could just eat her up..yummy lol!

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